LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two men could face federal and state charges after they were arrested Monday morning for allegedly pointing lasers at law enforcement and fire department helicopters as well as aircraft flying in to LAX, a Los Angeles police sergeant said.

The LAPD ran a high-flying sting to pinpoint the location of their two attackers.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports.

Officers wearing new protective glasses flew overhead to draw the suspects’ laser shots. Meanwhile, Newton Station officers on the ground stood ready to close in on their location, said Sgt. Mel Stevenson in the LAPD Air Support Division.

LAPD officers arrested two unidentified men, one 20, the other 22, and recovered two laser devices at a home in the 2900 block of Paloma Street in the USC area about 3 a.m. Monday, Stevenson said.

The two suspects face multiple charges for pointing lasers at the police helicopter Monday morning and also ten days ago, Stevenson added.

“We have numerous reports of laser incidents from that location,” Stevenson said. “We’re going to notify the F.B.I. because they’re possibly involved with airliners landing at LAX.”

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Comments (46)
  1. Sean says:

    So kids have moved on from movie theaters to helicopters now?

    1. shiggity says:

      Sean, do you have troubles with comprehension? It says they were 20 & 22. Far from kids. Sorry you didn’t get the education you deserved.

      1. SHerman man says:

        20 and 22 are kids to my eyes. Their behavior proves it. or is this an adult behavior you recognize?

      2. Sean says:

        Hard to take your post seriously when you use the screenname “shiggity”. At least we know you’re not far from being a kid.

      3. john c says:

        They may be 20/22 but we won’t be for long. (The Green Lantern)

      4. John B says:

        Oh it’s ok. The beautiful people can paint us pink or burn out our eyes any old time. It’s just in fun.

      5. Moe says:

        nice of you to correct the person with the facts but to insult the person s just plain rude. obviously, you didn’t learn manners.

      6. TT says:

        sorry – but i gotta ask .. how old are you? do you have children ? Unless you actually have children that age or have already raised them – then you have little comprehension of the subject ….

    2. Ben says:

      They’re not kids, they are full grown men who should know better

  2. John says:

    These aren’t the kind of lasers that are used for pointing out items on an illustration screen or the kind used on weapons. These are the HIGH POWERED bright green lasers, and they pack quite a punch should you be unfortunate enough to inadvertently look into its beam. This can cause serious eye damage and blindness. I’m not exaggerating.

    1. Luis says:

      No, dummy. These were laser pointers. Scientific grade lasers are very heavy to lift and point…believe me. It take two people to be able to lift the darn things at work. These were regular laser pointers emitting either red or green…or MAYBE a He:Ne laser…but I seriously doubt these clowns had something like that.

      1. Defex says:

        Your the idiot. He never said it was a Scientific grade laser. What do you consider a laser with these specs…Regular classroom laser with a distance of 3 miles????

        E2 Series
        FDA Accession No.: 0910213-000
        Size: 18.5 x 183mm
        Weight: 68g
        Laser Body: 6063-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
        Max Power: <25mW, <50mW, <75mW
        Min Power: 12.5mW, 25mW, 37.5mW
        Wavelength: 405 nm 532 nm 650 nm
        Beam Divergence: 1.0 mRad 1.5 mRad 1.0 mRad
        Beam Diameter: 1.0 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm
        NOHD* 70 meters 47 meters 71 meters
        Beam distance 0.25 Lux 527 meters 11649 meters 6093 meters
        Required Eyewear O.D. 1.7
        Power Consumption: 5,000 hours
        Warranty: One Year


        The Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD) is the distance that a laser beam does not cause immediate or long term damage to a person. Calculated based on a 0.25 second accidental (unaided eye) exposure.

      2. Scott Spectra Brite says:

        though these days you can get handheld lasers in very high wattages, I wonder how many MW the green laser these guys were using.

      3. Scott Spectra Brite says:

        405nm is a purple uv color, 532nm is green and 650nm is red, the mw from those are also very low. I have a ton of those in an old box of parts that are just not worth using . Gotta have 532nm at 100 – 1000 mw, change the 405nm to 450nm and make it 1000mw, and the 650nm at 1500mw and now your talking.

    2. kevinb says:

      The one shown in the picture is an Astronomical laser pointer, and is supposed to be used to point out stars/constellations and such because the beam projects miles up and appears to go all the way into space. I think mine is made by Zhumell.

  3. hugo says:

    I hope they get what;s coming to them

  4. Sherman guy says:

    If they are so dangerous, why are they available on the market? Are we waiting for a catastrophe to happen to ban them?

    1. Scott Spectra Brite says:

      any laser over 4.95mw needs to have variance permits from the federal govt to be operated.

    2. mike says:

      bathroom cleaner is dangerous if used incorrectly, moron. Outlawing everything and removing it from normal use is not the answer.

    3. Mark Ripple says:

      Why don’t we just ban cars to while where at it. They kill more people than all the lasers combined.

      1. TT says:

        @ mark – but if there is no good reason they should be on the market for the general public – and there use is harmful – there isnt a purpose (im sure there is but i have no idea what it could be) -WHY are they out there ? I say illiminate the problem like they did with cold medicine – and put it behind the counter…then people can still get access – but not as readily available like a 50 cent toy.

    4. kevinb says:

      They are used in astronomy to point out stars and constellations. It’s called an astronomical laser pointer.

    5. TT says:

      that was my first question …

  5. Jeezus says:

    Which one? Red or green?

  6. Mikey says:

    throw them in jail…stupid dopes.

  7. "chemtrail monster" says:

    solid state green lasers! go for infinity!!!

  8. Ape says:

    My brother and his friend are the idiots in trouble.

    1. done says:

      what kind of laser pointer were they using?

      1. :/ says:

        @ done – “Ape” was being facetious. By using the ID “Ape” and claiming the idiots were his brother and friend, he is making a racial remark.

  9. Daniel says:

    THROW THE BOOK AT THEM Let them enjoy a LONG stay in prison with an inmate named Bubba. Then see if they want to point lasers again.

    1. TT says:

      @ Daniel – Ruin their life so they cant ever get a decent job and then become an EXPENSE that we have to pay more taxes for instead of an ASSET …..Dont make them do anything like work in a shelter and help people as a punishment….Goodness no…. That might actually teach them about people n life… Think about it ….

  10. Philip Porembski says:

    you’re the reason that you’re in jail because you broke the law when we know that the law is the reason that you’re in jail because you broke the law. not you.

    1. :/ says:

      Huh? My head hurts after reading that…

  11. Moe says:

    The people who do this are ill. No one in their right mind would want to cause a helicopter or commercial airliner crash. Only a person who is seriously mentally ill would do that.

  12. Larry says:

    These laser pointers must be hi tech for the illegals out there.

  13. TT says:

    @regg If you were a parent raising a child that age – you wouldnt say that – they are kids ….they did something stupid- and if they’ld been taught better – it isnt as likely as they would be behaving that way to begin with…none the less – at that age they need to be taught something productive so they dont become one more burden to our system – you really want to pay for them to sit in prison when they could actually be digging ditches or picking up trash, working at a shelter, so they can see what real life is?….Maybe some of it will sink in…
    So eventually maybe they can have a life….

  14. Cleo says:

    This only happens in uneducated, crime ridden, poor neighborhoods. Thanks my illegal friends!

  15. Rick H says:

    I’m a private pilot and have been illuminated by a hand held laser while landing at KLAS. It is not a big deal. It does not affect flight safety or pose a health hazard, we started laughing when it happened. Ever wonder why there has never in all the course of human history been a crash attributed to a laser? It’s a joke.

  16. maddog says:

    Note that they “weren’t identified.” Wonder if they belong to, say, a certain religion. One that would love to destroy an American airliner. Why are these criminals unidentified. Maybe they’re Buddhists, or Baptists or something. Zoroastrians. Yezidies? Rastafarians? That’s not it. Siberian Shamanists? I give up. Maybe you can figure it out. Or call and ask.

  17. Phil says:

    Even if the sale of >5mw handheld lasers are banned, they’re incredibly easy to build. I pulled the laser diode out of a DVD Burner from a used computer, put it in a collimated lens assembly and now I have a hand held pointer that can pop balloons from across the room and light matches. Anyone with basic knowledge can make one of these with off the shelf parts scavenged from consumer electronics.

  18. Astronomy fanatic says:

    What the report said was that they had a astronomy pointer in green.
    Not sure if this is what they had but this one will light a match or burn holes through plastic.
    General Product Specifications
    Average Output Power 50mW, 100mW, 150mW
    Wavelength 532nm (Green)
    Dimensions (mm) 13mm x 150mm
    Power Supply 2 * AAA Batteries
    Switch Momentary ON/OFF Push Button
    Duty Cycle 100 sec. ON / 10 sec. OFF
    Operation Mode Continuous Wave
    Transverse Mode TEM00
    Beam Diameter <1.2mm @ Aperture
    Beam Divergence <1.2 mRad
    Operating Temperature 15 – 35 C
    Diode MTTF 5,000 hours
    Warranty Period 3 Months
    Cooling Method Air Cooled

    1. Police says:

      Okay, even IF the kid had the “most dangerous” laser pointer, I still say that police are the folks who beat up other kids in school and are the bullies. The police in this case were never in any “danger” but they decided just the same to oppress this kid and his family, for years this will follow them, this will cost them thousands of dollars for no reason. There is no reason a single police officer could not have visited the family and NOT arrested anyone. A single officer could have resolved the issue but no, they decided to arrest some kid, instead of having a chat with the kid.

      There is no reason, this could not have been handled differently by the police, but the cops, are bullies. Never trust the police, they lie! Always scream and yell and have everything recorded, because the police will beat you, and lie!

  19. Michael says:

    The police have abused their power again!
    There is no way a laser pointer should be illegal, even if it is illegal to shoot at aircraft these are (should be) battle hardened police officers and if a laser pointer can cause them harm then they should be replaced by stronger men who would LOL at laser pointers! People like me, if some kid pointed a laser pointer at me and I was a cop, I wouldn’t be some jerk who would be bothered by that. I would stare at it, you know, because I am a real man lol at those lame cops…

  20. Occupy says:

    When I drive around sunset I am also “blinded” the laser pointer “blinded” is actually far less than a sunset. So, this is a BS law, made by corrupt politicians, for lame cops, who are not real men. Nuff said lol. Go teenagers who “blind” cops, boo cops!

    Sounds silly, but so is using an aircraft to go after an underage kid with a laser pointer, huh?
    These cops, are lame, very lame. Most cops, did beat up other kids in school and are nothing but bullies in person. Seriously, don’t trust the police. They lie!

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