HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo has listed his Huntington Beach home for sale.

Moving trucks pulled up Friday and a Realtor put up signs advertising the property, but we did not see Rizzo at the residence.

He is facing trial on corruption charges in connection with the Bell salary scandal.

The 3,200-square foot home has four bedrooms, three baths and a three-car garage.

“Fully remodeled, travertine throughout, all granite and hard-rock surfaces, bathrooms redone and all new appliances, floor plans had a slight change, which is a big improvement — really opened it up,“ realtor Bill Cuppy said.

The house, located 11 blocks from the beach, is listed for $979,000.
Cuppy said it is not a forced or distressed sale.

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  1. Really says:

    I hope no one buys his sh#$.

  2. swhitS says:

    He needs to pay that money back to the city. It better sell!

  3. Alfonso romo says:

    My uncle was In the video, he was one of the movers!!!!!

    1. juan carpio says:

      alfonso romo is gay

  4. juan carpio says:


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