LOS ANGELES (CBS) — At least five Southland cities facing tight budgets could be making a New Year’s resolution in 2012 to opt out of the Rose Parade.

The city of Glendale, which is facing an $18 million gap, has already decided to scale back efforts to contribute a float to the parade, which costs taxpayers an estimated $130,000 in entry and construction costs.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports some locals are cheering the decision.

“We got to save money where we can, and if it’s going to save some jobs and keep people working, then I think that’s where the money ought to be,” said resident Greg Gio.

“I think we should cut back on anything that’s unnecessary and not critical to the function of the city,” said another man.

Glendale is the latest city to rethink its involvement in the annual parade: the cities of Alhambra and Torrance are also considering dumping the flowers and the floats over cash shortages.

Burbank has already cut its funding by 10 percent, while West Covina has already announced they won’t enter a float.

West Covina assistant city manager Chris Freeland told KNX 1070 that since 2004, the city shifted responsibility for the mounting costs of participating in the parade to a nonprofit organization.

“If it wasn’t for the good graces of our past donors, we probably would’ve been out of the parade a few years ago,” said Freeland.

Freeland added that the responsibility for raising funds should be fall squarely on the community and private donors.

Comments (11)
  1. The Big Logic says:

    Stop giving the illegals support. Next problem solving question…………..

    1. Saber 1 says:

      About time, now take it off the air completely. When your hung over, who wants to watch a bunch of pole smokers dancing in the streets?

      1. Cathleen says:

        Woot, I will certilnay put this to good use!

  2. Rodger says:

    Good News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rose Parade has becomes too expensive & commercialize.
    I hope more cities will do the same thing.
    it cost $5.00 & $10.00 to see & view the floats display. Pasadena makes more $$$$$ and the participating cities get nothing in return.

    1. CAB says:

      The floats are parked on nearly two miles of Pasadena city streets. Who is paying for the police support, fire and paramedic support, logistics costs, and how about portable toilets. This is coming out of Pasadena’s budget. Paying a fee to see the floats is not unreasonable.

  3. SharlynnB says:

    Are you referring to illegals world-wide or across the US – Mexican border? There are students whose visas have expired, teachers, researchers, blue collar workers, husbands, wives and children etc. who are in the US illegally. This is a huge problem for the US that other countries have dealt with successfully for years. This issue seems to rise to the surface during election years or during tough economic times. Interesting don’t you think?

  4. Alegroman says:

    I ‘ve never been a great fan of the Rose Parade. Even when the econony was good, I ‘ve always question the purpose of the parade other than it’s a Southern California tradiition that’s been going on close to a century. Those floats don’t come cheap. Each averages about 200-300K dollars. Money that can be put to better use in this tough economic recession. Finally, someone came to their senses. Tradition is good, only if those floats don’t have to cost so much.

    1. ES says:

      I agree. Way over rated.

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