LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Students on college campuses across California are calling for lawmakers to provide six months’ notice before enacting any tuition increase as the rising cost of education is pushing more to give up school altogether.

The move comes as trustees for the University of California and Cal State systems are set to vote on another 10 to 15 percent tuition increase, in addition the 10 percent hike approved by the state legislature earlier this month.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the mounting financial pressure is forcing thousands of students across the state to decide between paying their bills and going to school.

“They have no option, they have to go to work,” said one aviation student at Cal State L.A. “I work full-time and go to school, and I know that’s very hard to do — and I know some people have it even worse than me.”

The hike could cost as much as $733 more per student at CSU, while UC students may have to pay up to $1,100 more every semester.

A decade of consecutive increases has more than tripled tuition to about $11,000 a year at UC and about $5,000 at Cal State — not including room, board and other fees.

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  1. matthew says:

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  2. Pratt Robert says:

    You know I realy feel sorry, but thank the goverment, they have beeen playing with the tax paying people for years now. I have no kids in school that Iam paying for, thay have done it on there own, God bless them, Iam paying for other peoples…I dont mean collage, collage is not mandated, you go if you can, and if able….but grade n high schooler’s they been sucking money like there’s no end to it. And the teachers at all levals, I know thay need pay, but not what they think they need… well what I can say if you want it go get it I KNOW you can do it…..tell your porfessors to think about pay cuts cuss there coming.

    1. Stephanie says:

      You clearly did not get a college education. Your spelling is atrocious. The government should do more not less to support educating the American people. Educated individuals are what will make our country a great nation of intelligent, thinking, individuals.

      1. Ralph says:

        Don’t agree with you. Intelligent people do make this country great. You individuals that come to our country illegally, drain the tax payers money so you can get an education and go back to your country? Any money that you make is sent to your home.
        America needs to take of Americans. You want an education, you pay for it just like a hard working American does. The ride is over, thank God.
        I am educated and Vietnam Vet. Served my country with pride. Maybe you should do the same, earn it.

  3. Trev says:

    Easy, just lose your citizenship and come back to the country illegally and then you’re able to receive financial aid.

    1. e7a says:

      the international students don’t get financial aid! on the contrary-they pay double or triple . get your info before talking.

      1. Lawyersnetwork says:

        On the Contrary if they come here on foreign exchange or a visa maybe they do pay double or triple kid but illegals do get financial aid and food stamps and free medical and the list goes on so you get your info before you speak.. read some books..

  4. Bill Jones says:

    Don’t worry students. California has to pay for the illegals some how. For instance you!!!!! Remember illegals don’t pay, but you do!!!!!!

  5. upyours says:

    I don’t give a rat’s a$$. This is the age group that dragged social consciousness down to the level of the “Jersey Shore.” There isn’t an education available, at any price, that can make up for that. They got what they deserved.

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