LOS ANGELES (CBS) — One of two women was arrested Friday on suspicion of being one of the “Stroller Bandits,” a pair of women pickpockets caught on surveillance video stealing a wallet from a baby stroller in downtown Los Angeles.

Police arrested 55-year-old Bertha Dona Vargas of West Covina at about 8 a.m. in an apartment in the Rampart area of Los Angeles. Vargas was at the apartment with her daughter.

Norma Lizette Reyes, 51, of Silver Lake, remains at large.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports the two women have struck nearly six times since April, primarily in the fashion district in downtown L.A.

And true to their moniker, the women are targeting moms pushing baby strollers, said Lt. Paul Vernon.

“Typically one distracts or blocks the victim, and then the other one will steal the item out of the stroller,” said Vernon.

Lt. Vernon says a surveillance camera caught the two in the act of stealing a wallet from a victim at a swap meet around 5th and Los Angeles in downtown.

As far as their expertise goes, Lt. Vernon says their record speaks for itself.

“They’ve been arrested before, so you decide if they’re good or not,” said Vernon.

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  1. Readhead01 says:

    Not just downtown LA. I was in Beverly Hills with “well off” out of town friend “doing the shops” and her purse was lifted off the stroller during a brief moment while she was using both her hands to look at something “for just a moment”. They were long gone when she noticed it was gone.

  2. adolfo says:

    I guess being maids was not paying the bills for these ladies and they resorted to stealing!

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Of course they found them – don’t they always. Crime does not pay – it may for a time – but it always come to an end. What’s the saying? “You play, you pay”. I just hope they were able to snag a pacifer in one of the diaper bags – they will need it.

  4. Rick says:

    At least they got the one that looks like bigfoot.

  5. Robert S. says:

    This is what these people do. They come over here, and steal us blind! Most decent citizens never have a chance!

    1. JustMe says:

      So “these people” are the only criminals in town huh? Think again moron.

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