GARDENA (CBS) — Officials broke ground Wednesday on a pilot project that will add express lanes to two crowded Southland freeways.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority says “ExpressLanes” will transform 25 miles of carpool lanes on the 110 and 10 freeways into high-occupancy toll lanes.

The project includes 11 miles of existing carpool lanes in both directions on the 110 Freeway between the Artesia Transit Center in Gardena and Adams Boulevard near downtown L.A.

Depending on traffic, solo drivers will be required to pay tolls that range from 25 cents to $1.40 per mile.

Metro won’t open the lanes until 2013, but many commuters are already fired up.

“We pay for everything. Now we’re gonna have to pay to drive in the carpool lane? I don’t think that’s fair,” says Angela Dennis, who commutes from Lakewood to West Los Angeles every day.

Carpoolers with at least one passenger will still be able to use the express lanes on the 110 Freeway for free.

On Interstate 10, however, only drivers with two or more passengers will get free access to the lanes at all time. Drivers with only one passenger will have to pay to use the lanes during rush hour from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m, but they will be free during non-peak travel times.

The pilot program will be evaluated after one year.

For more information, visit Metro.

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  1. Stupid says:

    Some days might be worth it but I bet this ‘Express Lane’ will quickly become congested. The only difference is that you will now get to pay for waiting in traffic.
    I Love LA!

  2. normal guy says:

    This is a great idea but the price is wayyy to high for these express lanes. It should be more like $3 to go 22 miles so that way the “lower income” middle class can afford it.

  3. Ray says:

    Is The Metropolitan Transit Authority using highway gas tax to build this is so why are we being required to pay twice for this it seems to me that they are using our gas taxes that we pay to create a new form of taxes this should be illegal using our tax dollars to ripe us off.

  4. 1900innoho says:

    It’s about time we had toll roads. If you use it, PAY FOR IT. It will get more people off the roads and into mass transit. The tolls should be higher. Hope they keep them.

    1. MARIE says:


    2. Stupid says:

      Seriously? You think with the topography of Los Angeles County and the distance people must travel to get to work and the selfish culture of the implants that people will migrate to mass transit?

      In LA? Yeah right!

      What you are seeing is the results of a poorly planned and run city. This express lane will ony be a money grab.

  5. MARIE says:



    1. LAofAnaheim says:

      Without this project, the bus service suffers for the low and middle class. The Express Lanes project actually generates additional revenue to provide more bus service along the corridors. So, this is a positive for low and middle class. Plus, if you are an existing carpooler, how does this hurt you?

      1. MARIE says:


  6. LAofAnaheim says:

    Wow….people hear “toll lanes” and they instantly get angry without reading the facts.

    Fact – the carpool lane is STILL FREE for carpoolers.

    Fact – it gives solo drivers the OPTION to pay to drive faster. Currently, solo drivers don’t even have that option, that’s the only new aspect of this project. That’s THEIR CHOICE. It’s not forced upon to pay.

    Fact – the funds generated from the ExpressLanes will go to IMPROVE Silver Line and other surrounding bus lines, thus it does positvely affect the lower income people.

    Read the facts, before insinuating anger.

    1. SoCalChris says:

      And you do not believe that adding additional single-occupant, toll paying vehicles won’t clog the lanes even further?

  7. Norma says:

    Forget express lanes. We need to initiate toll fees like the roads in the East. We alrady have some toll roads but all so called Freeways should have toll stations to collect revenue . Ifyou can afford to drive, you should be expected to pay a fee to maintain our foads. Ekiminate “Freeways” and initiate toll stations.

    1. Stupid says:

      Many of our On/Off ramps are seperated by a mile. Some of these On/Off ramps are in high crime neighborhoods. Do you actually think LA will put a toll booth at each of these ramps? Ramps throughout the county?

      There is a problem in LA and speaking about it equates to saying ‘Voldemort’. This problem is here to stay and our freeways will ONLY GET WORSE..

      1. Stupid says:

        I would apologize for being so cynical but who trusts giving LA any more money? LA is Car Country yet we have some worst roads in the Nation. Do you really notice the change in the road one we cross the California / Nevada State Line? Nevada maintains their roads. California has nothing but excuses but is sure to do EVERYTHING possible to collect some of the highest taxes in the Nation.

        Think about it.. They are closing the 405 freeway during a weekend in July?? Is that because statistics show that weekend will have less traffic when compared to others?

    2. SoCalChris says:

      @ Norma —

      Newsflash, we DO pay a fee. It’s called taxes, and this state takes the cake when it comes to taxes. Yet, are roads are among the worst in the nation. Giving MORE money to an inefficient, money wasting government to solve its fiscal problems is asinine — just fueling the fire.

  8. Jen says:

    Time is money and money is time. If you find value in paying a little to make up some time, then it’s worth it.

    For those who think it’s unfair? You will suffer! Or better yet, get a car off the road and carpool then you won’t have to pay!

    It’s why they call it a luxury. You don’t see Mercedes Benz lowering their prices to make them fair!

  9. SoCalChris says:

    We already pay for freeways. It’s called TAXES. In Southern California freeways are not luxuries, they are infrastructure that are supposed to be guaranteed in lieu of the city’s decisions long, long ago to forego public transit in favor of the car culture. Solutions for an inefficient, money wasting government should never include giving it MORE money.

  10. Kevin says:

    some excuse Metro is using for wanting to charge the taxpayers more money to drive in a lane that is already free. We can use this money to buy more buses. If thats the excuse drive by any bus yard during the day and see that there are at least 100 buses or more in the yard during the day just sitting there. this is just another excuse for the MTA to take money from the general public and mis use it

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