SACRAMENTO (CBS) — The office of a senior California lawmaker may have been consulted on how to release information to the public regarding alleged contact between Representative Anthony Weiner and an underage girl on Twitter.

Newly-released emails uncovered by The Smoking Gun apparently show that two bloggers repeatedly sought input from the office of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)  after discovering a posting from a high school student that they believed showed she engaged in “private conversations” with Weiner.

One email shows Mike Stack urging “Dan Wolfe” to hold off on acting on the discovery until Stack could contact the press secretary for Rep. Issa, a California Republican and chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

“Let me email Darrell Issa press sec [sic],” the email text reads.

In a second email, Stack refers to Seamus Kraft, Mr. Issa’s press secretary, as “awesome”, while a third cautions Wolfe to “see what Mr. Issa says”.

There has been no official response yet from Mr. Issa’s office regarding the issue.

Republican lawmakers are calling for Rep. Weiner to resign after he admitted to sending a lewd photo of himself on Twitter, a charge he repeatedly denied in an earlier round of media interviews.

Weiner has apologized for the transmission, but says he will not step down from office.

New York Newsday columnist Ellis Henican told KNX 1070 that even with a porn star now being linked to Weiner, the New York congressman may not be going away any time soon.

“Everybody’s mad at Anthony Weiner right now, and it is tempting in the swirl of the moment to say ‘The guy’s career is done, he’ll never pull himself back from this,” said Henican.

“But if politicians don’t panic, often they can get through these things,” he added.

Comments (4)
  1. Rick says:

    Once my Weiner starts leaking I will take antibiotics!

    1. d says:

      all men wiener leaks and no one cars only when its a politician that they went to remove out of office .

      its very clear

  2. d says:

    don’t you all have something better to report ? leave the man alone

    that is his personal life why should we care what he does in his free time ???

    as long as he is dong his job right !!!!

    its you Republicans that need to do a better job in office instead of pointing a finger ot a democrat that’s all what you good for .

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