ANAHEIM (CBS) — Grief counselors were on the campus of an Orange County junior high school Tuesday following the death of a 12-year-old student.

Police say Juan Martinez, a 12-year-old student at Sycamore Junior High School, was stabbed to death during a fight off-campus Monday.

The suspect, identified by authorities as 18-year-old Bryan Ocampo of Anaheim, has been taken into custody.

“We believe that this dispute arose between a rivalry between two graffiti crews,” Sgt. Rick Martinez said.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports that relatives say Martinez’s dream was to become an artist.

“I hope that justice is served and he gets what he deserves,” Lydia Dominguez, the victim’s sister, said of the suspect.

The victim’s friends all carried reminders of Martinez while at school on Tuesday. They held signs, some bore stickers and wrist bands that read, ‘RIP R2’, a nickname Martinez used which stands for the “Star Wars” robot “R2D2”.

Jonathan Garcia, 17, remembered the suspect from junior high.

“That’s one of those things, a 12-year-old beating up an 18-year-old, he couldn’t take it, so what he did, he got frustrated,” he said.

On Tuesday night, a meeting was held by police for parents to brief them on the latest and ask them to pay close attention to their children’s activities.

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  1. Mary says:

    Over tagging? Tagging? Sigh. A young boy is dead over writing on a wall, and a young man will get life because he didn’t get to scribble first

    1. DAX says:

      TRAVIS you are an ignorant moron, there is plenty wrong with Tagging what right do they have to deface someones property?? None, It’s vandalisim. if I catch any taggers I’ll “Express my feelings and show what I can do”

  2. Zach says:

    Taggers are gangsters, they
    Deserve each other

    1. v says:

      taggers are not gangster . get your facts straight.

      1. Melissa says:

        Taggers are soooo not gangsters.

      2. Travis says:

        Taggers tag for a reason. To express feelings and show what they can do. Nothing wrong with tagging if your doing it with emotion and feelings. # Life

  3. Nozel One (Retired Tagger) says:

    I just said to myself “tagging at age 12”? Wow. But then I realized I myself began tagging in the 6th grade. Which was in 1988. I knew a couple of fellow young kids who also lost their lives over this. I now have a 12 year old boy and in know way can I imagine him tagging on anything; bus, light poles, signs, etc. May this youngster rest in peace and hopefully there’s no retaliation. It’s not worth it.

    1. correction says:

      °no way can I imagine (maybe I should proof read before I post). : /

  4. Jen says:

    this is so sad…I also went to sycamore about 5 years ago and i cant imagine a young student dying…My God give his family and friends straigth to deal with this. God bless!

  5. human says:

    most of the ‘welfare people” are of the white race with very low income (mostly in the south) so what the hell are you talking about summer forbes? please leave your racist and ignorant views out of this and show some respect. idiot.

    1. B. S. says:

      Prove it. I don’t see mostly white people in welfare lines. You pulled that stat out of your a$$.

      1. Mimi says:

        You most be in that line with blinders on to know so much .. And that is a true fact. There are more white people on welfare statistically. Welfare was initially created for white people only and whites comprise the majority of the overall population so logic dictates that they make up the larger part of welfare recipient. I know because Ive worked for the welfare dept for several years . Among the poorest of the poor–single mothers, living below the poverty line with minor children to support 39.7 percent of AFDC clients are Black single mothers and 38.1 percent are White women with children. Food stamp recipients are 37.2 percent Black and 46.2 percent White. Medicaid benefits are paid to 27.5 percent Black recipients compared to 48.5 percent White clients. whites have the highest percentage of recipients on the welfare rolls. I feel sad that any have to collect welfare. It also makes me sad that so many of us take pleasure at pointing to other ethnic groups as abusers of the system when we know that it happens across the board. Let’s just hope and pray we are never in the situation to have to collect welfare ourselves. So instead of picking up the bag of bugles and remote. Next time read something. So you can educate yourself. None of this information matters anyways,everyone is struggling in this current state of affairs.. No race is better than the other.

      2. AL says:

        B.S. r u serious

  6. Joe says:

    Parents are ultimately responsible for how they bring up their kids. This is what happens when you let the streets raise them instead of actually spending time with your kids and being involved in their life so you know what is going on. I am sick and tired of people who cannot financially and emotionally take care of kids having them. It is much more than being able to afford them but to actually spend time with them and mentor them so they do not put themselves in this position. They need to see role models and examples which obviously was missing here cause no way my son is tagging but instead involved in sports or some hobby that is productive. I am latino and have only 2 kids because that is all I can afford at this time and am calling out these dumb latinas that have kids with losers who are gone or in prison when their kids are growing up and rely on the streets to raise em. I say if you have a kid and have to apply for social services that your tubes get tied and the father get forced to get a vasectomy for being irresponsible. I know this is not a politically correct view but that is how I feel and I am sure there are others who agree with me.

    1. Marco says:

      Not many would agree with you Joe. Your solution violates civil rights, is unrealistic and judgemental. Many things and factors can lead a child down the wrong path. Don’t be so quick to judge until you have actually seen your own children grow up and become responsible adults.

      My condolences to both families. No one wins here.

      1. stump says:

        I live in Henderson NC and know of a high school student that was taken from a class room by his grandmother and a police officer to have a court ordered vasectomy. He was in high school and had fathered six children. No job. No money. Just a breader. If you make babies that doesnt make you a father.

    2. ALF says:

      Truly concur, make the family work for their daily state assistance. Not just get it on a renewable credit card. Have all on state assistance maybe report to the city stadium to have work assignments given. Of course work out a deal with childcare for those who need it. If you don’t show up or don’t show up with a doctors note then you don’t get paid.

  7. Royborg says:

    To bad 90 percent of the population in welfare is white/black sigh stereotypical people.

  8. Rick says:

    Easy mathmatics! You live by the Spray Can, you may eventually die by the gun!

  9. "republican empire falls" says:

    one would think that rap music was made by nazis. to kill off blacks & latinos.?

  10. A Frriiendd Of Hiiss says:

    I Knewww R2 Hee Wass A Goodd Friienndd Diidntt Deservvee Thiiss ! :,( Were All Hurrtiinqq Here Att Sycamorre But He In A Betterr Place Noww Never Gonee Till Forgottenn ! :,,,,/

    ” Skyys Thhee Liimiit ”
    – Juan Martinez [ Rtwoo Dtwoo <3 ]

    Restt Inn Paradiisee Lil Rtwoo :,,,,/

    1. Invalidcharactr says:

      What is wrong with your keyboard?

  11. gil says:

    taggers are criminals and it leads to bigger crimes down the road

  12. Gooch Jones says:

    taggers are gangta wannabes. they are not artists. they are ghetto punks.

  13. uknown says:

    this remind me othe writer TIE from san francisco who just turned 18 and was murdered just for painting on a rooftop, its sad people die over graffiti rest in peace little guy

  14. DAX says:

    There is plenty wrong with tagging you Morons, most of it is garbage some of it is Art but thats not the point, they have no right to deface other peoples property what part of Vandalisim is not understood here???

  15. Tag THIS says:

    C’mon ZacDax…

    Take a Zanaz and chill. Young & stupid, with no tight Mother/Father bond, can pretty much sum up why these kids turn to expressing their disfunctional frustrations in such a manner.

    Like with any young person, to see the wrongs of their ways they need help & psychological therapy NOT hate & physical threats.

    On the other hand, maybe if the Schools showed these young fools gory pictures, of kids killed tagging, it might just make them thiink twice before packing a marker or etcher in their hip pocket..

  16. JB says:

    Win, win for society. 2 less idiots. 1 dead, 1 in prison.

  17. EZM says:

    Excuse me whats that supposed to mean??

  18. Rick says:

    Taggers should be shot on sight,.

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