LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Federal officials on Tuesday were investigating the alleged beating of an inmate by two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations said the agency is reviewing an incident in which deputies are alleged to have knocked an inmate unconscious, Tasered and beat him for up to two minutes.

American Civil Liberties Union monitor Esther Lim said she witnessed the incident while meeting with another inmate at the Twin Towers jail facility.

KNX 1070’s Vytas Safronikas reports an official insists Sheriff Lee Baca and the rest of the department welcomes the scrutiny.

“It’s been looked at from top to bottom,” said spokesman Steve Whitmore. “The sheriff’s department has always said they have no issues with anybody looking at anything we do.”

The FBI will turn its findings over to the civil rights division of the U.S. Justice Department once the investigation is completed.

Comments (23)
  1. Everyday Guy says:

    And what did the inmate do to his victim?

    1. Chris Blair says:

      You do know that there are such things as victimless crimes right?

  2. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t believe my mother if she joined the ACLU.

    1. the poolman says:

      Well Chris – it turns out she has been a member for years. So it will come as no surprise that there is a reason why you bear no resemblance to the man she taught you to call “”Dad””.

  3. David Huffman says:

    Check this out people; If you don’t want to get beaten tased and abused by the L.A. County Sheriffs,then when you do something to go to jail for: KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT,HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS,RIGHT SHOULDER ON THE WALL,EYES CAST DOWN,DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD WHEN YOU’RE TOLD,and above all else,DON’T PANIC !!!! The ACLU needs to start helping INS/ICE find and deport all the illegals in this country and stand up for REAL U.S. CITIZENS LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO,OR KEEP THEIR NOSES OUT OF OTHER’S BUSINESS AND CLOSE THEIR DOORS AND TAKE DOWN THEIR FARCE OF A SHINGLE !!!!!!

    1. Chris Blair says:

      Really David Huffman, if I refuse to “cast my eyes down” I deserve a beating?

      The ACLU is dedicated to everyone’s civil liberties not just americans.

  4. Wrecker says:

    Incidents like this make it very difficult for us to be appropriately tough on crime and prisoners. JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF, GUARDS!! You are ruining it for those os us who want to streamline the prisoner process!

    1. Edward says:

      Respectfully, wrecker, a lot of people are in jail for a lack of discipline, and are being disciplined. This isn’t the workplace; an inmate can’t be fired, so other means are necessary, to include tasing and a beat down.

  5. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I am sure it happened – but I am sure it did not happen just to happen. LAPD have no busniness over beating anyone. One taser shot right at the chest is enough. If they go beyond that – they are guilty of beating an inmate. Tasers are the best things ever created to control inmates they are meant to be a weapon of last resort against dangerous suspects who pose a serious threat to police officers or a risk of flight. They are also supposed to subdue suspects, not kill them. Police officers are not to use the tasers when a less drastic, and less potentially deadly, meausre would suffice. But even I agree, if one zap does not do the trick, zap it 3 times to lay them down on the floor for an hour. No human being; police offer or thug has the right to kick, hit, jump. sock, punch or shoot anyone unless it is in self-defense. I am sure the criminal is not innocent here and for some reason the police felt it necessary to attack him; however, they do not have the right to use physical force for such a small matter. That is my fair opinion.

    1. Farmer Pig Handler says:

      liike is said sheriffs will beat on you in the county jail for no reason especially the young ones 21-30 years of age they think they’r all big and bad .INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY RIGHT.

    2. Edward says:

      It’s different in prison, Mary, than in the public. I have very little pity for the inmates. (And it’s not LAPD; it’s the LAC Sheriff Dept)

      1. the poolman says:

        If it’s the LAC Sheriff Dept than it’s not the prison; it’s the LAC Jail.

  6. Farmer Pig Handler says:

    The Sheriffs there will beat on you just for looking at them.If theres any sheriffs looking at this comment you know what the efff i mean

  7. johnjohninla says:

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again.
    The police depts throughout America
    are out of control.

    1. Chris Blair says:

      It’s nice to see that other people get it.
      Amen brother.
      Stay safe FROM the police.

  8. awwwww says:

    If the aclu thinks it can do a better job, then lets see them take over the jails. They can hire passive people to run them and watch how fast the inmates take over.

  9. Al-CIAda says:

    The LACSD is the biggest gang in LA County.

  10. c-man says:

    Mary Elizabeth…you are a blind idiot. You and your theories and ideas. You must work in an office in a church.
    David Huffman…WELL said.

    1. Mary says:

      C-man – How mean 😦

  11. Samuel1941 says:

    The majority of the inmates in any jail system are not there because they are nice people. The Los Angeles County Jail is no exception and many of the inmates are in custody for violent felonies.

    Some of the inmates have had no discipline in their life and feel they have to play “macho” to show that they are going to be the “man” in jail.

    A lot of the jail is not individual cells, but open dorms that may house 100 inmates. Those dorms are guarded by 2-3 deputies. The ratio of 2-3 deputies to 100 inmates does not allow any room for an inmate(s) to act out. The deputies need to keep very tight control over the inmates and to be sure the inmates know who is in charge.

    If the deputies had to be “touchy/feely” and never use force on an inmate, you would have to have about 50 times more deputies guarding the inmates.

    1. Mary says:

      Good eye opener – thanks for the input – I guess I never saw it that way. Where I spent 5 years – it is nothing like the time men do
      Women have it easier, I guess.

  12. ex con says:

    last time i checked a person in jail has given up their rights and i should know i went to jail for a felony and can no longer vote or own a hand gun and such NORMAL CIVIL RIGHTS so in my opinion if the inmate messed up and did not do what he was told then the beat down was needed GOOD WORK LASO

    1. the poolman says:

      maybe it is time for you to check again ex-con.
      The Constitution and Bill of Rights have no provisions for reducing or constraining the civil rights following the expiratioin of a term of incarceration ordered by court.
      The restrictions placed on the right to vote have ben imposed by state laws.
      Some states have no such restrictions on voting by a person who has been through their penal system. This. nation existed for more than four score without the need to disenfranchise citizens who had done time.
      That clever innovation was first adopted after the Civil War in states of the former Confederacy. It allowed them to reduce the number of voters who had just been been granted their full civil rights – the newly freed slave population.
      So check again ex-con to make sure that the court which sentenced you has specifically and properly imposed a restriction on your right to vote.
      There are thousands who have been enslaved by their own minds – they stopped voting because of a false belief that they had lost the right. If you truly have been stripped of the right to vote ex-con, then consider moving to a state that respects the Constitutional voting right of all adults.
      And tell the Sheriff to stop ignoring his responsibilty to allow people in his custody exercise of their civil rights. He needs to implement workable mechanisms so that registered voters in his custody on election days are able to properly cast their ballot.

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