LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Should the City of Angels change its name to the City Of Little Devils?

A survey by Trojan (they make condoms, but you already knew this!) have done a study of the nation’s randiest cities.

And, survey says…Los Angeles likes to, uh, get busy … more than any other large city.

The survey said, on average, Americans have sex 120 times a year. But LA residents average 135 times!

While Los Angeles residents have their quantity down, apparently we aren’t as concerned on quality. (Blame the weather? Distractions like the Lakers or Dodgers? Good restaurants? Smog?)

LA only ranked 75 on “satisfaction.” Ouch!

According to the survey, if you want complete sexual satisfaction, move to Philadelphia. (Something in the cheesesteaks?!)

On the downside, while people in Philly might enjoy the act more, they do it less. They ranked 10th in frequency…”only” 99 times a year.


Comments (11)
  1. human says:

    oooooooooooooooooooh yeeeaaaaaaaaa guilty as charged

  2. Diana says:

    Ha! Yeah right! The men in L.A are afraid of sex! So I don’t believe this to be true!

    1. PipeLayingMaster says:

      Uhhh, what? That’s a strange and inaccurate statement. I’ll show you my python if you’d like to see it.

  3. Sage Advice says:

    Of course – a large portion have to keep the welfare checks-per-child arriving on time, and the other larger portion have to keep those anchor-babies coming!! Los Angeles! Where a government-sponsored mother can dream big!!!

  4. Reason says:

    Ha! I was thinking exactly the same thing, Sage Advice…. Guess a few of us know what’s really going on in LA.

  5. Joey Erection says:

    Thanks to me..

  6. Cindy says:

    I knew I moved here for a reason 😉 ;%

  7. taxpayer says:

    you can count the mexicans at the county building, are try going into a laundry mat.are try find a seat on the bus, are look around when there is a freebie giveway for kids. THERE IS A REASON FOR UNPROTECTED SEX. THE LATINOS KNOW THIS.

  8. Rob says:

    Los Angeles has also been named the third dirtiest city in the country. Please, give me a break! People are doing it everywhere!

  9. J Michael Lemongello says:

    I was standing on the Metro-Gold Line train platform and witnessed a young couple exhibiting a very connected Public Demonstration of Affection. The problem here is that it was neither casual or cute, it was a gross display of sexual behavior as his hand was imbedded under her pants into the back of her low lying ‘hot-pants”. I tolerated this until I realized that she was underage and it hit me that I was a witness to molestation. With iPhone in hand and the mindset of a Father I put an end to. Let’s stop thinking this is normal, and article like this do a disservice especially since this article showed two people in a park laying on top of each other. Come on,what if that was your daughter? Do they have no self respect? Does he have any respect for her? He’ll have time in jail to think about it. Beware, I always carry my iPhone with me. I’ve never done this before but from now on to all those who think they can abuse little girls and think it’s cute, beware.

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