LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The case of a Los Angeles Unified school police officer accused of faking his own shooting has again been pushed back as attorneys may be nearing terms for a possible plea bargain.

Talks between the attorney for Jeffrey Stenroos and the District Attorney’s office have signaled a guilty plea to one of several felony charges ranging from filing a false police report to workers compensation fraud.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports any deal would likely call for the D.A. to throw out any reimbursement charges after the city spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in its police response last January.

Judge Richard Kirschner decided on Tuesday to continue the case until July 27th – ostensibly for discovery purposes – but the time may also be used to actually finalize terms of a plea bargain.

Stenroos is accused of falsely telling fellow officers that he had been shot once in the chest while patrolling the perimeter of El Camino Real high school in Woodland Hills on Jan. 19 .

A passerby found Stenroos and used his police radio to call for help.

If convicted, Stenroos could face up to five years in prison.

Comments (6)
  1. duh says:

    Wow, this guy looks just like the dude who shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords… same crazy look in his eyes.

  2. Stoker says:

    Wow he’s very attractive, maybe he can get a spot on dancing with the stars. No reimbursement means not guilty, DA is trying to save face huh

  3. Core says:

    The case is turning its true side, was this guy actually shot on duty? It’s becoming very interesting

  4. Ryan Giggs Rules says:

    Ha if no reimbursement could mean the city lied about how much the hundreds of thousand dollars they spent. I bet the DA has nothing but a theory… RYAN GIGGS LIVES ON IN ENGLAND

  5. Sipper89 says:

    He used to come into our restaurant once a week in uniform with fellow officers, and was always the most out-going and professional person. A shame our family docent see him anymore

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