LAGUNA BEACH (CBS) — A woman allegedly reeled two of her children and a 16-year-old grandson into a counterfeit moneymaking scheme in Laguna Beach, authorities reported.

All four were arrested after a gas station employee reported receiving a suspicious looking bill from two men. When he confronted them about the cash they fled and the employee called in their license plate to police, Laguna Beach police Lt. Jason Kravetz said.

Authorities arrested Rose Mojica, 63, and her children, 33-year-old Tania Santoya and 33-year-old Roberto Jose Rodriguez, all residents of Santa Ana. Mojica’s 16-year-old grandson was also arrested and transferred to Juvenile Hall, Kravetz said.The adults were booked into the Laguna Beach jail on suspicion of burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of fraudulent items and counterfeiting.

Mojica and Rodriguez appear to be in the country illegally, Kravetz said.

The group would allegedly have the teen go to small family-owned business and pass small denominations of the fake currency so as to not draw attention, according to police.

“It was pretty real looking,” Kravetz said. “They made it with a high-quality printer and they printed it on a newspaper-type paper that made it look old.”

Investigators seized a computer, printer, paper and more counterfeit money at the suspects’ home, Kravetz said.

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  1. George says:

    They’re illegals? Well, then, let’s give them in state tuition and financial assistance.

  2. pablo says:

    appears to be in the country illegally. i would like to see how this turn out. known the feds….they might allow them to stay …SAYING THEY WERE LOOKING TO GETTING THE DREAM ACT.

  3. Rick says:

    Do you see how this criminal activity knows no generational boundries?

    The grandmother should be the one ‘Setting the Example’ for future generations, instead she and her grandchildren are robbing Mom/Pop run businesses. I do not care what anyone proclaims, there is more Hispanics in the USA running this sort of scam than there is hispanics picking fruit/washing cars, ie doing the jobs others will not do.
    Once all the supposed HARD LABOR jobs are gone doing to hispanics competing with one another you will see a upsurge of the barrio granny driven crime waves that include their own grandchildren/children as the main players on the team er robbery crew.

    I guess it is hard work hitting the print button on your computer.

  4. Rick says:

    They took advantage of “family owned businesses” by abusing the system, that is no way to make a better life for themselves. What if i robbed your Familia?
    Don’t bother anwsering, I would have no desire to rob your Raza familia, yet, if I could get away with it would have no problem spraying them with a hail of bullets and all you other Raza animals.

  5. Leave Ethnicity Out says:


    1. Rick says:

      They are here illegally, they rob our family owned stores, they teach their children/grandchildren to steal, they are filling are schools and creating chaos in our prison systems.
      They, by their acts bring up ethnicity. Now, go on living your Tunnel Vison existence.
      If I may ask, if one group is causing problems to the California economy, what group would that be?

    2. Guest says:

      Thank you.Crime is Illegal,that is all anyone needs to say.

    3. Charles K Pinkett Jr says:

      I have to agree, there is One Race and that’s the HUMAN RACE..

  6. Jack says:

    …and once again Mexicans working overtime to mess up Los Angeles and California.

  7. Jeezus says:

    People who say THEY (THOSE ILLEGALS FROM THE SOUTH) aren’t the problem likely dont live amongst THEM to even know what a problem they bring. Leave your whistling on the FUTBOL field CHICO. YOU sold you whole race out not that WE dont already know you’re cowards i mean COWARDS. You cant even go one on one. Always strength in numbers. Well where;s the real STRENGTH in that? Youre all about supporting your own even if they’re trash. Get a clue. Try to advance in the world and better yet, advance the world. ADVANCE THE WORLD> Dont steal from me and do your share and we can all get along. Brownie.

    1. Jeezus says:

      this comment was a direct reply to a comment for latinaPORvida and hence makes no sense now since they deleted his dirty post

  8. Great-grandson of Illegal says:

    @ Jack, etc.

    Don’t worry, this Mexican is working overtime to make up for some of it. I payed ~$28,000 in federal taxes and ~$8000 in CA taxes for 2010.

    I hope you didn’t get a refund because it’s indirectly my money.

    Reality check….if you don’t pay a whole lot in taxes then you need to keep a tight lip. Let those of us who actually pay into our government have an opinion…and vote….and complain…

  9. Una Boona says:

    this is awful
    there here illegally and they make fake money and ruin our economy before being deported
    what a bunch of loser

  10. Deric McDonald says:

    deport all of them they are losers

  11. Latino4life says:

    Columbine shooting,waco,arizona shooting,oklahoma city bombing,scott peterson, casey anthony…..etc,etc, etc, just racist people here… 100% percent american citizen and latino4life……. Dumb Trailer Trash and hill billies……..Ooh one more thing theres been violence way before latinos got here! Read your HISTORY or better yet have someone read it for you………..hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Piece

    1. Jeezus says:

      with all those people you just named combined, of the 6 groups you listed even with all their members the total adds up to less than say 30 people, of white or american heritage…..whereas i could name 30+ Jose’s or Miguels who are more savage and dangerous and do it on a daily basis. These are isolated incidents whereas it’s in your latino4 life culture to do that stuff as the norm. By the way, latino for life is an oxymoron. First off, no duh. What you are born to makes you what you are and that wont change whether your heart and mind say so or not. Secondly, latino’s arent’ for preserving life, they make babies like rabbits, but they arent rooting for life. They’re rooting for looting of the world and it’s peace. Atleast the kind like you are who wave their mexican flag everywhere and spit on th eamerican flag. Go ahead, you want to fight forever, fine. Join the ranks or step down, cause it’s on like donkey kong.

    2. Smarter than you says:

      Moron. It’s “Peace” not “Piece”. Obviously you didn’t make it too far in school. Don’t post if you can’t even get an intelligent statement out. Peace….or as you would say “Piece”

      1. Jeezus says:

        umm i meant PEACE moron. should i have said the world’s peacefulness maybe? i dont know but i do know that you’re an oxymoron as well.

      2. Jeezus says:

        anyways it would be PIECES if that’s what i meant anyways anyways anyway whey

    3. Ron says:

      Strike 1= They were here illegally, Strike 2= Printing counterfeit money(too lazy to legally make a living), Strike 3= Ripping off small family businesses that are trying to support their families legally.

      The Mother/Grandmother is like the cutworm that gets in your beautiful front lawn and slowly eradicates it, bite by bite teaching her children and grand children, how to suck to life out of small businesses. Oh but you say kill the worm, but we can’t even ask her if she is here LEGALLY.

      Yes Latino4life, you can cite all the NON-ILLEGALS/non- latinos you want, that are criminals, but unlike YOU, I believe that is NO REASON to turn a BLIND eye to this crime and ILLEGAL immigration.

      It is VERY difficult for WELL EDUCATED, experienced, unemployed LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS to find a job, in this DOWN economy. What makes YOU think that ILLEGALS will be able to find a LEGAL job to support themselves?

      You don’t NEED to read HISTORY for that. You just NEED to OPEN your eyes and CLOSE the BORDERS.

    4. Latino4life says:

      Hahahahaha!!!!!!!! Dont like it move were taking over like it or not!!!!!!!!! Most white americans are not racist anyways, so you hillbillies can move… And take your trailer trash with you….. Woooo hooooo!!!!!!

  12. James says:

    Reason # 1001 why all the illegals need to go !

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