FULLERTON (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect in an apparent road-rage incident that occurred on June 5, in Fullerton.

The victim, identified as 56-year-old Larry Markin of Fullerton, remains in critical condition at UC Irvine Medical Center as a result of the June 5 attack.

Fullerton police Sgt. Andrew Goodrich says Markin and his attacker apparently had some sort of traffic incident that led to a conflict near a Chevron gas station at Orangethorpe Avenue and Euclid Street about 2:10 a.m., according to authorities.

Witnesses told investigators the suspect “carried himself with a military-type demeanor,” so police think he is either a former serviceman or law enforcement officer, Goodrich said.

The suspect is described as a white male with short, light-colored hair. He is about 5’10 and has a muscular build, Goodrich said.

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  1. Spfc Harris says:

    We’re going to find you. You think it’s alright to attack elder men? Looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Hung Chow says:

    It was the mouth of the 56 year old that got him to get beat up. Whether your 15 or 90 years old…if you do not have the power to ignore idiots you might end up dead. Anytime I’m driving out of the city I live in (Burbank) my loaded 9mm is always in my car. I’m Asian (we are not that confrontational) but if I’m trying to get away from a crazy nut like this before he gets a chance to touch me I will blow his head off in self defense…my lawyer will take care of the “possession of a loaded gun in my car” charge later.

    1. Ihatestupidpeople says:

      wow, way to break the stereotype of all Asians being smart. Just so you know they have this person in custody, he admitted to the crime, but the police won’t release his information or charge him with a crime. Really there to protect and serve aren’t they?

  3. candles says:

    Since when is 56 an older man???

    Hung Chow would be in TROUBLE(big time) if law enforcement found a loaded 9mm in his car and would be facing major jail time. Some asians are very confrontational & arrogant especially when you try to get on a congested freeway, they keep moving up so you can’t get on.

  4. 1stman says:

    A violent white thug criminal?…not surprised.

  5. SHW NO MERCY says:

    Hung Chow, you’re more of a danger behind the wheel, than your 9. Protect the 2nd.

  6. LouisL says:

    I basically agree with Chow. Anybody with an ounce of street smarts can tell that chances are, the old guy likely antagonized his assailant before they got to the gas station. Though there are a few total psychos out there who might come after you and kill you just for inadvertently blocking or cutting them off, so maybe we shouldn’t be too quick to blame the victim until at least more facts are known. Either way, if I were to be in any kind of a confrontation with a motorist on the road, my instincts would’ve told me not to pull over unless I was sure he’s long gone and wasn’t following me. Why did Larry fail to recognize the danger he was in?

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