LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Despite the objections of his neighbors, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has ordered city officials to proceed with a plan to erect a six-foot wall around the mayor’s mansion.

The wall — which would flank the sides of Getty House in Hancock Park — recently drew the ire of local residents in February when Villaraigosa filed a request for a local variance that prohibits any fencing that exceeds 42 inches in height.

A proposed design for the wall includes “embedded” security features that the mayor’s office said will save trim the costs of security staffing.

Villaraigosa has deflected much of the public criticism aimed at the structure towards federal officials.

The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly proposed the idea after the Department of Homeland Security found that the home could be breached.

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  1. Frost Fence says:

    Fences don’t mean anything to illegal alien supporters, like Tony Viagra.

    1. Jeezus says:

      Fony Villalagrossa.

    2. Jeremiah says:

      Just like in Mexico… Those with property are fenced in from the others

    3. Kenneth Howell says:

      Villaraigosa’s citizenship is probably falsified, as well as his history as an american living in America. Let’s deport him back to Tijuana!

      1. Cass says:

        then i guess we should deport all the white people to England? or Germany? or where ever their ancestors are from?

    4. moe says:

      Tony Viagra. lol, like we’re going to take you seriously commenting like a middle-schooler.

    5. Sickofthis says:

      He just want a 6 foot wall to block people from seeing all the seedy things he does. And why should my tax $ pay for this? He should got live with his reporter girl friend. He’s a resident of LA, why should he have a mansion to live in. Governor Brown doesn’t have a governor mansion to live in, so why should this joke of a mayor have such nice accommodation?

      1. Catherine Girod says:

        the original governor’s mansion is a state historic park. a second one was built at the end of the reagan era but brown didn’t want to live in it so it was sold off. brown is now living in an apartment in sacramento, paid for by some donors.

      2. Maria says:

        You are sooooo right with your comment. How do we get this clown out of office? I am so embarrassed to have him as mayor of our great city.

  2. OMIK says:

    RIGHT??????????????? These morons are costing us OUR lives…but who are we to say? He’s a fricken mexican and is worried? JOKE!

    1. J. Adams says:

      You could try, but he’ll probably just produce a fake Hawaii birth certificate

    2. Walter says:

      Then I’m a racist…and proud of it

      1. Sherylynne says:

        You have now proven yourself to be a MORON, as well. Proud of that, too??

    3. neopatetic says:

      If you say, “IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIM YOU ARE A RACIST!!!!”, you are a racist.

    4. pj says:

      What is wrong with you Everytime someone doesn’t agree you shout recist or some other nasty comment. What is the matter are you sick?

    5. Carol Hadenough says:

      Please. Race has nothing to do with it. Illegal immigration isn’t a race, it’s a crime. I don’t like MEChA Boy because he’s a former President of MEChA. He supports ILLEGAL immigration into our country. Besides… do you really think we’ll give up the sovereignty of our country just to avoid being called a name? HA! Don’t hold your breath!

    6. Frank says:

      This is a gross generalization.

    7. Phil says:

      Hold a grudge much?

      I’m not sure Mr. Villaraigosa considers himself a real American either, or particularly interested in what white people think of him. So, for the sake of argument, let’s say “he started it.”

    8. Rachel says:

      We saw our non-white “citizens” waving the Mexican flag during the soccer match between Mexico and America, not AMERICAN FLAGS. They BOOED the Americans. Clearly it is THEY won’t don’t consider themselves real Americans. So by their own loyalty, they AREN’T real Americans! You can’t have it both says, moron. Where is your loyalty? If it’s not with America, then you aren’t an America just because you take up space here. Or are you too stupid to understand this?

    9. Wenz says:

      Rachel… Think geography, where is Mexico located? Continent of…. that’s right North America. Good job… by default, people that are born in Mexico, Canada or United States are Americans. Unfortunately, ethnocentric people like yourself wave your “American flags” (made in China), while you wear clothes (manufactured in Taiwan), and drink coffee (grown in Colombia), drive cars (built in Mexico) and believe your “culture” is for some reason at a higher status than anyone outside your consumer-driven society.
      The simple fact that you allow a soccer team to validate your allegiance to USA makes you the stereotypical fanatic moron that the world generalizes as “Americans”. Quit speaking for “True Americans”, and you’ll do OUR country a BIG FAVOR!

      1. Bobby Dias says:

        Not a latino-latinos are decended from Italy. Mexicans are a combination of “native” indians and french. The french ruled Mexico for about 200 years. Spain never ruled or mixed in with the indians or mexicans.

      2. char says:

        oh yes it does, if you dislike a person BECAUSE of his race, creed, etc……and what does this have to do with building a fence?

      3. char says:

        What??????????? You never heard of Hernan Cortes?

      4. char says:

        Really???????? Then I guess Hernan Cortes must not have been Spanish………

    10. Wild Palms says:

      Wenz: bullet proof logic. So, since we engage in international trade- we should have no Nationalism?
      It’s folks like you that frustrate the American people.

    11. Alx1775 says:

      Insisting that anyone born on the continent of North America is legally or culturally an American (i.e., a citizen of the United States) is ridiculous. You’re playing on an ambiguity and not contributing to the discussion.

      1. Wenz says:

        by contributing to this discussion… do you mean, I should add to the continuous xenophobia rants that go on in this thread. Guatemala is in CENTRAL AMERICA… this thread speaks VOLUMES on the ignorance taught at our school systems.

      2. Farmer Bob says:

        “… this thread speaks VOLUMES on the ignorance taught at our school systems.”

        It does when you speak for yourself. Guatemalans have much more in common with Mexicans linguistically, culturally genetically and historically than Mexicans have with Americans. Guatemala is as much “the country next door” to Mexico as the USA is, more so if you consider that most of the Mexican population has historically been concentrated in the direction of Guatemala. That some geographer decreed that Guatemala, right next to Mexico, is in central America by and Mexico runs from there to the north doesn’t change it’s affinities or proclivities one bit. Even *they* all know the difference even if Wenz doesn’t. To say that Mexicans are Americans because the countries are next to each other is simply a fooling fooling himself. The more meaningful proximity is indeed that of Mexico to Guatemala. There is no such thing as a “Mexican-American” unless he assimilates Until then, there are only Mexicans in America, and half of those illegally, as criminal invaders..

      3. Bobby Dias says:

        What Guatemalans have in common with Mexico is that Guatemala was formed by ex-slaves of Mexican indians,runaways. About Mexico and the USA- when the USA started asking Mexico-born people here to sign a loyality oath(like the USA did with the Japanese and the Italians and the Germans and other nationalities) 7,000,000 Mexiico-born people ran back to Mexico for World War II. The 7,000,000 number was given to me by then-president of Mexico Adolfo Ruiz Cortines in 1957 during a phone call to me. Those 7,000,000 Mexico-born people did not want to give up their loyality to Mexico.

    12. Farmer Bob says:

      Actually, by Wenz’s logic, Mexicans are only North Americans, not Americans. You might more accurately call them North Guatemalans. They illegally cross our borders in order to elevate themselves to Americans but it doesn’t seem to help much. In their hearts and in their heads, they’re still Mexicans no matter where they are. Mayor Villaraigosa. just proved it. And since half the Mexicans in this country get in here by violating our laws, they are, next to being Mexicans, *anti*-Americans to boot — too boot out of our country.

    13. char says:

      to where????????? you may not like him, but he was born here.

  3. Shirley says:

    Typical politician …..arrogant!! He believes his own press….and thinks the citizens of LA are stupid. The only danger he faces is the anger of the voters – and his own incompetence!!

    1. Autoamerican says:

      Uh, you’re a little late, Shirley. He’s a lame duck. He won’t be up for re-election. And as far as “anger of the voters”, only 13% of voters bothered to vote in the last mayoral election. Since most of them were Hispanic Democrats, AnVil was elected for a second term.

      I’d say the citizens of Los Angles ARE stupid.

      1. pj says:

        I’m afraid Los Angelenos must get ahold of themselves. You have allowed lala town to become real.. Internet tax crazy celebrities drunks druggies….Beautiful city and beautiful state,. You’re etting it go to ruin

      2. Katie says:

        But Autoamerican, AnVil could try to run for statewide office…. Think people will pay attention then?

        And next mayoral election isn’t till 2013. Who’s to say there won’t be some sort of way ‘found’ for him to run for a third term?

  4. Regg says:

    You think politicians care about how other people feel…….maybe when its time to vote… but that’s it.

    1. Really says:

      This is what the city gets for voting for the slick, smiling liar.

  5. jack reacher says:

    your own fault “Anglinos”, you voted him in…you voted in someone who “graduated” from a 4th rate unaccredited law school who couldn’t pass the bar after multiple tries… who is only interested in getting money and influence and staying in power BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY…

    you voted him in…deal with it

    1. char says:

      If you want to call us names, at least spell correctly – We are Angelenos!

    2. Cass says:

      yeah we voted for him like you probably voted for George W. Bush.

    3. Catherine Girod says:

      i didn’t vote for him.

  6. william says:

    Funny homeland security would be concerned about protecting a Mayor who allows illegal immigrants to live and work in LA without fear of deportation. The Mayor himself breaches the security of this country and facilitates the further deterioration of Los Angeles with his illegal immigration policies.

    1. manman says:

      yep.. chicken azz chicken zhit…..

  7. mitzi says:

    I want a 100 feet tall electric fence with razor wire and video cameras at the Mexican border

    1. Frost Fence says:

      I am with Mitzi

    2. iheartubuntu says:

      Mitzi for prez!

    3. John says:

      How do you know that WE won’t be trying to cross into Mexico if Obama gets reelected

  8. RBG says:

    Villaraigosa is an arrogant elitist and a terrible mayor. Why do we keep electing him?

    1. LetUsSee says:

      Because most of the residents of L.A. are apathetic, lazy, ignorant and uneducated. That’s why.

    2. Edd says:

      Because it would be ‘racist’ not to vote for him, no mater how incompetent, mendacious, and worthless he is. At least, that’s what those who know what’s good for us believe.

    3. Astonished says:

      For what? He sure isn’t any good as a politican and he’s a gross failure as a married man. So tell me, what is he good for?

    4. pj says:

      Good? He’s good? You just validated the prior comment

    5. Grumpy says:

      WE? I didn’t vote for this fool.

  9. alan hart says:

    Who cares if the house is breached. It already has been breached when the city let this guy live there.

  10. DAX says:

    I can’t wait to see what he thinks when one of “His People ie Latino” Tags it ..LOL or maybe he will tag it first “Squeeaky”

  11. ES says:

    “Villaraigosa filed a request for a local variance that prohibits any fencing that exceeds 42 inches in height”. Except for him of course.

  12. Dave Shaffer says:

    I wonder how many teachers will have to be fired to pay for this?

    Once again, California leads the way.

  13. James Atkinson says:

    Don’t you mean tax payers are going to build that wall? It would be worth every peney if we could keep him inside.

    1. Katie says:

      Yes, taxpayers will be paying for that fence. Getty House is the official residence for the Mayor–which means that the taxpayer maintains it.

  14. BigBoa says:

    Perhaps he’s getting ready for the coming revolution,,,,,

  15. Btruth says:

    They are preparing for civil war and the collapse of the fiat currency.

    1. LW says:

      A 6ft wall isn’t going to stop “The People”. He’s fooling himself.

  16. radii says:

    He is a joke of a Mayor – with no taste – sure, ruin the charm of the most elegant and oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles when you’re out of office in what – just over a year? Villagrossa has done nothing except get on the news from time-to-time and let the developers run wild on the City of L.A. just like his Republican predecessors did.

    1. Always Independent says:

      Can’t wait to see the grafiti the wall will get.

  17. swis says:

    I agree, but lets let God reward him for his ways. Nothing more said or done could be true justice

    1. RLA Bruce says:

      He is what he is. That is punishment enough.

    2. neopatetic says:

      Throw the bum out.

    3. Ray says:

      I give him credit for showing leadership.

      We should build a 6 foot wall around every Mexican.

    4. no says:

      Oooh, oooh. Can you let your imaginary “god” punish me for things? I would love to get away with all sorts of stuff right now for a supposed magical punishment from Mr. Skyman some day.

    5. DG says:

      That was a good one Ray

    6. Archimedes Rhubarb says:

      “no,” you’ve got some growing up to do.

    7. Huxley says:

      Rhubarb believes in the all-knowing invisible man in the sky. Its a common trait for small minds that can’t think for themselves. Weakness of the mind. So frustrating but at the same time comical. If I’m wrong may lightning strike rhubarb right in the patch.

    8. Huxley says:

      Ayn Rand would have laughed at Rhubarb. She once told Aldous Huxley that he was much far too intelligent to believe in god. So we all know where the conservatives’ hero stands on bible bangers. Cognitive Dissonance, you have a call on line 1…. (full disclosure- I’m an athiest)

    9. bman says:

      My Cloud daddy is better then your Cloud Daddy!

    10. armenia4ever says:


      The fact that you have to insult someone’s beliefs at the slightest mention of the word “God”, indicates that you have a strong lack of tolerance for others. Insults will only further alienate those you wish to “save” from their “small minded ignorance”.

    11. Mikey says:

      Ahhhh, the sweet words from the “tolerant, enlightened atheists”.

    12. The Clintidote says:

      God will get his turn; this turd answers to us first.

    13. Godot says:

      Oh lookee. The atheists have popped up again to belittle everyone else’s beliefs. How smart and superior of them. Frankly, I just don’t understand how anyone can believe in something more intelligent than an atheist. I mean, they are constantly expounding on their superior intellect. They pretty much never shut up about it. Atheists have absolutely 100% consensused beyond all doubt that there is no God. The debate is over and now they want it outlawed.

  18. You made your bed... says:

    A politician is a reflection of those who voted for him.

  19. CJ says:

    Don’t worry! The mayor will use illegals to build it so it won’t cost too much.

  20. James A Johnson says:

    LA and CA deserve the government they elect. I just hope all the libs go there and leave the rest of the US to normals.

  21. Orchardgal says:

    What have any of you complainers done to change the tide of liberal thinking in your state? If you all had paid attention to what was going on in your state instead of sitting on your butts your state would not be turning into another Mexico.

    1. char says:

      Our state has a name: it’s California…..and btw, it was Mexico before we got there.

  22. The coming reign of terror says:

    I dont blame him.America is building a race of rapists, anti-white racists, murderers, all trained from an early age to hate the white man and all things Godly and traditional.I think its an experiment never tried before in history,that is, to turn the minorities into animals that do nothing for their food and housing.I think what is coming to America is worse than the Terror of the French Revolution.We do nothing small in America, this is going to be historic.

  23. sydn1977 says:

    This idiot wants to build the wall despite objections, but he claims that LA is broke and wants to layoff city workers for this???

  24. Bucko says:

    The level of grammatical error in this article is certainly an eyebrow-raiser.

  25. Chance W. Taylor says:

    He may have perfectly fine financial reasons for building a security fence but it completely sends the wrong message to the public. He’s in a publicly elected position and he’s essentially walling himself off from the city and the people he is mayor of. Good look getting re-elected amigo.

  26. Ken Pittman says:

    I met him at the 2008 primary while he was on radio row in Manchester, NH. I felt I was in the presence of evil. Imean it. Here is a guy who doesn’t want America to put up a fence to protect our borders and this communist, traitorous hypocrite wants to wall off the world from his own immediate confines.

    Ken Pittman
    WBSM AM 1420
    New Bedford, MA

    1. ddamxxam says:

      Well-stated, Ken. A wall for my home; openness for the borders. The thinking in this country that lands us in this place is evil or insane.

    2. Stephen B says:

      Nicely said Ken.

    3. char says:

      Communist? he’s been called many things, but “communist”??????

  27. ED357 says:

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”……

    Are you still enjoying freedom in Mexifornia?

    How’s that “Hope and Change” working out for you?

  28. Gary Rod says:

    He’s building a wall to protect himself from his own disastrous policies that support illegal aliens and barrio crime. This proves it; you can take a be@ner out of the barrio, but you can’t take the barrio out of the be@ner.

    1. char says:

      that’s disgusting

  29. Chloe says:

    He thinks he is way more important than he actually is.

  30. Rod Anders says:

    Why? Is someone after him?

  31. Pocho Basura says:

    Villaraigosa what a blanco pen d’ jo……………….

  32. BO Stinks says:

    You call that a mansion??? Please….I’ve seen guest houses bigger than that. Big fish in a little pond!!

  33. vehoae says:

    I’ve not yet seen where this Mayor publicly condemned the acts of treason during the sporting event a few days ago where U.S. citizens condemned the United States and displayed, instead, the flag of another country. So let the Mayor live with “his kind”.

  34. Cathy says:

    He is welcome to his fence. Please, build it high and strong. Gate? What gate? I said a fence, nothing about a way to leave…

  35. Frank_H says:

    The rules don’t apply to liberals. Do as I say not as I do.

  36. LW says:

    Our country isn’t a disgrace; the POLITICIANS are.

  37. in8chro says:

    I love all the negative comments. sad thing is though, you will all vote him right back in. just like CA had a chance to change the legislature and didnt. CA residents for the most part are stupid, i dont blame the politicians cause i know their true colors (regardless of political party). if this doesnt reek of hypocrisy then i dont know what does. he refuses to protect our border but will do whatever is necessary to protect where he lives.

    1. Astohished says:

      No we won’t. . .trust me on this. We going to import him to some other ignorant government!

  38. Mike Alright says:

    The US government tells you to do as they say, and you will obey. They can do whatever they want, and you shall deal with it. Shut up and take it you feminized morons. You are all big, strong and useless girly men and will do nothing anyways. So, shut up and take it, you all love the state you created. If it makes your woman happy, it must be good, right?

  39. Joe-NJ says:

    Oh sure, just like 6 ft. walls are able to keep out illegals..
    ¡Qué hombre más bruto!

  40. Nitehawk says:

    Build the fence…PUT THE LOCK ON OUTSIDE

  41. BuckIV says:

    Doesn’t he know that if he builds a 6 foot wall the burglars will just bring a 7 foot fence. I think I’ve heard arguments like that in the illegal immigration debate.

    1. BuckIV says:

      Oops, fence should be ladder

  42. JP says:

    Build a wall around Mexico!

    1. J.V. says:

      JP – That is exactly what he is doing.

  43. Crosscut says:

    He wants to be safe from the shat storm that’s going to happen when Obama loses the election in 2012 and the illegals are told to go home.

  44. ObamaDaKenyanMuslim says:

    Mini Mayor is getting ready for a SHTF scenario that he feels is pretty close to occurring…

    1. IraqVet says:

      When that happens, there won’t be any wall high enough to save him or his knuckle dragging ilk.

  45. Tom Mayer says:

    I think it’s a great idea if they lock the gate from the outside so he can’t get out.

    Tom Mayer

  46. Ryan Mouk says:

    Makes sense to build a six foot wall using taxpayer dollars because your scared of the people your govern. Useless.

  47. Trader Lu says:

    Right on John!

  48. paolo says:

    Even if the home could be “breached”. Even if Al Qaeda kidnapped him, so what? Does he hold nuclear secrets. I’m tired of all the politicians claiming they need extra protection or security, or need to use private govt. jets for security. Who would want them?

  49. Andrew says:

    Instead of the poll show, how about this poll.

    Should the writer proofread his article or not?

    I vote yes.

  50. Andrew says:

    Or should the commentor also proofread his work? Sheesh!!

  51. B.H. Obama says:

    This is silly. Six feet it not near enough. The Mayor should be burrowing into the ground to get a proper bunker. This is weak but probably expected from a man with a made up last name and a whanger that has been dragged all over Hollywood.

  52. windriver says:

    He wants open borders, no one is considered an illegal alien, he supports amnesty, he supports draconian unconstitutional gun laws, and he now wants to build a wall, with inside protection by ARMED guards, 24/7/365 and armed chauffeurs as long as he is in office.


  53. windriver says:

    “The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly proposed the idea after the Department of Homeland Security found that the home could be breached.”


    1. Ray says:

      Why would Al Qaeda attack Villaraigosa?

      They both want the same thing — America on it knees.

  54. John Moser says:

    That’s a mansion? Geez, he couldn’t fit more than a couple a hundred of his illegal alien relatives in there.

  55. Barrio Fence says:

    Just like Mexico with broken glass on top. Maybe he should ask Obama’s advice on constructing a moat with crocodiles

  56. Rich says:

    Worried about having his mistresses photographed leaving in the morning, is more like it. Incompetent dirtbag.

  57. Chris says:

    If that house is unsafe and its against code to get it “safe” then go get another mansion, it’s not as if LA ain’t full of vacant real estate.

  58. Astonished says:

    SAYS WHO! Show me where, its written that I’m required to like someone, regardless of race, creed, religion or color of skin. This is America, and while it may be having major problems now, I can still dislike anyone I want to! Disliking someone doesn’t make me or anyone else racist.

  59. Joe-NJ says:

    Villar-Raigosa should have moved long ago and far away.
    (apologies to Kern/Gershwin)

  60. ferris says:

    Just don’t make it so high a f**king illegal can’t crawl over it.

  61. Tina F. says:

    Hey now, Antonio is learning how to flip off the law by the best, Obama.

  62. Tom Davidson says:

    In the Dark Ages nobles built castles to protect the people when warlike neighbors invaded.
    In the Middle Ages they built castles and hired private forces to protect *themselves* from angry subjects.
    So why is the Ruling Class building personal defensive fortifications now, if they truly rule ‘with the consent of the governed”

  63. kam says:

    too bad there wasnt a wall built to keep his parents from crossing the border illegally to get him here.

  64. Erin says:

    What about the alligators and the moat? If he is worried that people from south of the border or a gang member might take him out, a six-foot high wall isn’t going to do much for him, he needs what the President has suggested that some people want. All these political leaders are being to act more like kings than one of the people they represent. L.A., Chicago, and Juarez, Mexico should all be deemed “sister cities.” He’s spending your money trying to protect himself from what???????

  65. kjm says:

    If he supports a wall at the border (with the cut glass or razor wire on top) then he can go ahead and build a wall around the mansion.

  66. upyours says:

    The m0nkey eared a$$faced be@ner has ignored the citizens throughout his tenure so why should this be a surprise. Legal or not the be@ners are causing real problems.

  67. jedavi says:

    The ruling class is fortifying their defenses. Against who?

    1. IraqVet says:

      The cattle and the sheep…

  68. Bill Jones says:

    Most likely the workers will be illegal aliens. Using someone elses social security number. The contractor will use illegal workers to avoid insurance premiums and will pay them a lower wage. Putting an American out of work.
    VIVA SB1070

  69. Sad LSM says:

    “…..features that the mayor’s office said will save trim the costs of security staffing.”

    “save trim” Ever hear of a proof reader?

    1. IraqVet says:

      The proof reader was outsourced to a La Raza censor vacationing in Cuba.

  70. Mark Brown says:

    Why not? I admit I haven’t seen much of Mexico, but when I have gotten out of the little tourist areas every single person that could afford a wall around their little home had one. Even in the poorest places I’ve ever seen. And we are turning California into Mexico aren’t we?

    1. LAnowaPIT says:

      Growing up in the 70′s was great in Los Angeles, but the REALITY is, the city is now a pit! Last year I moved to Oregon, clean air, and, gasp, you don’t feel like you’re in Mexico! Please don’t tell me that’s racist, when your 16 year old daughter can’t get a job at McDonalds because the payroll is filled with “Juan” and his entire family, there’s something wrong with the United States of America, and in particular, Los Angeles……Go on a little road trip this summer, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, I PROMISE you, when you come back, you’ll be saying to yourself, “I pay three times more in rent or a mortgage” for this????????

  71. dunce says:

    When i was in guadalhara the walls around the houses were topped by broken bottles.They know the people in their town.

  72. Karl says:

    California is about as worthless a State as they come. Kind of reminds me of some of my relatives. Please God, just let LA and the surrounding communities drop off into the ocean ———– Whoops, no I take that back, the poor fish will suffer from the pollution!

  73. jg says:

    Whats worse, the Mayor or the ppl who hired him?

  74. mike says:

    Should he build the wall? Yes, if we can lock if from the outside!

    1. Mark B. says:

      Great comment. Made me chuckle.

    2. June says:

      AW! You took my line.

  75. Martifr says:

    Even this clown wants to separate himself from the illegal alien criminals HE is allowing into the city. He’s not stupid! He doesn’t want to be robbed.

  76. patches12 says:

    Hey all you liberals in LA… keep voting in the Democrats… you get the government you deserve

    of course… the question begs.. why does this nit wit think he needs the wall??

    after the recent US -Mexico soccor match maybe it would best if Mexicon simply annexes LA

  77. yoyough says:

    is this guy for or against a wall on the border?

  78. Ray Redondo says:

    He’s doubled the size of the mayor’s staff since he came into office, so of course he doesn’t care how much this costs. So much for a fiscal crisis.

  79. Dave Turner says:

    Everybody in the LA area needs to apply to put up a 6′ fence around their homes and then sue the city of LA when they’re denied the ability to do so.

  80. George says:

    Yes he should build it, but bigger and taller. The taxpayers of LA should also foot the bill for the entire project. You go Mayor, pay no attention to the street rats, you deserve the perks.

  81. No Yokos says:

    Reminds me of that movie Omega Man, where Charlton Heston holes up in that mansion in LA so the albino zombies don’t get him.

  82. RightStuff says:

    The mayor is a democrat, isn’t he? So he can tell everyone to shove it and get away with it.

  83. Ray says:

    I like the idea of Mayor Villaraigosa surrounded by a 6 foot wall —

    at San Quentin State Prison.

  84. IraqVet says:

    I love it…the fences aren’t working on the border what makes him think they’ll work in LA? I bet he’ll have Border Patrol agents running patrols around the fence next and the ATF running illegal gun running operations from the palace grounds…I love it, and Amazon is leaving Kalifornia too thanks to the collective hive of criminals in Excremento.

    1. Bill Jones says:

      The fences are working on the border. Everywhere the fence is built, human smuggling and drug smuggling decreases dramtially. Just ask anyone in the San Diego sector.

  85. Davos says:

    A Wall for me, but not for thee.

  86. Mayor V. says:

    I’m worried about you..do you need help? Perhaps a handful of sedatives and a 32 oz whiskey chaser?

    Thanks for your uneducated vote,


  87. IraqVet says:

    Ray said…

    I give him credit for showing leadership.

    We should build a 6 foot wall around every Mexican.
    Great comment, I’m still laughing MAO…Think of the possibilities and how this stimulate our economy and getting people back to work.

  88. SEIU says:

    We just got word that the Mayor has illegal white domestic help working security.

  89. hulio says:

    Mexico sucks AsS!!!

  90. John Smith says:

    Where’s the La Raza friends? Do you really need awall.? I thought you wuz reaching out to people not putting you self behind the hidding walls/
    You have big turn around for the People. Huh???
    Wha’ wuz wrong that it was all kool.???

  91. Doug W. says:

    A six foot wall is a good idea. We can see in and little Tony will need a five foot ladder to see out. Keep him locked in there until the next election.

  92. Panzer Pete says:

    Apparently he has no historical intelligence because it is clear that he has NO clue of the Maginot Line and how it worked..

  93. stacy says:

    so here is a guy who wants all illegal immigrants to enter our property, and mocks those who want to build a fence… typical

  94. Pitbullll says:

    Gee, I wonder who gets to pay for VivaLaRaza’s new 6 foot wall?

  95. Tom says:

    I assume it is going to be adobe on the base, with wrought iron bars on the top?

  96. Joe Garcia says:

    White bread time is ova! We own this state! You are nothing. We took it back on our work.

    1. Rachel Moreno says:

      You want it back? We are going to give it to you the way WE got it from you. With NOTHING on it but a Mission. That’s all that was here when we won it from you in the war, and then paid for the rest of it. You want it back after we flatten the place? Good luck.

    2. Fred says:

      Unfortunately, it’s been a wash at best. In my town the illegals work hard and collect welfare at the same time. They send the money they earn under the table out of the country. My town’s hospital went bankrupt serving the illegals, so now they use the one in a wealthy neighboring community. They won’t bankrupt that one, but to say you “took it back on your work” — nobody is buying that. You’re delusional. As for illegals coming into the US by crossing the Mexican border, I blame our leaders for that as well as those of Mexico, who have made Mexico a cesspool of political corruption, human and drug trafficking, and death. Unfortunately, US citizens are paying a heavy price. The elitists on both sides of the border are the root cause of illegal immigration into the US.

  97. cb says:

    What the heck, California is now MexicCalif so what difference does it make? They should encourage all those Mexicans to go there so they can help of them. We sure don’t want them here in my state! All they bring is gangs, grafittis, robberies and drive by shootings. BUT California loves them and will give them safe haven. All you illegals….go to California!

  98. PattyK says:

    If you’re telling us we HAVE to like him because of his race, that’s racist.

  99. Rachel says:

    Why do you need a wall, Tony Villar? Didnt’ YOU insist that we have an open door Sanctuary City!?! Maybe we should be spending that money building a wall at the border and rounding up illegals, you worthless p.o.s.

  100. Joyce says:

    Just shows that even Mexicans want to be shielded from other Mexicans. What does THAT tell you? Build your wall, Tony. THEN STAY INSIDE, FOOL.

  101. ddamxxam says:

    ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha anyone who wants a laugh should read this guys Wikipedia. OMG OMG OMG what is WRONG with people in LA? ????? LOL ahahahhahahahahah LOL

  102. Chu Hyon says:

    “The danger to America is not Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him to be Mayor. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of Antonio than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their Mayor.”

    “The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr.Villaraigosa , who is a mere symptom of what ails Los Angeles . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Mayor Villaraigosa, who is, after all, merely a fool.

    It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their Mayor.”

    1. Mike Harlow says:

      Excellent comments.

  103. calisurf says:

    give him a jail cell with bars instead.

  104. Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

    Isn’t this the same guy who opposes a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border?

  105. OpenTheDoor says:

    What is it about Mexicans and walls? Around here in SC they buy some land and a double wide, first an elaborate gate then the walls. I don’t get it.

    1. Hank says:

      They naturally assume we are savages just like them.

  106. Sick of Mayor V. says:

    He has every right to build that wall. As long as it has no opening and Mayor V. is trapped inside, I will even offer to come and help them finish it. Just another example of Antonio being Antonio.

  107. malcom says:

    funny how the mayor is okay with millions nof illegals sneaking into the country and the city but he is not okay with anyone coming on the property. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  108. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    To hell with Homeland Security

  109. Fred says:

    I thought that fences don’t work. Or so I’ve heard it said via the media over and over again. People will just get ladders. Build a 12 foot fence and they’ll get a longer ladder and so on. Or they’ll tunnel under the fence. Apparently, the mayor believes that fences work, since he’s having one built. I guess I just don’t understand. Kind of like leaving the border open to anyone and everybody — while sending troops overseas to protect us from terrorists. Politicians have always been considered hypocrites and parasites. (That I do understand.)

  110. Sherylynne says:

    You’re a small-minded MORON. If that’s all you got, you got nothing! Get an education so, hopefully, at some point in time, you can you can comprehend what is really going on around you and make a substantive, intelligent contribution. In the meantime, keep your racist comments to yourself because they serve no purpose except to expose your ignorance.

  111. gommygoomy says:

    He is your quintessential LIBERAL HIPOCRYTE. He’s AGAINST the Border Fence. The Homeland Security Department, is AGAINST the Border Fence. YET, he’s building a FENCE (wall) around HIS HOUSE. And the Homeland Security Department says that HE SHOULD, because his HOME “Could be Breached”.
    You see, HE is more IMPORTANT than YOU. HIS FAMILY needs to be PROTECTED from the people that HE WON’T STOP, at the Border.
    These LYING, THIEVING, Democrats, don’t pay THEIR FAIR SHARE, in Taxes. They EXEMPT THEMSELVES from the things they IMPOSE on the rest of us. Nancy Pelosi has NO UNION LABOR in her Restaurants or her Vineyards. The HOLLYWOOD Liberals, do their filming in CANADA, so as to ESCAPE from paying UNION SCALE. They send THEIR KIDS to Private Schools, while DENYING SCHOOL VOUCHERS, to children who NEED THEM. (D.C./Obama)
    America needs to WAKE UP.

    1. Zexufang says:


      Thanks; your diatribe is stronger than Turkish coffee.

      And I am AWAKE to the nauseating sanctimonious behavior of limousine liberals.

    2. Ernie says:

      Truer words were never spoken……….

    3. Janean says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I might just add one thing…the cost of building this wall around Villaraigosa’s house will no doubt be paid by California’s taxpayers.

    4. Pauline Belleville says:

      A: It’s not his house, it’s the Mayor’s mansion and belongs to the people of they City of Los Angeles. Of course, that doesn’t matter to him, what he wants is more important than what we do.

      B: His family doesn’t live with him, remember? She threw him out and she got the house in Mount Washington.

      C: Agree with the lying, thieving hypocrite part about him, though.

  112. Zypldot says:

    Who was the last guy that made the news with a huge fence around his mansion ??? Oh yea, it was Usama bin Laden, that’s who! I wonder if there is any correlation?

  113. Sherylynne says:

    The MAYOR needs a 6′ wall around the MANSION? If he was a better mayor, maybe he wouldn’t need a wall!! And, if there is so much surplus money around, why doesn’t he put into the educational system? One appearance on “Meet the Press” and he’s suddenly a celebrity who wants to live like a rock star! Step down, find a non-public job and then you won’t need a 6′ wall. You are a MAYOR, not a Senator, not the Governor…a MAYOR. And, a bad one, at that.

    1. Frank J. says:

      The Mayor is a public servant. He’s supposed to SERVE not take to the point where he needs a freakin’ fence or moat around his house because he’s afraid of taxpaying citizens.

  114. Rick says:

    I thiink he is against the wall on our borders but need one for his house. Hypocrisy.

  115. Cartman says:

    Build it and they will come. Illegals that is.

  116. Jim says:

    Put the wall on the Mexican border

  117. Warren says:

    typo: “…office said will save trim the costs of security staffing…” is it going to save costs or trim costs? who proofreads this stuff?

  118. Deric McDonald says:

    he should be able to build a fence around his home

  119. Chad says:

    The poll phrasing says it all: “Should Villaraigosa build the 6-foot wall around his mansion?”

    That house belongs to the citizens of Los Angeles. Villaraigosa is merely a tenant for as long as the citizens will have him. That house isn’t his and he has zero right to hide (steal?) the property of the citizens of LA for his own sense of ego.

  120. StaticKlingon says:

    So are we saying that a wall might be an effective deterrent to illegal entry?
    I’m confused.

  121. Hank Warren says:

    Useless politicians doing whatever they want, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  122. Mike says:

    Keep on voting this schmuck into office, Los Angeles. You people will never get the message that politicians like this are only out for themselves, NOT YOU!!!

  123. deserttrek says:

    send this thug back to mexico where he belongs

  124. ssquared says:

    Looks as though the Mayor is thinking just like any Panamanian dictator would.

  125. Roger Sunderlin says:

    how many illegals will he hire to build the fence.

  126. Justin Time says:

    It wont stop Mexicans from getting over it they’re use to it.

  127. Bob says:

    Vote that La Raza man out as mayor and scores of illegal aliens will vote in another La Raza tool into the mayor’s office.

    La Raza people are America-hating racists to the core.

    1. char says:

      and you’re not???????????????

  128. MR CONSERVATIVE says:


  129. mary says:

    He floods the city with gangs and illegal aliens , so of course he needs more protection from his own treasonous policies.Third world leader just like Obama the pretender in Chief.

  130. mary says:

    Same tool that doesn’t want a fence on the border because it will keep out his ‘imported voters’………hypocrite to the MAX!

  131. BigLou15 says:

    Californians – You reap what you sow. You keep electing liberals like Pelosi, Brown, Waters, Villaraigosa and this is what you get.

    Your state is almost bankrupt but these libs keep on spending like they have money in the bank. Maybe they’re right because the electorate keep voting them in.

  132. Bud says:

    As usual, no political party affiliation is listed for Villaraigosa. If this was a Republican (not that CA would have a Repub mayor of a major city) the headline would have read “Republican Mayor to erect wall around Mansion to keep constituents out”

  133. Duude says:

    Villaraigosa has full intentions of running for governor after Brown’s term is over. Don’t be too surprised if he wins with the large hispanic population voting 100% for him. Its almost a done deal.

  134. Nosmo says:

    I think the wall is o.k. as long as the lock is installed on the outside and the neighbors have the only keys.

  135. Rose says:

    Smells like a prez hopefull, building his own white house here in LA for practice

  136. Gustafson says:

    Rascist / Non-rascist… Theist / Anti-theist blah blah blah

    Off Topic.

  137. Walt says:

    Wait, I thought walls don’t work…or so that’s the line from Villaraigosa and the left when it comes to the border.

    Just another liberal hypocrite…

  138. Patrick says:

    The hypocrisy is unbelievable… this is a man who would dismiss any attempt to build a wall of ANY KIND along the US-Mexican border, yet his own personal space is somehow more sacred than the country in general.

    I’m glad I live out in the suburbs & only have to observe this clown & his floundering city from a reasonably safe distance.

  139. mikee says:

    The mayor has created a legal precedent all the other residents of that neighborhood can use to put up their own 6′ high fences. If he needs such a security fence, all the other residents who want one can now get one, too!

    Thanks, mayor!

  140. Jersey says:

    Who gives a rats ass. It is my (pipe-dream) wish that the San Andreas would re-align and expand significantly and simply slide off into the Pacific taking all of the useful idiots that is “SoCal” with it.

    1. Dee says:

      Ahh Geeze! Don’t forget San Fran in your pipe-dreams…

    2. char says:

      oh my gosh…..what then, would you do for entertainment?

  141. Mike Harlow says:

    Villaraigosa is a member of LaRaza. It makes sense that he would want 6 ft. walls around his compound. Once he has finished returning California to the Mexico, he may need those walls for protection against the few freedom fighters that will be left in California. It is truly disgusting what politicians and Hollywood have done to that beautiful state.

  142. Farmer Bob says:

    Deport Los Angeles!

  143. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Laws are for Pee-Ons. You know, People like You.

  144. Proud American says:

    What a crook!!! Building a high wall, huh, well, lets see, this means you will support fences and walls along the border too? right? Crook!

  145. forrest says:

    Just another typical aristocratic left-wing limousine liberal. Where would these democrat politicians be without outfits like ACORN, LaRaza, and the SEIU ginning up the vote fraud machine for them? No actual legal voter in their right mind would’ve elected this pompous hypocrite. California is dying from democrat malfeasance and desperately needs to clean up its voter rolls and enact voter ID and verification laws so that the actual taxpaying citizen may finally be represented in this pathetic excuse for a state.

  146. Mikey says:

    At least you are actually posting comments instead of old quotes Fanny. Or was it Aunt Bee???

    Either way your comment has been reported as spam.

    1. Aunt Bee says:

      Just another government degenerate that uses a diminutive name, how telling. Mikey … go report anything you want because everyone can see you’re a power tripping mental deficient that likes to suppress free speech and ideas. You’re a joke. Spam implies something is for sale. You can’t even properly infer information.

      —— http://911essentials.com

  147. Gordon Wagner says:

    1. Find an arborist
    2. Have them suggest trees or shrubs
    3. Plant the plants
    4. VOILA you have a living wall with no muss, no fuss
    5. Throw this guy out of office already. He’s inert.

  148. Kat says:

    It won’t work he’ll still get out.

  149. wyrdless says:

    Machiavelli said in “the discourses” that when the leaders create fortresses in a city, they will become despotic, since they can be protected from other citizens when the leader does harm. This creates impunity.

    Which of course is what homeland security wants. Total police powers. To protect us of course…..

  150. Jewfromhell says:

    Does he want to keep Mexicans in or keep them out?

  151. MikeR says:

    NO NO we need more public outcry about this. This is a waste of public resources. He is not even paying rent here and he wants to change it and mess up the neighborhood. He is not even gonna be mayor for much longer so why is he doing this? I have a better idea. Let’s sell that house, move the mayor to a nice apartment with security already included. We would then make a profit out of this whole deal. If I lived here, I would be so outraged. Why does he feel like he is so entitled. This is not his house. SELL THAT HOUSE to a real taxpayer and better neighbor.

  152. Mary says:

    Amazing, the criminal gang banger mayor, who demands the US not secure our border, demands residence be secured, no doubt against the criminals he demand Los Angeles provide sanctuary city status for. I say, cut Villaragosa’s security detail, deny him this wall and expose him to his own not so tender mercies. He needs to experience the same risks he’s exposed the innocent citizens of Los Angeles to.

  153. Patrick Henry says:

    Let them eat cake says the mayor of LA after having created a human cesspool of a city

  154. Joe says:

    Wait and see if he puts broken glass all along the top of his wall. That will tell you all you need to know.

  155. Mary says:

    To the loser who infers that Mexico is part of North America, no it’s not. It’s part of the Central American portion of Latin America. We are the United States of America, an independent, sovereign nation Mexico is not connected in any way, other than a border. BTW, Mexico is wealthy, it needs to raise taxes on it’s own people to take care of it’s own. The only reason those American flags are made in China and Mexico, are because of lousy trade deals, that the cess pool Mexico demanded. What I find amusing is that Mexicans hate US citizens more than they love their own freedom, they’re too ignorant to realize that all they are achieving is the certainty that China will take over Mexico Mexicans are too hateful, fat, lazy and stupid to work hard for change in their own country, but they will bend over backwards to kowtow to a corrupt Mexican politician who uses them to destroy the economy of the US.

  156. Patrick Henry says:

    Maybe he should build a moat around his house too and fill it with alligators…

  157. ron says:

    we all know the rules don’t apply to the ruling class

  158. Marry Littlelamb says:

    Yes all those who rob,steal and kiII want to feel safe but they won’t escape the judgment of God.

  159. jeffrya says:

    as long as the mexican community continues to grow in America, we will continue to get losers like this guy as politics. He could never pass yh

  160. gladys says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Getty House belong to the city of LA? What right does he have to build a fence around it? Does he think he’s going to be Mayor indefinitely?

  161. Darrel says:

    Only build it if you wall him in with a roof, and no doors nor windows.

  162. FaReaDoh says:

    This is what all messicans do … they build a wall around their house, and top it with ‘security features’ such as broken glass or rebar spikes to keep out the criminals. Too bad this city is run by people who advocate letting these same criminals into this country, He can have his frackin wall when we can have a taller one at the US border.

  163. txdfwjdf says:

    Viva Los Angeles, Viva Mexico City… Just like Mexico City, LA is now a 3rd world city where the Aristocrats and political elite lock themselves in to secure compounds to avoid what they have created.

  164. Hazel Burke says:

    Bet he gets to carry a gun too. LOL keep voting them in.

  165. FACTCHECKER says:

    Hey Mayor,

    You’re going to pay for that yourself, right?

  166. LLinLa says:

    You know you’re in trouble when you have to isolate yourself from the people that put you in office. Or is that the Tea Party you’re cowering from? Doubt that.

  167. astatist says:

    What’s the beef…this is normal for a drug cartel residence.

  168. Ralph B says:

    The mexicans come here and bring with them their third world mentality. Then they raise children here and vote them into political office. Now a mexican pretending to be an american mayor is using public funds for his own benefit. Gee. What a surprise.

  169. Iron Knee says:

    Anybody see the irony in a public servant, the Mayor no less, erecting a wall that will further separate him from his citizens, who he has sworn to work for day and night?

  170. mike says:

    Have they fixed the budget? No, stop taxing and STOP SPENDING, WHAT DON”T YOU UNDERSTAND NO MONEY NO BRICKS. Besides show me a 6 foot wall and I’ll show you a 7 foot ladder. Wasn’t that Antonios response to a boarder fence.
    No more than 42″ in height just like everyone else entitled one.

  171. Chaz says:

    I thought Mexicans were all about the chain link and wrought iron?

  172. J.V. says:

    Of course, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa needs more wall space. Wall space throughout L.A. is filling up with graffiti and he is just increasing the supply for all those artists.

  173. JustAGuy says:

    I can understand that. L.A. is a dangerous place, with MS-13 and other violent gangs running around, I’d want a 6 foot wall too.

  174. rowley says:

    Get a mayor that can keep the citizens safe.

  175. KeithS says:

    It is very important that our joke of a mayor builds his 6 foot wall for two important reasons 1)He doesn’t want to risk being seen doing absolutely nothing all day and 2) No one can film him banging Lu Parker instead of trying to save our schools.

  176. Janean says:

    For thos of you who say to not like the President’s policies make you a racist, let me say this… Obama is as much white as he is black and I still don’t like him or his policies!! Race has nothing to do with anything! That word “racist” has been so overused…it just doesn’t mean anything anymore!! When will you Democrats get that through your heads? I don’t like what Obama is doing to this great country. If that makes me a racist, then being a racist is not such a bad thing!!

  177. Larry says:

    I believe the Founding Fathers wanted our elected officials to fear us, we the people.

    Just anoter lib that believes in don’t do as I do, do as I say, Twit.

  178. J.Vl says:

    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is the only elected politican in the country that has proposed the building of a 6′ foot fence around Mexico . . . albeit one small part of Mexico, but one giant leap for America.

  179. Bobby Dias says:

    Prior LA mayors passed on staying at the mayor’s mansion but Villaraigosa wastes his own house just to make others pay for his staying in the mansion.

  180. expat says:

    Thanks for the enterainment, guys. Loving your work at mimicing impotent middle0aged right-wingers railing against the world

    1. neopatetic says:

      Thanks for the enterainment, expat. Loving your effort at mimicing impotent, snot-nosed left-wingers railing against all things good, decent and patriotic. Remember, dude: when at first you don’t succeed, the universe may be trying to tell you something.

  181. James says:

    I guess he doesn’t want the third world toilet that he has made Los Angeles into creeping into his little slice of paradise. How about putting a 6 foot wall around LA itself so you don’t have endless supply of uneducated, violent, peasants coming here and not assimilating, causing trouble, dropping babies by the dozen and then demanding citizenship and welfare. Stop idiot mayor that he is.

  182. char says:

    That’s disgusting! You obviously don’t know anything about California history…..and I’m not in favor of the wall….but please get your facts straight before you run your mouth.

  183. char says:

    Senor Alcalde,

    Don’t you know that legally you cannot ask for a variance because you don’t own the house…we do. Don’t be so self-absorbed……chances are your successor won’t want the fence..then what? Not only that, it wrecks the ambience of the neighborhood….let it be.

  184. wilfel says:

    I don’t think he care anymore what people says because he is on his way out as mayor of LA.

  185. LAnowaPIT says:

    Growing up in the 70’s was great in Los Angeles, but the REALITY is, the city is now a pit! Last year I moved to Oregon, clean air, and, gasp, you don’t feel like you’re in Mexico! Please don’t tell me that’s racist, when your 16 year old daughter can’t get a job at McDonalds because the payroll is filled with “Juan” and his entire family, there’s something wrong with the United States of America, and in particular, Los Angeles……Go on a little road trip this summer, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, I PROMISE you, when you come back, you’ll be saying to yourself, “I pay three times more in rent or a mortgage” for this????????

  186. Ken Angerstein says:

    In following the lead of “hombres”, I think everybody should jump the wall and move in whenever they want.

  187. Mike S says:

    That big wall wont keep TMZ out.

  188. brian says:

    I had to read this article to make sure I am not mistaken. “The Los Angeles Police Department proposed the idea..” That just about says everything. To bad I only live in the county. I think his time is coming up next year. I hope he gets voted out so this could be the second biggest waste of money, next to the unused school in riverside.

  189. swhitS says:

    You people are SOOOOOOO missing the point. Illegals are here strictly to divide us and if that goes over your head read the comments here. Poor boy Tony is doing a good job of it too!
    Strength is in numbers and they got it because they are united.

  190. JUSTICEFORALL says:


    JUST SHOWS YOU WHAT HYPOCRITES THEY ARE AND JUST FOR THEIR OWN ETHNIC GROUP. THE MOTTO OF “THE RACE” (LA RAZA) IS: “POR LA RAZA – TODO; FUERA DE LA RAZA – NADA” (FOR THE (MEXICAN) RACE – EVERYTHING; (ANYONE) OUTSIDE THE (MEXICAN) RACE (GETS) NOTHING! COMPLETELY AGAINST WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS BASED ON. ANOTHER REASON THEIR COUNTRY DOES NOT WORK AS THEY TAKE IT DOWN TO “THEIR” FAMILIES AND HAVE “NEPOTISM” (if one of them gets into a good position, he puts his family & friends into other high positions even though they don’t have a clue how to do the job – imagine that on a country level and you have a farce for a gov’t and a farce for anything they touch!). AND THAT IS WHY THEY ARE DOOMED. THEY ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMIES = CULTURE OF CORRUPTION!

  191. Robert graham says:

    Why should Villaraigosa get a wall when he is against the wall to secure our borders? No wall for you idiot!