SANTA CLARITA (CBS) — A Canyon Country man wanted in connection with his wife’s murder has been found dead in Nevada.

Authorities say 59-year-old Dusan Klein’s body was discovered by hikers Thursday just outside of Las Vegas.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says he committed suicide.

Klein was a person of interest in the death of his wife, Renata Klein, whose body was found on June 15.

The couple’s Jeep was found abandoned in Las Vegas earlier in the week.

The coroner in Clark County, Nevada, used dental records to identify him.

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  1. Astonished says:

    If the coroner had to use dental records to identify the remains, there must not have been much left, so how does the coroner know he committed suicide?

    1. rick says:

      most likely a bullet hole is head with trace evidance if gun powder on hands or at another angle the remains could have been hanging from a tree i dont know either for sure but with science as advanced as it is they somehow can tell these things

    2. Castaic says:

      After a couple of days, a decomposing body’s cells give off a gas that causes the face to swell and take on a very grotesque appearance. It’s hard to identify a corpse just by casually looking at it and trying to think if it resembles anybody you know. If you look at a bloated, decomposing corpse and think it may look like a friend of yours, you may need to upgrade your friends.

  2. TT says:

    thats just sad – i feel bad for their son…

  3. adolfo says:

    Maybe an illegal killled them and took their car to Vegas so he could get a job at a hotel cleaning rooms?

  4. Jim MacLuckey says:

    He killed their Dog Cindy too.

    1. Gari OhRienn says:

      No report from the Sheriff about the dog killed or found.
      You are better informed than Sheriff department, MacLuckey.
      You helped kill the dog or just watched?

      1. Jim MacLuckey says:

        They were both friends of mine and I worked with him for about 12 years. I unlikeyou read every report and broadcast about this horrible situation.

      2. Gari OhRienn says:

        So what do you think happened to the Kleins? You seem to have information that could lead to the possible motive for Dusan Klein to be murdered.

        Have you been interviewed for the investigation?

        What do you think about the organization of the investigation and the quality of the investigation?

        Where did you read or hear any report that he killed the dog? The Sheriff Dept. reports still have the dog listed as missing.

        What do you think about the Notice which we saw posted on the home in the television news report when the Kleins went missing?

  5. sk says:

    Its sad that a home foreclosure is seen as a hopeless situation to drive a person to this extent.
    There had to be another way out,
    there has to be hope.
    hope he had reached out to family or friends for help.

    Feel bad for his son, his mom did not need to go this way…lot of questions will remain unanswered for the boy…a lot of whys.
    May their soul rest in peace.

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      Oil, my friend. Oil.

      1. Jim MacLuckey says:


  6. Gari Ohrienn says:

    Amazing work by N. Las Vegas Police, Clark County Coroner and Los Angeles Sheriff. Body found by hikers, recovered by coroner, identification made using dental records, determination of death caused by suicide, reports completed and announcements released to media – everything done in well under 24 hours start to finish. Las Vegas police and coroner and Los Angeles Sheriff are a model of cooperation and efficiency. Need to share this with departments iaround the country so they can learn.

  7. Jim MacLuckey says:

    Actually her body was found on Wednesday and not Id’ed until Friday, and his body was not ID’ed until the next day due to decomp.

  8. Gari Ohrienn says:

    So in both cases, Renata and Dusan, the Sheriff Dept. was still searching for a missing person and publiciizing a request for info from the public for days after they had recovered the body

    The bodies were not I.D.ed at first, but the Sheriff knew they found an unidentified body in the same area and matching the general description as the missing person.

    Then the Sheriff Dept. declares that Dusan was a suicide although they diidn’t find him and they aren’t the ones doing the identification or post-mortem.

    The Sheriff Dept. said that of Dusan was found, identified and declared as a suicide all in the same news release. Which appears to have been ready to transmit as early as 12:30am on July 1, 2011. If that is correct, thaneven if Dusan was located on Thursday June 30 at 12:01 AM then everything took at most 24 1/2 hours.

    How would you grade from A to F the Sheriff’s investigators on their work and their statements? Do you have confidence in the reliability of any of the detectives work on this case? If so, then why?

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