LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Union members are set for show of solidarity on Monday as Southland grocery workers edge closer to a possible strike.

The Service Employees International Union will be holding a rally at a Ralphs supermarket in Inglewood to show support for workers at Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons.


Blanca Gallegos with SEIU local 99 told KNX 1070’s Jon Baird that Inglewood is not the only place they will be demonstrating.

“60,000 grocery workers are about to go on strike, and today local shoppers at seven different stores are going to be putting these corporations on alert that if there is a strike, we will not shop in their stores,” said Gallegos.

The workers and the grocery chains have not had a contract for more than three months. Union members voted in April to authorize a strike.

The rally comes as both sides Both sides are working to avoid a repeat of the 2003 lockout, which affected Albertsons, Ralphs/Food For Less, and the Vons/Pavilions chains.

The lockout altered shopping availability for millions of Southern California customers for more than a month and resulted in tumultuous staff turnovers and rough economic times for the locked-out workers.

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  1. j gomez says:

    To me it is an unfair war. While Vons, Ralphs, ALbertson have to increase merchandise price to compensate workers benefits, there is Wal Mart, Vallarta with almost 20 stores and no union allowed there.
    It should be that every one working for Ralphs, Vons, Albertson, Wal Mart, Vallarta should be union worker, otherwise there is no way that the stores that allow their workers belong to an unioin can compete with the ones non union

  2. Ron says:

    Read Sundays editorial in the O.C. Register by Brian Calle. He compares Texas vs. California in economic growth. Texas is adding jobs and attracting former California companies because of a pro-business climate. One of the BIG reasons they are prospering, is because they are a Right- to- Work State. According to Brian, that means that “workers CANNOT be REQUIRED to join a union or pay dues or fees to a union.”

    Now wouldn’t that be GREAT, if CALIFORNIA could BECOME a RIGHT to WORK State? We could stop all the UNION monopolies of most businesses and All government and BEST OF ALL, we would NOT have to put up with all their STRIKES !!!

    Let’s get our California economy rolling, BUST the UNIONS. Cross the picket lines or even better shop at ONLY NON-UNION stores. And advice to Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, put in all self-checkouts in your stores, so we don’t have to put up with THOSE unionized workers.

    1. Jim says:

      You really don’t understand this issue, do you? “Right to work” laws do not in any way guarantee that there will be no strikes, or that the unions will not control the workforce.

      1. R Wolf says:

        Tell the POTUS this so they get off Boeings back!u

  3. adolfo says:

    I will cross the line in a heartbeat as the union means nothing to me. Buncha crooks getting rich of the consumer who in the ends pays for the dues!

  4. DAX says:

    Shop non union stores, Unions are bullies and act like mobsters using violence and taking dues etc. if a worker goes on strike and someone who is unemployed and has a family to feed takes the job and crosses the picket line they are subjected to violence THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE ! You Friggin Morons This is The UNITED STATES ! I will Cross the lines to shop and/or shop non union stores. The Unions are just legal Mobs. they had their place years ago but not in todays UNITED STATES.

  5. tired of over priced stores says:

    Glad i dropped all the main over priced stores like ralphs,albertsons,vons!!! i usually go to walmart,costco,target usually find better prices and service anyways!! Strike or not it wont matter to me anymore i let your loser stores!

  6. Talega says:

    Now you will see where dues are going. Workers can’t afford to strike. If they do strike, the union will have to subsidize them. There are many people willing to step into these jobs if the strikers don’t want them. In our current economy, this is the stupidest thing I have seen.

    1. Judy says:

      Union subsidize? If I remember right, they paid $100 a week to those who worked the picket line last time. And you can’t collect unemployment while you are on strike! Oh yeah, I wonder if workers are still expected to pay dues during a strike.

  7. ginny says:

    Strike away, it won’t stop me from shopping at Albetons or Vons. Union strikes result in price increases, in the end and the customers have had enough of that du to the economy. Be glad you still have a job. For those who don’t want to cross the picket lines I suggest Stater Bros, Walmart (as much as I hate to say them) and if you live in the Palmdale/Lancaster area head over to WINCO. Employee owned and operated.

  8. Trish says:

    my husband works for Ralph’s and is union. I am thankful he has a great job…if he worked for Walmart on their wages, we’d be on welfare to help w/ costs…the union has been good for us and our family. I disagree w/ the strike, we both agree, grocery workers should be thankful they have a job…pay a little more for medical, I mean REALLY??? Better to be working then on the picket line…I told him to cross the lines….be thankful for what you have….beacause in the end we’ll going to lose everything….WAKE UP….continue to work, there are so many unemployed people who would love to take their place….

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