LOS ANGELES (CBS) — There’s been no decision on whether to pull the plug on red-light cameras in the city of Los Angeles.

The City Council voted Tuesday 7-5 to let the contract with the company that operates the 32 cameras within the city to expire on July 31. But the council lacked the majority eight votes to drop the program so the issue is expected to go before the City Council Wednesday.

“Give us a little time to look at technology. The system needs to be corrected, there’s no question,” Councilman Tom Labonge said.

The Police Commission already decided to let the contract expire at the end of July but not all council members agreed.

Council members Tony Cardenas and Bernard Parks cosponsored a motion to extend the program for a year so more studies could be done.

“Fatal collisions tend to take innocent lives,” Cardenas said.

Opponents say state law keeps the city from effectively collecting fines from violators and that there was no evidence that the cameras improved safety.

The controversy over red light cameras began in 2009 when CBS2 investigative reporter David Goldstein found there was no evidence that the cameras reduced crashes, deaths or injuries.

In fact, those numbers were found to increase at some intersections. City Controller Wendy Greuel also says the city was losing more than $1 million a year for the cameras.

If caught running a red light on camera, drivers currently face a $446 citation.

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  1. Bionic Latina says:

    If they can figure out a way to stay in our pockets these cameras are not going anywhere.

  2. Pratt Robert says:

    Financial merits I know well weight more than the person try to guess weather to go are stop see all day long fender bender after fenderbender, no police report made ,,,,check with your insuresance co ….hahaha cramra’s are a rip off, they can t tell whats happening there an nither can the person who looks at them after the fact.

  3. alan hart says:

    Why do we let the city council determine things like red light cameras? If they thought it would be a good idea, they could put it on a ballot and vote on it. We are adults and can decide what is best for our society. Perhaps a part time city council is in order.

  4. duh says:

    This is nothing but a ploy to put heat on the camera company. Mark my words, once the camera company folds and gives in to whatever ‘silent’ and unpublished demands are being made to them, the cameras will resume.

    1. cdm says:

      maybe, but other city have taken down their red light cameras, the momentum is in our favor.

  5. LA Native says:

    Thank God they voted down these cameras and good ridence. They dont prevent accidents, they just record them.

  6. Corruption says:

    Benard Parks and Tony Cardenas favor corporate corruption. Tony Cardenas recieved campaign funds from the red light camera corp. I guess Benard Parks was hoping for a piece of the action along with the mayor.

  7. Tony says:

    do your search, a superior court judge in Santa Ana made a landmarck ruling, that they are irrecivable in a court of law. The officer must be present at the time of the infraction, and therefore they constitute “hearsay” statute… If you get caught, go to court and claim this landmark law, they must void it

  8. B Allison says:

    They are like the politicians who voted for them, corrupt! VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  9. George Shaw says:

    I just heard the tail end of a KNX interview with Cardenas, wondered if he received campaign money from the camera companies, and sure enough your website confirms this. Let’s fine this unethical man, or put him behind bars. The city is gouging the taxpayers in so many ways its no wonder people and businesses are leaving in droves. Many opinions about future city council, and perhaps mayoral races will be formed depending on how these votes go. Call your councilmembers and see how they plan to vote. Thank you Dennis Zine, and whoever else was opposed to these cameras. Thank you Wendy Gruel.

  10. Define says:

    OMG! But why should we be surprised that the city would devise any tool to rip us off?! Can we get a refund if we fell victim??!! 99% of the time no one blatanly runs a red lite, it is usually yellow and turns red before you clear the turn (hand raised). $500 later, it still makes me cringe!!!

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