(Royce Young-CBSSports.com) —   As Ken Berger reported, the Wolves aren’t opposed to moving the No. 2 pick, but are looking for a deal that “blows them away,” as a source told Berger.

Looks like the Wolves are trying to blow themselves away.

After reported deals involving JaVale McGee and Roy Hibbert came up cold for Minnesota, the Wolves turned to the Lakers to try and nab a top flight big man to play alongside Kevin Love.

T-Wolves: Won’t Trade Kevin Love

Gasol: I Want To Stay With Lakers

According to SI.com, the Wolves offered a deal including the No. 2 pick for Andrew Bynum. That one will knock your socks off all right.

The Lakers have denied interest in moving either Bynum or Pau Gasol, with Lakers VP Jim Buss hinting Bynum is untouchable, but there has to be at least some level of temptation here for general manager Mitch Kupchak. Bynum is still just 23 years old (can you believe that?) and at 7-1, is one of the most imposing players in the league. He controls the paint, scores on the block and can own the glass. His issues have just been focus and health, but like I said, with him still being young, there’s a lot of time for him yet.

Which is why Minnesota would try and go after him. But it’s also why the Lakers likely aren’t interested in dealing him. A prospect like Derrick Williams is intriguing because the next franchise scorer will have to find his way to L.A. at some point because Kobe’s days won’t last forever. However, dealing away a championship caliber center with an eye to the future doesn’t sound like the Laker way. They prefer to stay in the now and try and win titles presently and worry about the future when the future arrives.

The Lakers won’t have a problem finding a franchise face down the line whether it be in the draft or free agency. There’s a lot of talk about them needing to get younger but two things about that:

1) The Mavericks proved that idea is really a bunch of junk. Youth can be overrated. Sometimes, the old guys will do just fine.

2) Again, it’s not like Bynum is old. He’s just two years older than Williams. We’re not talking about some 33-year-old washed up big man with bad feet. Bynum has had his health concerns but when he’s right, he’s as dominant as any player in the league. Remember, the Lakers have won two titles with him in the middle.

Not a bad effort by David Kahn though reaching out for Bynum. Clearly the Wolves are trying to make something happen with No. 2. It’s going to take the right team and the right situation to get someone to bite, but a shot at Bynum was worth it. Love, Bynum, Ricky Rubio, Michael Beasley, Wesley Johnson — not a bad core at all.

Too bad it’s not going to happen.

Comments (4)
  1. T James Brown says:

    That is a ridiculous idea! Maybe if it was Bynum for Love, a first round pick, and Dwight Howard, but I don’t think the TWolves can trade the Orlando center… lol

  2. ronald says:

    lol What Minnesota, are you serious? Your entire team is not worth a 2 time champ like Bynum. Definitely not an unproven draft pick. lol Take Artest.

  3. Nick says:

    The Lakers ought to unload the big lummox. On the day of his funeral he’lll still be listed as “questionable–knee is day to day..” Now if Minnesota could ship Kurt Rambis back here, and the Lakers could buy out Mike Brown, then maybe they’d get somewhere…

  4. seacrest says:

    Lakers should get rid of Bynum. This guys is just too injury prone with his knees and his potential will never be fulfilled anymore.

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