BERKELEY (AP) — The University of California is considering another tuition increase to offset a deeper-than-expected cut in state funding.

UC officials said Friday they will recommend that the Board of Regents consider raising undergraduate tuition by 9.6 percent when it meets in mid-July.

That increase would come on top of a previously approved 8 percent tuition hike set to go into effect this fall.

If approved, tuition for in-state undergraduates would rise by more than $1,000 to about $12,200, not including room, board or campus fees.

UC spokesman Steve Montiel says officials haven’t determined when the proposed hike would go into effect.

The tuition increase is among several options being considered to offset a $650 million funding reduction for UC approved in the state budget signed by Gov. Jerry Brown this week.

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Comments (6)
  1. Ossie says:

    Why should California’s best and brightest be further penalized while millions of Californians get state-subsidized maternity care and special programs for their underachieving children?

    The federal per-child tax credits of public school students should be transfered to the state school. systems.

  2. Disgusted says:

    and yet they are offering loans to illegals? Its clear a college education doesn’t include common sense….

  3. Donaldson says:

    Kill the latinos.Solve our problems.

  4. Trisha says:

    @Donaldson- agreed!

  5. Sean says:

    Burn every cholo and afro in our prisons down. State budget solved!!

  6. alan hart says:

    How can US justify raising tuition when it allows illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition.

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