COSTA MESA (CBS) — An Orange County Superior Court judge Tuesday told attorneys she plans to issue a preliminary injunction halting controversial layoffs planned in Costa Mesa.

More than 200 employees — half of the city’s workforce — were notified that they could be laid off starting in September.

Costa Mesa wants to outsource their jobs to private companies. But attorneys for the workers argue the city is not following state law on outsourcing.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Tam Nomoto Schumann ruled that the layoffs be put on hold until after a civil trial on the issue.

No date has been set for that trial.

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  1. cal says:

    Outsourcing is just the practice of GOP dogma. In the long run it never saves money and provides better services to the public.

    1. cal says:

      Good city council decision from a red state: Tiny Texas city lays off entire police force.

  2. Danny Lim says:

    Nope, many studies show that the private contracting of public jobs does save money. In the short run and long run. The service is vastly improved, too. The only naysayers are people entrenched in the feeding from the public trough.

    1. cal says:

      I read these stuffs too… Studies from the right wing groups funded by the Koch s brothers said so!!!

    2. Ron says:

      Danny, you are so right. And not only better service at a lower price, but we can also save a fortune on the public employee benefits and HUGE pensions.

      Any jobs that can be taken from the UNION MONOPOLY, IS a step in the right direction.

    3. cal says:

      Yeah, one more step: let outsource the CM city council and mayor to Huntington Beach to save more money. After completing all the outsources, CM can also sell or rent the city hall too. More money coming ;-)).

  3. Alan Hart says:

    Don’t lay the city workers off, fire them!

    1. cal says:

      Let outsource the CM city council and mayor to Huntington Beach and save more money!

  4. cal says:

    CM can learn something from red state Texas 😉
    Very interesting article: Tiny Texas city lays off entire police force.

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