LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Democrat Janice Hahn is running for Congress, but Wednesday she was running to the Federal Elections Commission to file a formal complaint about an online attack ad she believes may have come with the tacit endorsement of her Republican rival Craig Huey.

A pro-Huey online ad, sponsored by a group called Turn Right USA, has Hahn hopping mad. The ad also has many Democrats, and even many Republicans, calling it a new low in California politics.

Hahn has called for an investigation to see if Huey’s campaign is at all linked with Turn Right. Huey insists he had no say or control of the ad. In a statement today, Huey said, “They know this ad is not from me.”

The ad has been blistered by Democrats and Republicans alike. Agreement from both sides of the aisle? Depending on who you talk to, the ad is “offensive,” “inappropriate,” “completely offensive,” “outrageously racist,” “vile,” “disgusting,” “quite sexist” and “disturbing.” A spokesperson for Huey said the candidate himself found it worthy of revulsion.

It depicts Hahn as a stripper dancing suggestively among a group of black gangsta rappers. It’s called “Give us your cash, B—h!” and one blogger called it “about as jaw-dropping as it gets in politics.”

It shows Hahn booty-shaking, simulates several sex acts and ends on the note that “Congress has enough gangsters!” and Hahn is “bad for LA and bad for America…let’s keep her out of Congress, homies.”

And while the provocative ad also ends with “Definitely NOT authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee,” Hahn isn’t so sure.

The 1:30 minute ad appears on Youtube with a disclaimer saying one has to be 18 or older to see it.

Comments (10)
  1. George says:

    Of course. That’s what liberals say about anything they disagree with, it’s “racist and sexist”.

  2. Nick says:

    Well George, if it’s racist and sexist, people call it what it is.

    I’m always amazed at the kind of garbage the family-value crowd comes up with.

    1. Greg Kells says:

      Not all conservatives base their platform on family values. Personally I find the video hilarious and shockingly accurate.

  3. onclewillie says:

    Deceptive headline by this liberal tool. CBS said an ad by her opponent but admits that there is NOTHING that links it to the Republican candidate. The group that created the ad even states it’s mission is to keep democrats and republicans out of office if they feel they are corrupt.

    What was racist? I have heard rap lyrics on the radio that were far worse. Sexist? Why? The ad is anti-Janice Hahn but that does not make it sexist. I certainly have not seen CBS decry far worse attacks on Gov. Palin as being sexist. If anything, this is the kind of thing career politician Hahn would do to preempt someone else from using the truth about her using hard core criminals.

    1. Jrod says:

      Far worse on Palin?????? Even if that were true, does it make this right? Ok, ok…. soooooo let’s replace it with YOUR grandma, or YOUR mom, wife or, heaven forbids, YOUR daughter (or you)…run it to YOUR friends and family and then get back with us, you freakin keyboard tiger.

  4. Todd says:

    If they wanted to make the ad truly accurate, they should have shown Hahn pandering to her true loves – a group of illegal Mexicans.

  5. Lisalisa says:

    It’s hilarious! Now you have to ask yourself — do you want Hahn to be your congress person? Has anyone been to Wilmington, San Pedro lately?

  6. dee says:

    have you seen the reports on chennel 11 that were made a couple of years ago.
    we have questioned the people she choses to work with and pay, look at who she
    has on her WATTS GANG TASK FORCE’, WLCACand SWEET ALICE, these are

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