LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Department of Water and Power wants to hike Los Angeles utility rates 5 percent, an average $19 over the next three years.

DWP General Manager Ron Nichols told utility commissioners on Tuesday that the 5 percent annual hike in both water and power rates is needed to comply with new environmental requirements and to protect its credit rating.

The Los Angeles Times says it’s possible the rate hikes would take effect in November.

Community meetings in coming weeks will give customers a chance to comment on the proposed increases. The DWP will then present a rate proposal to utility commissioners and the City Council for consideration.

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  1. EvilThawt says:

    NOT ONE PENNY MORE FOR THESE MONEY WASTERS! They need to learn enough is enough and use what they have more wisely! Remember how they black mailed the council a while ago?? Never again!! They can’t be trusted!!! Attend the mettings and tell them NO!!!

  2. Tina Nupuf says:

    Having attended the Woodland Hills meeting on June 16, I found that DWP would not discuss parts of their rate hike proposal. When a majority of folks asked about the very large increase in PENSIONS over the 3 yr period, the question was repeatedly defered.

    Data shown on their charts and powerpoint presentation did not note that the increases, KWh and HFC examples were for a one month portion of the bill and NOT for the full 2 month billing cycle. This caused a great deal of confusion – (i.e. 500 KWh for average household) – was not clarified.

    The powerpoint presentation did not match the pamphlet handed out – it actually showed an increase in costs. Also, people were not informed that each proposal was separate – they did not show what totals would be if all proposals were accepted. Again – very misleading.

  3. Mike says:

    I am tired of Angeleno’s complaining. MOVE TO EDISON COUNTRY!!!! I live in S. Clarita, and our rates are much higher than DWP’s!!! You people want green energy, reliable equipment, etc.. yet you don’t want to pay for it! You can’t have your cake & eat it too!! You already have one of the lowest rates in the state… Look up San Diego Gas & Electric, Edison, PG&E & compare. You people live in a fantasy world!!!!

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