LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Due to a new law in effect Friday, tens of thousands of hybrid car drivers will no longer be allowed to use the carpool lane.

“Out of 85,000 someone might forget about it or they’re just not properly notified,” California Highway Patrol officer Will Reyes said.

Hybrid cars, with the yellow “Access OK” stickers, first appeared in California’s carpool lanes in 2005 as part of an incentive for drivers to buy low emission vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles mailed out letters on May 1 alerting hybrid owners of the change in the law.

Hybrid drivers caught in the carpool lane without an additional passenger will be fined.

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  1. Spent all that money for what? says:

    Sucks to be you!
    I never understood the idea from the begining. Now I do.

    It was to fool all of those that thought they would have special treatment (be it, a hybrid that has more toxic waste in it than my crew cab pich-up truck) to ride in the car pool lane. I bet half of you tree huggers are really mad right about now!
    Welcome back to the traffic jams dummies!

    1. Chris says:

      You are an idiot! I didnt buy my hybrid indicating that I was a Tree hugger….I bought it so I don’t have to pay the high gas prices that you suckers are paying for…..

      1. @chris says:

        Oh Chris,
        You need not be mad because you are the sucker. My paying the price for gas is not even close to the cash you dropped on your rubber band mobile. Welcome to the traffic jams dummies!
        Now who’s the sucker, sucker? 🙂

  2. fed up says:

    So, CBS2, let me get this straight. According to your headline and the first paragraph of the story, NO hybrids are allowed in the carpool lanes? What if they have the appropriate number of people in the car? If someone sees a hybrid in the c/p lane, even if it has 4 people in it, what should they do? Shoot at it? Run it off the road? Come on, who is writing this stuff, second graders? Yes, I do see the last paragraph, but even a high-school English teacher would rip this story to shreds.

  3. Chris says:

    @Fedup- You did not fully read the article. At the bottom of the article is states that:
    “Hybrid drivers caught in the carpool lane without an additional passenger will be fined.”

    1. fed up says:

      @Chris, you did not read my whole comment. 🙂

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