SAN DIEGO (CBS) — Several of the Southland’s biggest freeways are being used as preferred routes for human trafficking, federal law enforcement officials said Friday.

A forum held on Thursday in Chula Vista hosted by political leaders in the U.S. and Mexico looked at a new law in Baja California designed to prevent and combat human trafficking.

The proposed legislation would target individuals accused of sexually exploiting children and those who sell kids into public servitude.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports the effort would involve setting up border patrol checkpoints on what they say are the physical routes taken by suspected traffickers in and around Southern California.

“Interstate 5 north, Interstate 8 east and Interstate 15 north to Las Vegas have been recognized as major transportation corridors for those involved in human trafficking,” said Tim Coughlin of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego.

Authorities on both sides of the border are pledging to build better partnerships and increase the sharing of data and research.

Comments (6)
  1. adolfo says:

    YES! about frickin time we crack down hard on these illegals. This made my weekend.

  2. doc says:

    OMG, this can’t be true!!!! You mean there are people sneaking into this country illegally via our interstate highways? I just can’t believe it!!!

    (welcome to the twilight zone)

  3. Arpaio says:

    I commute to San Diego a couple of times a week. More than 1/2 the time the checkpoint is not operating near Oceanside. Get your butt’s to work and stop the uphill mudslide.

  4. Marcus says:

    Human trafficking in 2011 America – another example of that wonderful cultural diversity that an open border provides.

  5. Dragon says:

    About time. They should send the military to the border and shoot on sight just like area 51. Give ’em fair warning and put up signs, if they risk crossing they know what awaits them. The hell with the ACLU and being politically correct, this would eliminate the infestation we have been seeing for years.

  6. Gerald says:

    Checkpoints!!!! Oh no!!! Now who’s gonna do all the low paying, backbreaking and demeaning jobs US LAZY AMERICANS refuse to do.

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