By David Goldstein

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Another commissioner has resigned, and one has been replaced, after our CBS2 investigation exposed possible wrongdoing by some members.

It came as a blow to the L.A. Housing Authority — two commissioners gone Thursday, which totaled three in the past week and four in the past month, since our series of investigations.

Vice Chairperson Maria Del Angel abruptly resigned after 13 years on the board. She did not give a reason, but in February we found documents showing that Del Angel allegedly double dipped on per-diem meal money, getting a cash advance of $390 for a trip to Washington ant then charging a nearly $250 dinner on her Housing Authority credit card.

“You can’t take a per diem and then go to a restaurant and charge that can you,” I asked Del Angel?

“I guess you’re right on that,” she said.

The mayor also announced Thursday that Commissioner Tunua Thrash will replaced because he was not reappointing her for a second term.

The announcement came on the heels of the resignation of Commissioner Rayman Mathoda on Tuesday and Commissioner Beatriz Stotzer two weeks ago.

Stotzer resigned days after we exposed that her two sons were living in a city-subsidized public housing complex. The D.A.’s office is investigating.

We have learned the D.A. is also looking at Del Angel’s double dipping, as well as fellow commissioner Margarita Garr. The Commissioners oversee public housing in Los Angeles for some of L.A.’s neediest families.

When we began our investigation there were seven overseeing a billion dollars of taxpayer money. At the time of this writing, less than four months later, only three remain.

The mayor announced four replacements Thursday, who will begin immediately, with the hopes of some fresh blood on the housing authority.

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Comments (25)
  1. YOU & ME says:

    its sad that as a disabled vet with a family i waited since 2006 and havent moved an inch on the list but these poeple can ryde around on the tax dime and eat like royalty but there small fish in a big corrupt pond CHOKE ON YOUR GLUTTON

  2. Ray says:

    It is time to get rid of all these commissions from the feds. states, cities and counties all they do is waste taxpayers money.

  3. Ron says:

    Isn’t it COMFORTING to know that we have people like these CROOKS, put in a position by MAYOR V., of controlling a BILLION dollars of our TAXPAYER money.

    One example after another, of the corruption that EXISTS, under the control of the MAYOR. IT’S time for HIM to GO, too !!!!

  4. mimi soto says:

    Maria Del Angel is a greedy little piglet!! Maria del Angel is a very large woman perhaps she had to double dip in the food money to finance her third and fourth meal helpings!!!

  5. In Simi Valley says:

    What is it in common here? All Hispanics just like our industrious Mayor. Figures

    1. Mimi Soto says:

      First off dummy you are in Simi he is not your Mayor!! He is our moron Mayor in the City of Los Angeles. Judging by the way you articulate, education in Simi is worse then LAUSD.

  6. Dan says:

    The rest are not going to willingly give up their position because they are nothing more then puppets of the Executive staff.

  7. Gus says:

    I grew up in the projects…I remember Maria Del Angel used to take food from the poor people. She used to bag up large black trash bags and smuggle them into her house… Ya she used to steal from the poor people.. INstead of giving food to the poor she ate it all herself..That’s sad…There is a god…

  8. Dan says:

    No, Maria Del Angel has done more then just take food from the poor. Just because she was under investigation, she wanted everyone to suffer like her. This B**** is diffently into retilation. Montiel would be justified in bringing a Retaliation lawsuit against the Housing Ahthority.

    1. Nickerson says:

      Not only should Montiel bring a retaliation lawsuit but some of the resident leader of the RAC and RMC as well.. Her and Stotzer tried top to think the resident leaders were stupid at leadhership training, no one went for it, everyone started walking out and told them they had to sit in the back of the room.

  9. Sharon, Pacific Palisades says:

    The mayor and his cohorts must be indicted and tried for violating their oath of office (everyone read it please, you can get a copy on the Internet) and for all of this blatant corruption and thrown in prison for a very long time. Why aren’t we, as hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens also filing a class action lawsuit against them?

  10. Sharon, Pacific Palisades says:

    There must be an attorney somewhere in Los Angeles who would take on the class action lawsuit! Come on people, let’s fight this fight finally, it’s long overdue!!

    1. Nickerosn says:

      Yeah, there is someone who would take on a class action lawsuit, but when I said that I wanted to sue the Housing Authority, I was told by one of the remaining Commissioners that Housing does not have any money. My response was (It is not all about the money, it was about what is right for the residents).

  11. Nickerson says:

    We may be responsible for putting Villaraigosa into office, it is his flunkies thst have help him put these qualified Commissioners on the Housing Authority board. Some like Del Angel and Hooper did nothing more then volunteered in the communities they lived in. Both served on Resident Management Corporation boards which they both left messes behind and because of this that way Riggs, King, Montiel and others recommended both to serve as Commissioners because they knew what it takes to control them. How much ass kissing they would do, to make themselves feel inportant.

    1. Nickerson says:

      make that unqualified Commissoiners.

  12. Jose C. Lozano Jr says:

    Im very glad that David Goldstein. exposed the truth about the persons that run and manage the administration of the Housing Authority. That federal money could have been put for good use. For the people who really do quallify for the help they really need for housing. That money could have been use to build or remodel and renovate, existing old apartment buildings or vacant property with run down houses. Also better help for those people who quallify for section 8 & subsidy. To help these individuals or families find a decent place to live, under the program. I hope you continue to inform us. Plus I hope that they really get their act together at the Housing Authority. I especailly was angry and upset about the 2 sons of that ex-employee, who are physically healthy and able to support themselves. Keep up the good work David! EDWARD MURROWS is looking down at you from heaven with 2 thumbs up.

  13. Nickerson says:

    David needs to do more investigating on others in the Housing Authority like Sanford Riggs – Housing Services Director, Joel Lopez-Resident Services Manager. They the are trying to shut down everything in Nickerson is ridiculous.Now they are saying that the residents of Nickerson basically have to go down to Jordon Downs for services, which alot are not going to do because they feel unsaafe.

  14. Nickerson says:

    David Goldstein needs to inverstigate how the Director of Housing Services and the Resident Services Manager are taking everything from Nickerson Gardens. They do not have any respect for the residents nor the ones that the elected to resprent them, that is RMC, not Housing Authority Commissioner Lucelia Hooper and others. Right now, they are trying to close down the RMC, they don’t even want the RMC to use the Housing Authority trucks to go pick up food or anything else for the residents. The way they are trying to do it now is that the governing has to call down to Jordan Downs to get permission for Joel Lopez-Resident Services Manager, because Sanford Riggs-Director of Housing Services started saying he didn’t know that the RMc was still using the Housing Authority trucks. If resident want to look for jobs they are telling everyone that they basically have to go to Jordan Downs. Now has a work source center that is only basically staff two days out of the week. Housing Authority is just a bunch of lying, cheating, low down drity dogs.

  15. Jeffrey says:

    David Goldstein

  16. Pete says:

    David Goldstein needs to look into the cozy and illegal relationship between Margarita Garr and her cousin Niema Curley. Curley just tried to have a legitimate union leader removed with the help of her cousin Garr. Oops they lost BIG! Probably some money changing hands between Curley and Garr in that transaction. Curley has been taking money from the Council of Housing Proffesionals to use for her own private use and habits. Niema should worry about the next decertification vote, it is the one that will remove her and expose her dirty deeds. Wake up CHPs members, stop being frightened sheep!

  17. Gary G. says:

    Talkin about Margarita Garr. Doesnt she work for one of the banks HACLA does business with? Wells Fargo or Union bank. Didnt she vote on the contracts for the banks? Please post the information you have on Margarita so that we can expose her fraud.

  18. Nickerson says:

    She works for Wells Fargo

  19. HACLAn says:

    It has been reported that the fired CEO’s emails has vanished from the HACLA computer network and the phone records are now missing. Eric Brown, the current HACLA Intergovernmental Executive was caught at Friday’s restaurant with a city car with his family in toe. Patrice McConnell, the corrupt HR Director at HACLA, should be replaced when the President &CEO is appointed.

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