SEAL BEACH (CBS) — An Orange County man is flying using his own jet-pack device.

No, it’s not just a dream, Bob Wilson and his friends are flying around Huntington Harbor.

Wilson, a Seal Beach handyman, decided to build his own flying contraption when he realized another jet-pack device cost $100,000.

After many trials and errors, Wilson came up with his water-powered device, which is hooked up to a jet ski on the water below.

People have soared up to 30-feet high with the jet pack, but Wilson warns flyers not to go any higher than they are willing to fall.

To watch a video of Wilson’s jet pack in action, visit The Orange County Register.

Comments (6)
  1. jaybee says:

    I think there’s a problem with this concept.

  2. Rick says:

    I already have the ability to do that. I eat beans & onions before I swim.

  3. john kerry says:

    It’s a ripoff on the jetlev. It has a deicated power pack that is towed behind it. I think they said it was like 12k but that was in Euros five or six years ago.

  4. Christopher Scott says:

    Hey…last time I checked, this was a free $%#$@%^ country. If jetlev has a utility patent..that’s just great for them, however… a design patent can easily put Bob in every household for about $4k. Jetlev needs to put on their ‘big-boy’ pants and either buy guy Wilson out and shut up or take their ball and go HOME.

    ANY PATENT ATTORNEYS WANNA HELP BOB RESPOND to the cease and desist letter that JetLev sent to Wilson?

  5. Rick says:

    I’d like to know where to find those water swivels so I can build my own!

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