BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (CBS) — First lady Michelle Obama took time off from a fundraising trip to the Southland Monday to encourage Hollywood writers and producers to help in her initiative to raise awareness of military families by telling more stories about them.

She addressed members of the writers, producers, directors and actors unions at the Writers Guild Theater  in Beverly Hills.

“Be creative. Be funny. Be powerful,” Obama said. “Move us. Move America to think differently about these
families that serve America so graciously.”

Obama and Jill Biden — wife of Vice President Joe Biden — co-founded Joining Forces, an initiative aimed at encouraging support for military families and recruiting volunteers to help them.

KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens Reports

“I want the conversation to be different,” the first lady said. “I want the military families to feel the support on the ground. This isn’t about empty words or deeds. This isn’t about politics.”

Obama said she hopes Hollywood will show the sacrifices made by military families and how others can help in the “forever battle” to respect and thank military service members.

For more information on community and public outreach resources, visit Joining Forces.

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Comments (7)

    HOLLYWOOD has alway supported our men and women in uniform. They of the John Wayne movies, and the coverage of WWII. They also brought us such films as Saving Private Ryan as well. The First Lady spouting off on Hollywood when her remarks about it being the first time she respected or loved this country because they elected her husband.

    What unmitigated hubris and gall.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Since when does she or the community leader give a rats a$$ about our military. Come on 2012.


    Telling Hollywood what slant to put on their films is really funny coming from the Queen of the Media whose every move is so carefully praised by the left wing controlled media.

  3. Onclewillie says:

    The story should have read, “In a cynical grab for headlines, Michelle Obama tried to convince leftist Hollywood that is should stop being so open about their hate for America and the men and women that serve in their armed forces.” In an off-camera exchange with staff, she was overheard saying “don’t these idiots understand we could lose the moderate voter if they keep insulting the military?”

  4. Gidzmo says:

    It’s campaign season….or ‘camPAIN season’ depending on your point of view (yes, the misspelilng’s intentional).

  5. Randy Weller says:

    What she is really saying…We need more propaganda from Hollywood…We need to feed the Socialist Idea so far up the American’s… I’m going to be nice… Its funny how we watch TV and the big screen and what see and feel and what the goverment wants us to begin to believe is astonshing..

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