LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Drivers who have been ducking the police over expired registration tags can breathe a little easier this summer.

Officers throughout California have been told to turn a blind eye to expired license plates for the next couple of months as lawmakers decide whether to lower fees on the violation.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports the Department of Motor Vehicles has been instructed to hold off its usual 60-day notices.

If no new budget agreement is reached by next month, drivers can likely expect a reduction in the fee scale.

“If nothing has happened regarding the VLF (Vehicle License Fee), then the VLF will probably be lower than what it has been on July 1,” said DMV spokesman Armando Boteo.

All state police agencies have been notified that motorists with July or August expiration dates should be given a 30-day grace period.

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  1. adolfo says:

    This is not the right thing to do. A lot of these people who have expired tags also have suspended licenses or no insurance. If they do not want to cite the cars for expired tags fan but let the police be able to pull them over to make sure everything else checks out because a lot of times a simple pull over for expired tags leads to more and we need those drivers off the streets!

    1. Saber 1 says:

      The ILLEGAL ALIENS will benefit from this. They get or borrow a car and the tags have expired and that is money the State is losing money over.

  2. Bill Jablonski says:

    What of vehicle insurance ? Are we giving those who ought to have done it to began with the right to be,”free”? No pay for our State legislatures now because there,” performance” (lack) created both.

  3. Surfshark714 says:

    In these days of belt-tightening, it is sometimes hard to come up with the cash to pay the tags. I have two children and it is sometimes difficult to make sure they have enough. License and insurance are in good standing, but the few hundred dollars for the tags requires some saving and scrimping. We do ok, but sometimes it is difficult. This does NOT mean we are driving without a license or insurance, we do. In these economic times, sometimes you have to weight what to pay when and that is something that sometimes slips. I know there are those that don’t drive with the LIC/INS, but the police can access this information without having to pull you over. The registration tags/stickers have bar codes that a device on police cars can “read” letting the officer know the plates are expired. There are ways without pulling someone over to tell that their license and/or insurance is current or not by checking your license plate number in their patrol car computers.

    1. Joseph says:

      Get real. If your tags have expired, your insurance is not in force!! Obviously you haven’t read your policy requirements!! Also you Drivers License is invalid, by law!!!
      Where have you been for the past few years? Living on another planet? Read the papers. You can read English,right?

      1. MIKE says:

        Hey Joseph why don’t you STFU

      2. Surfshark714 says:

        @Joseph- This is not true regarding tags. My insurance is still in force, I spoke with them about this because of the tags specifically. My driver’s license is good, I check all this because I don’t like to break the law. In saying this, I am not talking being late many months or years past, I am talking about sometimes 1-2 months late…I have been pulled over for this and I got a “fix-it” ticket. No problem with the officer, he was very nice and gave me plenty of time to get this resolved. I don’t pay so late, just a month or two every couple years….

        @Mike, lol. Thanks!

    2. adolfo says:

      Expired tags lead to other things. The Oklahoma bomber Tim Mcveigh got pulled over because of expired tags, he may have gotten away if he did not get pulled over, also many times drugs, guns, people with warrants are found during these routine stops. Better safe then sorry, pull em over!

      1. Surfshark714 says:

        Really? That does not always catch the crook. What about Jeffrey Dahmer? He got pulled over….Had bodies in trashbags in his backseat, the police sent him on his way…

      2. adolfo says:

        1 out of 2 is better the 0 out of 2. If you have nothing to hide you should not worry about getting pulled over. This will catch a lot of illegals as well. Time to impound cars and get some money back for the state and the hard working citizens who pay taxes!

      3. Surfshark714 says:

        You are absolutely right about not worrying about getting pulled over. I don’t worry, as I have nothing to hide. It doesn’t bother me when I get pulled over, it’s a bit annoying, but I have nothing to hide. It’s just a fix-it ticket and that does not make me a bad driver or scofflaw. I take care of it quick as I can. If your car is more than 6 months past, your car can be impounded(this is California, I don’t know what other state laws are..) I have NEVER gotten near this point. I can’t argue that some people getting pulled over should be or that it could prevent crime or something bad happening. Maybe the state can get more money from the corporations that dodge taxes and use tax shelters…these are some of the real crooks.

      4. Jose_TheIllegal says:

        HOnestly, you sound like a gay with your stupid comments..
        Also, Your name sounds Latino, brother…..still, suena como que eres un maricon vestido de rosa……LOL!!!
        Get a life, get a job, You can easily survive workiing on Sunset Blvd.

    3. aconcernedcitizen says:

      Yes there are ways to see if the registration is expired, the plate can be ran over the computer or by the dispatcher. There is no way to know if someones driver license is expired/suspended unless you pull that person over

      1. Surfshark714 says:

        Police cars in my area (OC) have a scanner on the front of their cars with sensors which alert the officer through their computer the tags are expired….

  4. Regg says:

    No tags means no insurance! In most cases, these are people who shouldn’t be driving i.e suspended license, DUI, no insurance, criminals….. Not a smart move by the DMV… but what else is new?!!

    1. Ryan says:

      No Joseph.You don’t need registration to get insurance,you just need a valid driver’s license in CA.It’s possible to have both valid and current driver’s license with insurance.
      So Shut Up.And be gone.

  5. 1900innoho says:

    What the hell is wrong with this state? If you don’t renew your license fees, then you should get a ticket, pay a hefty fine or get the hell off the road! Why do we, the ones who pay our bills, have to accomodate stupid people?

    Impound their car until they pay. There should be a punishment for breaking the law, not accomodation !!!! This is why this state is so messed up.

  6. Linda says:

    That’s not what this article is saying. The DMV will NOT let you renew if you have tags that expire in July or August until they figure out what the price will be. I know because I tried to renew in June at AAA when I didn’t receive a notice to renew.

  7. Michele says:

    I got a ticket for expired tags becasue my check engine light was on and wouldn’t pass smog. My fees were paid on time, my insurance and my DL were valid but the ticket still cost me $203. Sometimes people drive with expired tags because of smog issues. The problem now is that all cars will fail smog if their “check engine” light is on, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the emissions. It cost me over $2000 to fix my transmission, then the light went off. Too bad the transmission has nothing to do with emissions.

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