LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Daniel Craig, you might know him better as James Bond, is no longer single.

Craig wed girlfriend actress Rachel Weisz after a brief, whirlwind romance.

Brief is right. She divorced director Darren Aronofsky (“Requiem For A Dream,” “Black Swan,” and “The Wrestler”) last November.

Weisz and Craig play a married couple in the upcoming “Dream House.”

They reportedly married in front of four people (including his 18-year-old daughter, her 4-year-old son) Wednesday.

In other show business news:

• Alice Playten, star of a classic popular Alka-Seltzer commercial in 1970, has died. Playten had heart failure. She was 63.

• Jerry Lewis has been released from a hospital in Australia. He was hospitalized Friday after being unable to perform at a show. A publicist for the performer said he was simply “over tired.”

• Paris Hilton tweeted to her fans: “Hiked all the way to the top of Runyon Canyon today. Such a beautiful view of LA 🙂 ”

• “One Life to Live” actress Bree Williamson went to the movies. And regretted it. She tweeted: “Take the ‘teacher’ outta ‘Bad Teacher’ and you’ve got my review.” On the plus side, the 30-something Williamson was excited to be carded for an R-rated movie. “Awesome!!!!”

Comments (4)
  1. James says:

    The first sentence of this article has to rate as one of the most poorly-written sentences I have read online this month. Who edits these articles before they are “published?”

  2. daniel fan says:

    the worst part of the 1st sentance is the fact that he is no longer single!!! Congrats to the couple, they are lovely. She’s a lucky lady!!

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