LOS ANGELES (CBS/KNX) — Taxpayers could save $39 million if LAX replaced its federal security screeners with a private force, according to a recent report by the House Transportation Committee.

KNX 1070’S Chris Sedens reports.

House Transportation Committee chairman John Mica says the plan would see the private screeners work under federal supervision. A decision is expected soon after Mayor Villaraigosa’s “Blue Ribbon” panel examining safety protocols at LAX releases its study later this month.

Private screeners are currently used at some U.S. airports, including San Francisco International.

The Transportation Safety Administration is against the plan and says private screeners would actually cost more on average.

Comments (3)
  1. J D says:

    But you remember the days of private security? Poor training. No Background checks. And businesses hired to do the job had inconsistent standards.

    This is a law enforcement situation. Don’t leave it to the same people who run mall security or rent-a-cops.

  2. Edward says:

    I agree with JD. Chris Seden’s report is based upon ADD and shockingly incomplete. We as a country decided that airplanes are too vulnerable to leave security based on competitive market forces. The fact that private security is in place anywhere in the US post-9/11 is surprising to me.

    And why the hell did the mayor spend precious dollars on a dumb study like this? It’s not local money but federal dollars at play.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    My goodness – by the time they are done with us, we will all be out of a job. Come on!

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