My Father influenced me in so many positive ways, but the three ways I think of most are his Family Values, Hard-Work Ethic, and Fun Attitude.

My Dad starting working at General Motors in Michigan at the young age of 20. He worked there for 32 more years, going 5 years without even taking a sick day! They even gave him an award for that. He worked his way up through the company. Not only did he work long hours, he also put himself through night school and eventually earned a Masters Degree. He did all this while raising a family of four. Many days he would come home from a long day of work, and go straight outside to mow the lawn, eat dinner with the family, then work on his college class work. He eventually got a double retirement.

Special Section:’s Father’s Day Guide

As hard as my Father worked, he was always there for us. Family is the most important thing to him. He always made sure we all ate dinner together, EVERY night. Helped us with our homework, school projects, coached T-Ball, helped us build snowman. You name it, he did it!

My Dad never drank. You wouldn’t find him at the bar after work with his friends. He always came right home. My sister and I loved it when he would surprise my mom with flowers. Every once in a while my Dad would go play golf, but that was about it. It was all about spending time with the family when he wasn’t working. Even on the weekends we would spend a day with relatives.
As hard as my Dad worked, he still knew how to have fun. He has the best sense of humor and, still to this day, is always making us laugh. When my Dad is around, I always know we will have fun and laugh!

Some of my favorite childhood memories are our family vacations. My Dad would practically turn into a prune because my sister and I didn’t want to get out of the ocean or pool. We would make him throw us in the water over and over again.

My other favorite memory are those late summer nights in Michigan. Dad would be “tinkering” around the garage, fixing the lawn mower, and listening to the Detroit Tiger’s baseball game on the radio. We always had great talks then.

My Dad was extremely allergic to cats. And he knew I wanted a cat so badly. So when I was in middle school, he finally let me get one. And he sneezed and his eyes watered and still he cleaned Peanut’s litter box for the next 16 years. Sorry Dad.

I truly feel I have the greatest Father on Earth. Not only was he all of these things above, but he is also so full of love and kindness. I’ve never, to this day, met someone who didn’t love my dad. He just has that effect on people.

Happy Father’s Day Papa! I love you!

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  1. alg says:

    what great luck to have a father like that JJ.. I wasn’t as fortunate. I was born in Chicago. When I was 3, my mom divorced my dad for mental cruelty. So I never really knew him. I didn’t have a father (step) until I was 13 when my mom remarried.
    Then I was lucky to have a father that was good to my mom until he was killed in an auto accident on a very rainy night. What I remember is that he was a good man, who supported the family, and was always there when I needed him.
    At least I was 35 when he died. It destroyed my mom. She was never the same after that. I had to take her into my home then and care for her. My mom was upbeat after that, and I did the best to make her life a better one, although I knew I could never replace my step dad. A great man who died needlessly when there was a panic during a bomb threat in Oklahoma.
    God shines his light on some of us. You are one of those JJ. Good luck in the future.

  2. mac says:

    Jackie’s dad is a wonderful guy – i know this because he is my brother. Nice job on the article Jackie – we all miss you in Michigan. xoxo ama

    1. Jackie Johnson says:

      Thanks Aunt Mary Ann! And you are a wonderful Aunt 🙂 Love you!

  3. cherie says:

    You have a wonderful Dad and thanks for sharing. I think sometimes we dont thank our parents enough for all the sacrifices they make for us. You’re blessed!

  4. ES says:

    Stories like these is what motivates me to be a better man. Congrats on having such a wonder father and role model.

  5. Michael A Medina says:

    Ms. Jackie Johnson, your father sounds like a great Man! My best memory of my Father, was when my I was moved from one 2nd grade teacher to another. I was pretty unruly with her. My parents and I had to see the Principal. I knew I was in trouble, “i was going to get it when I got home” i thought. Only he fooled me. He said he “wanted more for me and did not want me to become a truck driver like him” It was like a sword in my heart. I became a better person after that. It is wonderful how a Father can surpise us everyday by just being themselves. Ta Ta For Now as Tigger says.

  6. Heladio E Hernandez Jr. says:

    Hi Jackie (and friends) ! It’s so great to finally make contact w/you and your team. I loved the piece about your Dad and the fond memories you shared w/all of us. Hope you understand about the time it’s taken Your very intuitive…Never knew what to say but the comments about dear old Dad were very encouraging. I hope to be communicating w/you & your team in the near future (conditions permitting). Boy, hope to God this is the right thing to do. Have been wanting to do this for some time. So…ta ta 4 now. P.S. Luv your colors. Say Hi 2 all…C-ya

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