INGLEWOOD (CBS) — A 22-year-old man has been shot to death and a 20-year-old woman is hospitalized with bullet wounds after a pair of armed thieves robbed a group outside of an Inglewood liquor store.

Inglewood police Sgt. James Kirk says the gunmen fled after Friday’s 12:28 a.m. shooting at Gin’s Liquor near 110th St. and Crenshaw Blvd.

Family members say Shawn Bryant was shot and killed after an argument with two armed robbers outside of the liquor store. Officials will not confirm the victim’s identity, but say the man was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics.

Bryant’s girlfriend, Tierra Reynolds, was shot multiple times, according to friends.

Friends say the two victims were apart of group who stopped to pick up snacks before a light night trip to Manhattan Beach.

Police were investigating the shooting. They have not released a suspect description and say the motive was unclear.


Comments (31)
  1. adolfo says:

    What beach were they going to? There are no beaches in Inglewatts I mean Inglewood. Anyway if the report is correct, what are they doing going to the beach at 12:30am in the morning?

    1. jali100se says:

      whats so hard to understand about that?.. midnight marks the date (birth date) and they were heading to the beach from inglewood…. see? simple!

  2. me says:

    At 12:28am, getting change for BEACH PARKING METERS? I hope that the investigators check up on that story… sounds a little fishy to me!

  3. MyTy says:

    This story doesn’t sound to truthful regarding the beach….I’m not saying people don’t sneak on the beach after closing but money for meters???????????????

    1. MyTy30 says:

      Unless the report made a mistake and it’s supposed to be p.m.

  4. jwilson says:

    This story does not add up. In the words of Judge Judy; if it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true.

  5. John Connor says:

    Racist comments do they ever go away and this isn’t even youtube.

    1. Guess says:

      You’re right. We are not all equal. You are an underachieving, angry idiot who is at the bottom of the intelligence pole. Might want to use some of that extra time you have on your hands to get up and go do something in life. My guess is you are unemployed and can’t hold down a job.

    2. Oreo eater says:

      Nope, racism isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon in America. I figure racist people and their mentality will eventually die off… and that may happen – but it’ll take awhile.

  6. Jazz says:

    Racism has affected your IQ and lowered it to match your shoe size.

    Inglewood is only 4 miles from Playa Del Rey and 6 miles from Redondo Beach.

    The beaches are closed but you can park on the street and there are meters at many of the beaches. I do know that Redondo Beach has metered parking 24/7.

    So idiots speak what you know and not what you don’t know.

  7. Jazz says:

    Maury talk like white people don’t kill. Oh I forgot they only kill their families.

  8. Jazz says:

    Was Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and Ted Bundy white?

    1. Rick says:

      In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina what race was involved in many of the rapes going on in the restrooms of the Superdome?
      Instead of supporting one another many were looking to get their wicks wet.
      Put that in your Sax and smoke it!

    2. porttabacco says:

      The problem is…the crime we are seeing today is like thousands of Mansons
      are on the loose.
      The white criminals you name were only 4 instances of white crime.
      Now every day is a Manson day! Minority style!

  9. colleen says:

    Does it matter if they were going to the beach, a club or home, it doesn’t justify the fact that they were robbed and someone was killed. Society is so insensitive to someone getting hurt or dying. The family is mourning and all you can say is the beach story is fishy and were the suspects Black. Would it matter if they were White, it was 3p.m. and they were just going to the store?

  10. Jason says:

    The thing that bothers me is that I thought James Kirk was a Captain?

    1. steve says:

      I love you so much.

  11. Look In The Mirror says:

    If it happened in Over The Bend, Nebraska and involved white people, would there be racists comments all over the board? It just goes to show you where Americans are STILL at today mentality-wise and why people can’t get ahead. People are hypocrites. Too occupied with something as trivial as race. Crimes are going to hit across all color lines. Some places worse than others depending on the location. Inglewood has a lot of blacks and latinos, so you can expect most crime to committed by those ethic groups. Huntington Beach…it’s white meth heads. At that’s what my friend from HB tells me. To the commenter called “MLK”, your ignorance is a shining example of what I am talking about.

    1. Look In The Mirror says:

      I meant “at least”.

  12. Mercedes says:

    Rest In Peace Sean I love you dearly. TeTe please hang in there your big sis loves. You two are the only ones who know the real story and thank God you were able to provide that for us. As the family sits in this here waiting room we are doing nothing but praying for you and Sean’s family.

  13. Bethellite says:

    Praying for Tiera and Family as well as Sean’s family.. No matter how steep the mountain- the Lord will be climbing with all of you.. Love from Sister Doris of the Bethel Church Family

  14. Daniel says:

    That liquor store is notorious for shootings and robberies. I’ve been in Inglewood for 25 years and I can count on my hand how many times I’ve went inside. I would never go there at night, they would of been safer going to the 76 on cren and imperial. Condolences to the family who lost theirs. Another senseless shooting.

  15. porttabacco says:

    I never thought I would live to see California turn into this horrible place it now is!
    It’s like the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorra all rolled into one!

    God help us!

  16. porttabacco says:

    I feel bad for the black families that are suffering over the death of their loved one!
    I watched their reaction on the news. So Sad.

  17. NICOLE says:


  18. martha says:

    sad, let us pray

  19. Hillbilly Foo says:

    That’s right, one dead one wounded, what do you expect? it’s ingleweird, not a big deal……..

  20. Carol Donofrio says:

    I don’t feel bad for the black families at all!!! I believe they should kill all prison inmates:: Black, white, green and in between without litigation to draw it out!!! Make homeless shelters for all projects and disabled shelters out of prisons!!!

  21. Jilly says:

    People are so stupid. Obviously since its none of your family members you just wanna critize this. Yeah they were going to the beach to get coins for the parking meters how the hell is that fishy.? the point is they got robbed and killed. the robbers obviously killed him cause he was a witness and saw his face and the ones whom he robbed couldnt see his face cause he told them not too. But no worries the killer will be found. Leave it in gods hands.

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