LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A panel tasked with evaluating safety and security at Los Angeles International Airport found poor communication between various agencies and limited police patrols were to blame for a number of violations, according to a draft copy of the report obtained by KNX 1070.

Mayor Villaraigosa responds to KNX 1070’s exclusive report on LAX security flaws
KNX 1070’s investigative reporter Charles Feldman reports the draft dated March 31 paints a very disturbing picture of security at the airport.

Some of the findings from the Law Enforcement Operations Committee include airport vendors complaining about theft problems due to limited police patrols in terminals and baggage areas, while at the same time some LAX officers reportedly preferring to work crime suppression and investigation rather than staffing security checkpoints and patrols.

The report also charges that the executive director of LAX does not regularly participate in emergency management board meetings, which cover critical security operations at the airport, and that several security cameras in some sensitive areas are not properly installed.

The volunteer Blue Ribbon panel also called for a new position to be created that would oversee the chief of police at LAX amid concerns that the current chief is widely viewed as not demonstrating “strong leadership”.

The final report is expected to be submitted to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on June 20.

A redacted version of the report will likely be made public in coming weeks.

Villaraigosa convened the panel after a KNX 1070 investigation in December revealed a number of security lapses ranging from on-duty airport police doing crossword puzzles to several blocked safety exits.

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  1. madtaxpayer says:

    hire the police and hire private security firms to do the job better and cheaper!

    1. Geemony says:

      first off- shows you are quite “clueless” on the matter- CRIME is the LOWEST in the City at LAX- we are talking almost 60 million passengers a yr, and a crime rate of maybe 3,000- with about 80% of those NON VIOLENT property crimes!!!( and of those , airport Police make 1,500 – 2,000 arrests, taking 65% of the people responsible in custody!- Try that in comparison to LAPD or other PDs. Its easy to do a SMEAR job on an agency if you have a political agenda- LAXPD is CHEAPER and as equally TRAINED as LAPD or any other local PD, but the story wasn’t designed to provide FACTS, merely through out a certain “opinion”, and deluded people simply accept it….

      1. Stanley says:

        What do you mean by LAXPD is CHEAPER? Cheaper doesn’t mean GOOD. It means they are LESS QUALIFY or LESS OF. Therefore, get some agency that is MORE EXPERIENCE to do POLICE WORK and/or SECURITY. My life, family, and others as customers of LAX out weighs cost. Don’t forget WHO pays you! Lastly, where do you get all those stats. Are your stats equivalent to those of other agencies work. The Penal Codes used may be the same but the actual work done is VERY different. So, please do not put other PDs down. Reading your comment bothers me.

      2. BoboPopo says:

        Hahaha,.. “lastly”… as if he gave you the thrashing you deserved. Learn grammar you non-factor.

    2. tgu says:

      Airport police PAD their numbers by hiding ALL there officers in security positions like watching monitors and lost n found!

    3. Echo Kilo 21 says:

      We have the TSA to the rescue. Relocate the police in the city and watch how TSA does with all of that authority.
      TSA= Thieves Standing Around.

  2. Nicolas Cruz says:

    Second class police enforcement all rejects from other departments!!! Remember the guy who stole there patrol right in front on the nose!!!!

    1. gps says:

      that officer actually died on that incident and the guy was caught

    2. D. curiel says:

      you Nicholas, sound exactly like people who GET rejected by LAXPD, then want to call them second rate when they don’t hire you….. Officer Tommy Scott was MURDERED by a mentally ILL person that, incidentally the “so called 1st class police”( LAPD) had contacted days before, and were too lazy to take him off the street…..

    3. Jerome says:

      Listen up Nicolas Cruz, that officer you are talking about was one of the best officers Airport Police Had. He was doing his job dealing with a person with problems and because of news reports like this, he tried to stop the person when he ran and jumped in his car. He died trying to save the Airport Police from further ridicule by KNX and the City trying to take over the Airport Police ; so when you start mothing off, know what the hell you are talking about.

  3. Marshal says:

    I’m an LAPD cop and the men and woman of the LAXPD are good people. I see them work hard at what they do. For those of you that do not know all the mayor blue ribbon team is trying to do is to take over the airport budget. The mayor cant even handle his city but he wants in at the LA PORTS, LAX and LAUSD. Some one needs to tell him to focus on his city needs first.

    1. Josh Butts says:

      So what about the stores in LAX that are saying that there aren’t enough patrols and things being stolen? Where’s the LAXPD for that? And don’t give me BS about “well they can’t be everywhere”. I remember a year ago when KNX showed light on LAXPD and how they were not doing their job. Like doing things that are no way related to their job. Maybe the Mayor is doing this for a budget reason, but something needs to be done. I see it with my own eyes when I’m at LAX that the police are not doing their job. Maybe I’ll start taking pictures.

  4. Joe Flannagan says:

    I have been a police officer for over 34 years and have known and worked with the officers and staff at the airport and know firsthand that they are a highly efficient and well trained police department. There only problem is a lack of integrity and leadership at the top. They need a Chief that will stand up for his or her officers and tell the mayor to keep his greedy hands out of the purse of the airport. Make no mistake about it, this so called Blue Ribbon Panel is NOTHNG but a panel of puppets for the mayor.

    With all the budget woes of the city of Los Angeles, this the airport is a piggy bank that the mayor wants to rob and replace a highly trained department with LAPD and private security.

    Maybe someone can answer this question, why are the LAPD officers assigned to work the airport on overtime when the officers who work for the airport are doing all the work.

    It’s time for the public to stand up and tell the mayor to stop going after the money at the airport and stick to trying to fix the potholes.

    1. The Peoples Cop! says:

      The LAPD doesn’t work LAX on an overtime basis anymore genius! And hasn’t for quite some time. Pull your head out of your a$$ and look around. Or maybe look up from your crossword puzzle for a couple minutes and you’ll see. LAWAPD and the LAPD are both a joke at the middle and top management.

      1. Mike says:

        Peoples Cop- It was actually an LAPD officer on overtime CAUGHT working on a crossword puzzle! This was YEARS ago when the overtime details for LAPD were established- he was disciplined and not allowed to work OT again, and the issue was SOLVED!!! The story ,however sounds “BETTER” when people keep saying LAXPD officers are doing it !! The LAPD and LAXPD officers that work at LAX do their jobs quite well, and CRIME is incredibly low.

        IF you want to blame someone , blame the countless airlines that simply LEAVE passengers bags unattended, or the stores in LAX, who REFUSE to allow their employees to watch for shoplifters, and won’t let them testify in court After the crime is committed( alot of times ,LAXPD officers simply can do nothing more than make the person give the item back and let them go becuase the companies WON’T PRESS charges!)

        LAXPD and LAPD work WELL together- many of the investigations started by LAXPD are completed by LAPD specialists( Anti Terrorism, Bomb Squad, Detectives) When I started the job, we were trained at LAPD academy,and now we are BACK to being trained at LAPD academy. You are right- its a shame to distract people from the poor job Tony Villaraigosa is doing as mayor. Warn your people in LAPPL- if they side with the mayor, it’ll only go bad for them as the mission is to get MORE money from the FEDs by “lyning” and claiming the funds are being used for “public safety”- the intent is to cut the LAPD and LAXPD salaires ( again) and cut the retirement as well- nobody will win on this one…

      2. Mikey Mike...... says:

        Mike, you need to stop drinking the Kool-aid… Crime is not low, it’s all being reclassified. Straighten up and fly straight. As for who was working on the crossword puzzle they were wrong. But hey, if you must split hairs, was it the LAPD supervisor parking the patrol car in his garage while he was working??? No It was an LAX-PD Supervisor… Sleeping at home with his patrol car parked in the garage while working his shift, over, and over, and over….while on duty….hmmmmmm…….. Great job!

      3. 00 says:

        What about the LAPD SGT assigned to the LAX substation that was caught with a male prostitute in Inglewood while on duty, but the media doesn’t report that do they.

  5. ATV says:

    Recent events Long Beach PD Det arrested for Molesting his own (family member) under 15 yrs of age? LAPD Officer Det arrested for murder? Long Beach Officer arrested for stealing firearms turned in from owner? LAPD officer arrested at a probation party for raping a female officer near LAX hotel? Sheriff Corona? LAX Police Department working a crossword puzzle on duty? No bombings at LAX? Safe? Please all agencies have their own issues. Reporter Fieldman is a bottom feeder anything for a story.

  6. Theresa says:

    Don’t be fooled LAX is a political agenda, the Los Angeles World Airports has lots of billions of dollars. Look at their current LAX remodel project. The Mayor and LAPD know this money isn’t part of the city general fund. Mayor Riordan also tried to funnel money out of the Airport which failed. The politicians of of Los Angeles have been trying to tap into this fund for many years.

    The blue ribbon panel is a puppet for Mayor Villaraugisa. This panel was hand pick by him. Don’t be fooled by their conclusion some who are former LAPD. Don’t let the political agenda detour your own thoughts. Politicians will always say what they think will achieve their political goals. Look at our countries current situation. Our political situation was not caused by the people but the people we voted to represent us. Stay open minded and don’t believe in the media of all things. LAX has been a safe haven for passengers and I feel safe when I travel at my home airport.

    1. AB says:

      LAX Police Officers do a good job.

  7. gips says:

    Oversight LAX PD with the same department (LAPD) that brought you the Rampart scandal, the Rodney King incident and other similar fiascos? Its like giving the hyenas the keys to the hen house.

  8. george centeno says:

    The mayor needs to be put in jail for grand theft. No surprise that he is doing this just prior to the new fiscal year. The city, state, and country are all bankruput. So now they are seeking the funds from the LAWA for the general fund. LAPD is not the answer, they are the most corupt agency in the country. They do everything from shipping dope into south central to murder of biggie smalls. LAPD needs a blue ribbon panel!! Check out Mike Ruppert on youtube, he is an ex LAPD detective who was a whistle blower regarding the importation of narcotics into Los Angeles via LAPD. Mayor Vilargangsta, LAPD, city council all thugs and gangstas.

  9. Jerome says:

    Since the FAA stopped the airport from giving money to the city’s general fund, every Mayor tries to find was to get money from the airport. Everytime the airport does a study either at the request of the Mayor, City Hall, or on their own, changes are suggested and done. But, no matter what, some people are never happy. Bratton said the airport does poor backgroung checks on officers; so all the backgrounds are done now by retired LAPD Officers. Then he said they are not trained properly; so we started using the LAPD Academy. No matter what the airport does, it will never be enough for them to leave the airport alone. The LAXPD Officers andLAPD Officers that work LAX know it’s a political game. The news report says LAXPD officers just let crime happens without doing anything, lets get real. They did not mention that LAXPD and LAPD work detective details going after criminals in the terminals and on the airfield. But then again it’s news sweeps time.KNX needs something to report. Years ago they did undercover stings and all they could find was officers take too long of a break. Airport Police Officers know their job and do a fine job of it. All they need is real support.

  10. LAPD Officer says:

    LAX PD is a joke! And the LAPD is a bigger joke. The terrorists are plotting against us and these two have done NOTHING but cut working counter terrorism efforts, in favor of the body scanner and other BS. Chief Beck disbanded PSTF and now has nothing in place to do what they did. LAPD MCD is a joke. And now LAX is being shown for the soft target it is. Great job guys! The media should look into the MILLIONS in funding that the LAPD received from the government, that was mismanaged and misspent by the LAPD. Check out who spent it at Emergency Services Division, and how all these Captains, Commanders and Chiefs jet-set around the world, bringing nothing back but a line on their resume. If CBS wants a story check into the cardboard stand up of counter terrorism measures by the LAPD. We have none! What SWAT and the Bomb squad???? They “respond” after the catastrophic event. Which means the city is more than willing to let our citizens die, then just clean up the mess after its done. I would be furious if I were the mass population of Los Angeles. You’re onto a much bigger story CBS…..Keep up the great reporting….No one else is!

    PS and don’t let the LAPD lie to you about how many people they have working in MCD on CT counter measures…..it’s a lie!!

    1. Schoolcop'79 says:

      LAPD Officer- LAPD is seriously being shortchanged by a fickle and typically ANTI COP civilian mgm’t in the city. They are expected to be “Super man”, but with a proverbial lump of kryptonite tied aroudn their necks! airport PD, LA School PD and Port PD( even the small, city wide GSDPD) are all designed to fill the gap between LAPD basic services that aren’t available everyday to certain areas and entities in the city.Think about what a fully FUNDED and equipped LAPD could really do! Even if LAPD took over the 600 plus officers of these smaller depts, they still have too much work for themselves, and the money these smaller agencies get would be CUT by those providing depts becuase LAPD “already” does the job- sucks

  11. Just the Facts says:

    Speciality policing is just that, a speciality.
    LAPD barely made it pass the three year mark when they replaced the MTA Police in 1997.
    Mayor and City Council: Leave the Airport, Port, and School speciality police alone.

  12. Marsh says:

    What is LAXPD so afraid of? Security at LAX is vital and I do believe their officers do a good job at it. That itself should be enough. There are other things to consider.

    There have been numerous negative reports (through media) within the past 18 months that puts LAXPD in a BAD light. I don’t think this is an accident. There is an ongoing problem here.

    Let me start by saying I didn’t vote for the current Mayor. With that said, in my opinion I thought he was right in forming the Blue Ribbon panel. The way I understood this move by the Mayor was that a brash talking LAAPOA (LAXPD)President-McClain basically told the media that LAX is VULNERABLE for a seismic terrorist attack. Being that LAX is one of the most sought after targets, I think the Mayor gave the issue its due attention and formed the panel. This was too see what improvements can be made at LAX so that a future attack can be prevented. Shortly thereafter, the panel is formed. Then, McClain backtracks and said he meant that LAXPD just needs more officers and training. Come on, are you serious? You have 425 police officers to patrol the airport. How much more do you need? Its funny how McClain opened his mouth without having his facts and figures in order. But, everyone wants to blame the mayor because of so-called political agendas. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. I really don’t know. I don’t think this panel would have been formed until McClain opened his mouth. Did you really expect the Mayor to do nothing after what was said re LAX? McClain basically put the ball in Mayor’s court. I find it funny that I haven’t heard of McClain since.

    Even if the city were to take the over the Airport, which it rightfully owns, that’s something we all have no control over. I wouldn’t want it either but my opinion really doesn’t count.

    Lastly, the panel blames the security at LAX is poor. The list of people in that panel is a long one. It ialso includes 2 former LAXPD personnel.

    1. gmoney says:

      Marsh- LAAPOA PRes. McClain did get “Radical” in his assertions, but it was only to push the issue of the poor tendency of LAWA ( and city mgm’t) to be lazy and drag their feet on the upgrades needed. LAWA and city mgm’t simply think the overworked and understaffed LAPD “can do it all”, and they worry too much about Police lawsuits, so they simply do everything they can to stymy efforts by LAXPD to perform at its peak efficiency( you are seeing $60-90k/yr POLICE OFFICERS being used as $5/hr security guards, and literally THREATENED by lower level mgm’t not to do anything otherwise!!!!!) Still, crime is kept at a low, and with extra LAPD, it is far lower than any part of the city of LA. can even boast

      The panel would have formed ,even if McClain didn’t spout off- every four to five yrs, there is a ” LAXPD sucks( simply cuz we say so) campaign, that turns out to be a waste of time and money.Even slimey KCBS did a story 6 yrs ago trying to jam up airport PD officers as modern day Barney Fyfes, and the public actually believed the numerous LIES and disinformation( had peple researched, CBS simply re-hashed a similar FALSE story about Denver airport PD officers their affiliate ran in the late ’90s) bottom line? CBS did not find Airport PD officers stealing, committing drugs, beating their wives, shooting people illegally ,planting evidence, lying, or any of the shananigans you read or hear about in the press by many other local PDs!! bottom line- you had “bored”, bumbling around officers in an EXTREMEMLY LOW crime environment of their own making( ** with assistance of the small ,but effective contingent of LAPD officers)

    2. Ted Stein - Blue Ribbon Panel Commisioner says:

      Probes of ex-Hahn commissioner end

      Ted Stein, then on the airport board, is no longer under scrutiny.

      October 10, 2008|David Zahniser | Times Staff Writer

      Two law enforcement agencies have closed their investigations into former Los Angeles Airport Commissioner Ted Stein, a figure in the “pay-to-play” investigation that helped end the political career of former Mayor James K. Hahn, according to correspondence obtained by The Times


      1. Alan RothenbergBLue Ribbon I want to be Ted Stien Commisioner says:

        LAX Concession Aftermath: Alan Rothenberg Resigns From L.A. Airport Commission

        Alan Rothenberg resigned today from the Los Angeles Airport Commission, in a move that should make it easier for the commission to award airport concession contracts.

        Rothenberg was the source of a conflict of interest that forced the commission to recuse itself on the first round of concession contracts last summer. The job of awarding the contracts fell to the City Council’s Board of Referred Powers, which dragged the process out and was widely seen as overly influenced by the bidders’ lobbyists.


    3. Judith Chirlin - Blue Ribbon Panel Commissioner says:

      Thursday, January 8, 2009
      Profile of Judge Judith Chirlin Los Angeles Superior Court…abuse of power, unlawful interference with appeal process, court corruption!


      1. Errol Southers - Blue Ribbon Panel Commissioner says:

        TSA nominee Erroll Southers withdraws
        By Ed O’Keefe
        Updated 10:18 a.m. ET

        President Obama’s nominee to lead the Transportation Security Administration withdrew from consideration on Wednesday, saying his nomination was “obstructed by political ideology.”


    4. METRO DAWG says:


      1. TMAC says:

        Hey Metro Dawg, how about you take an english class you non-writing clown! You probably have to dictate your reports to a translator that speaks jibberish.

        When the City of LA has crime as low as LAX, then we can talk. Until then, try to worry about the City, you got a lot of work to do.

        I do agree with you that the “union pushed me out” clown would have failed like the loser that he is.

      2. the cat lady says:

        Kinda like your forefathers took over MTA and failed. Then the sherrifs had to take over. Maybe the sherrifs should worry about it not you.

      3. Julius McClain says:

        @ TMAC and Cat lady.Sensitive are we. Mertro does agreat jub with the least officers that they do. unlike LAXPD whose main calls for the their entire shift is to handle ACAMS door alarms. Whoop-ty-do. There is a big theft problem in baggage and terminal side which LAXPD can’t seem to even prevent.

        As far as the MTA side the contract expired and the county council members had to choose LASD for monetary reasons. If you didn’t know, LASD would iinitially nvestigate the crimes in the bus but we eventually have us finish it cause their weak.

  13. wuzmoo says:

    Lets not forget about the idiots of the TSA, the biggest waste of an agency there is.

  14. joe blow says:

    stupid! this article is crazy, im a ofcr. there, this is only a group of people that th mayor put together to try and access the airport money. The mayor is an idiot.

  15. JP says:

    LAX Police Officers do a good job….

    1. Traveler says:

      Doing what job? Watching my bag! What a JOKE…

  16. Union pushed me Out says:

    I have been a LAX PD officer for over 3 years. I attended the LAPD academy and my first mistake was staying at LAX PD. I had the opportunity to go to LAPD, but I wanted to stay a make a difference in protecting the airport. When I was in the FTO program (field training program) I saw that many officers were lazy and incompetent to be police officers. From the first day, all I heard was how bad LAPD was and how envious LAX PD is of LAPD. Unfortunately, many of the officers at LAX PD that have been at the organization for over 5 years would never have succeeded at any other police department.

    In the past three years, I have seen over 10 police officers arrested or investigated for drunk driver, sexual battery, assault with a deadly weapon (firearm), theft, and other crimes. No one take any actions to stop this behavior, but what I do see is that the UNION (LAAPOA) blames LAPD. I have seen several UNION board members speak so poorly of LAPD that it is embarrassing. The UNION brought all this on LAX PD when he publically said LAX was very vulnerable to a terrorist attack. The UNION’s solution was to get more police officers. LAX PD does not need more police officers, but LAX PD does needs strong leadership and someone to hold their officers accountable. Misconduct and poor performance is acceptable at the airport and the culture of the organization will NEVER change.

    LAX PD is an agency that was created to protect LAX. Unfortunately, the police officers are too busy trying to be real police officers by writing tickets and making arrests outside the airport property. LAX PD makes more warrant arrests than other police agencies. They believe that making a warrant arrest is doing real police work. What a joke!! LAX PD supervisors do not care when an officer spends 2 to 4 hours booking a prisoner that has no nexus to LAX. The police UNION pushes the nonsense that LAX PD officers have a duty to enforce all laws in California. For this reason, LAX PD should have limited peace officers powers so they can do what they were hired to do. PROTECT THE AIRPORT!!!

    As for me, I will be going to another police agency in the near future. Coming to LAX PD was a bad decision.

    1. 00 says:

      You make some good point in regards to accountability and especially leadership but come on, officers with over 5 years on wouldn’t succeed any where else, really. Just shows how truly ignorant and immature you are. I understand your frustration and disappointment but to bash your fellow brothers and sisters like that is not cool, your the poison that’s bringing this department down. The reality is every department has it’s lazy, bad apples it’s inevitable, you need to deal with it. There’s probably more to your story as to why your so disgruntled, anyway you better hurry up because your reaching your five year mark…..

    2. Jim H says:

      Hey “Union pushed me out”, you must not have rode with SPU while on training. Those guys did an outstanding job cleaning up the Airport. They got rid of Solicitors, can collectors and many other problems that have effected LAX for over 30 years. The LAX PD / LAPD Crime task force was flacid in responding to the needs of the Airport, but hard working Officers stepped up to the problems and got the job done.

      How bout you get off your ass and do some work you cry baby! If I told you to go to “Pacific” you would probably drive to the beach and scratch your ass wondering what the hell was going on. When you go to “another police agnecy” you are gonna get your ass kicked and come crawling back to LAX begging for a spot at a secutiry checkpoint.

      1. joe says:

        You got that right buddy! You just said your agency is only capable of doing security checkpoint and can’t deal with real police work outside your agency. This is no different then a security guard at any parking lot. Stop trying to affiliate your agency (LAXPD) with LAPD, cause your NOT! Wannabe rental cop.

    3. Union-dear says:

      @ Union Pushed me out. You hit the nail on the head. I agree with you 100%. Everything you said is absolutely correct. LAXPD bad mouths LAPD at every chance they get. This is to mask the point that LAXPD is very jealous and knows when a major incident happens at LAX, LAPD would take over while LAXPD has to take a backseat. LAXPD tries too hard trying to be a real cop when they should be more visible inside the terminals. You never see them. There was an incident of a so-called 3 yr veteran P-3 LAXPD cop who got scolded by a W/C at Pacific and that LAXPD Officer started to cry. There’s no crying in police work. I applaud you for telling it the way it is.

    4. LAPD OBS says:

      I agree with you “Union Pushed me out”. I’m a LAPD officer (7yrs) and have friends from LAXPD, Port, Sheriff, etc… From my understand and obs, there’s lots of senior incompetent officers at airport. The newer LAXPD officers are lot better and competent since they went through our academy. What goes in GOOD, comes out BAD. That’s what LAXPD produces. The Blue Ribbon Panel should do a thorough investigation of all the officers at LAXPD, especially the senior officers, “Clean House”. I understand there are bad apples in every agency but LAXPD, is the TOP! How can you trust them to protect you when the core management and FTOs are mostly (80%) incompetent. I saw one time, a LAXPD FTO yelling at their trainee in front of the travelers at LAX. That’s just Un-Sat! It just shows how poor and unprofessional that FTO was. A good teacher never has to yell at their trainee. This is what you call communication skills. I guess he was trying to show he was tough (NOT!). He just totally lost all his trainee’s and the public’s respect! I bet he doesn’t know his CORE VALUES.

      1. LAXPD says:

        I agree with you “LAPD OBS.” But first, they don’t know their Core values because they DON”T have one. Second, we have seen numerous times how these 2yr training officers yell at probationers with no regards to other people around. Once, I observed this training officer yell at this probationer because he didn’t know what type of aircraft that just airborne. Are u kidding me? Was that a safety and tactical issue? Let’s get real! Let’s not forget. we are at the AIRPORT and not at a gang-infested neighborhood where an officer’s safety is vital. But then again, these so-called tenured officers have to show their might and embarrass their fellow staff. You are to training officer, please be more professional.

    5. Justice & Truth says:


    6. Tow One says:

      You are absolutely right sir. The men and women of the LAPD are true professionals that really do protect and serve. They are sincerely devoted to public service. They care about people. There should be even more LAPD added to the substation to help out with foot patrols. Maybe they could influence the LAX for the positive. God bless the LAPD. I love em!

  17. This will get passenger loads up at LAX says:

    1. levy says:

      at least they are working unlike LAXPD wannabe officers…

  18. Citizen Watch Dog says:

    Mayor called Friday for an internal investigation into LAX police after hidden cameras showed several airport officers hanging out at Del Taco, picking up a child from school in a patrol car and drinking sodas at the food court at the Tom Bradley International Terminal — when they were supposed to be protecting the airport.

    “I am very concerned about … airport police officers neglecting their duties,” Mayor wrote to Los Angeles International Airport Executive Director. “I know you share my concern that the security at the airport must not be compromised.”

    1. Citizien Watch Dog Watch Dog says:

      Citizen Watch Dog

      I’m glad you are concerned why don’t you check this out. It might be a bit worst than a long lunch or dropping off a kid at school. Oh and by the way wasnt LAPD under a consent decree and still paying out millions. Other than the millions LAWA pays LAPD to not be at the airport you can’t begin to compare

      VIDEO: LAPD Accused of Using Excessive Force at Kids’ Party


    2. 00 says:

      Does that compare with an LAPD Sgt (assigned to the LAX substation) hooking up with a male prostitute while on duty?

      1. what now OO says:

        that compares with the LAXPD training Officer being scolded by a Watch Commander at Pacific and then CRYING afterwards.

  19. LAPD SGT says:

    I am a lapd SGTAPD I would like to express how impressed I am with LAXPDman and women. I am a whiteness of their abilities and dedication. They are not perfect, but a lot better than most of my officers at LAPD. The mayor should be concerned with his inability to manage the city, and with out own corruption. LAXPD does a better job than LAPD.

    1. LAWA PD or is it LAXPD SGT says:

      I beg to differ. LAX PD is a second rate 830.33 officers who are assigned exclusively at the airport. LAXPD does a great job in turning off ACAMS door alarms. Criticize LAXPD SGT’s in roll call when they are asked to do some work. They do a great job with preventing thefts at LAX that why LAX is in the top 3 Airports with the biggest theft problems as noted in CBS.

      1. LAXnowPortCop says:

        you DON’T know what you are taling about1 with almost 100- 120K passenger coming through LAX every 24 hours, the avg amount of thefts a day are no more than 5- 10; LAX has a combined LAPD-LAXPD detective unit that has nearly double the amount of arrests LAXPD patrol has for the year, and thats mainly organzied theft teams and dishonest ganabager airport employees and TSA employees! Of those 5-10 thefts? many turn out to be property misplaced by the “victims” and the reports tend to be redacted later( too damn bad you would rather bad mouth anonymously than actually do the RESEARCH)

        as for ACAMS? every Airport in this nation that handles large passenger loads has some time of physical security systyem to control access to the airfileld- its required by the TSA. Too bored or lazy to inspect or deactiviate the alarms systems? geez, you probably are one of those sorry Airport cops everyone is ragging on, and they pay you like $44/hr to do something as simple as that!!

        As for “Second rate 830.33 PC” officers? talk to the ones who made it possible for guys like you to work at LAX( or keep it from being taken over by LAPD!) they worked hard in the past to earn LAPDs respect, and that of City council, in particular an officer named Tommy Scott, who DIED trying to hold the name of LA.Airport PD up!……

  20. Concerned says:

    Lets try to remember one thing….LAXPD and LAPD officers receive the same training, have to pass the same testing process, have to prove they’re worthy wear the badge. The main difference is that LAPD does conventional police work and LAXPD does “specialized” police work. They are both very good at what they do, which is why they need to stay separate. The airport is an animal unlike anything anyone could imagine. Airport officers not only have to know all the laws of the state, they also have to know federal laws, have to work hand in hand with numerous other agencies that work at the airport, and have to be goodwill ambassadors. The Airport Police ranks are full of officers with experience from other law enforcement agencies. Many of these officers have skills far beyond most seasoned LAPD officers and will tell you that they like working in an environment where they actually make a difference and help people. Remember the old beat cops that knew everyone in the neighborhood, that’s what being an Airport Police officer is like. So when the bashing begins remember, officers from both departments are good, caring people. It’s the greedy, self centered, manipulative upper management and local government that wants them to fight each other so they can funnel the airport funds through LAPD into the city to cover their overspending and incompetence as true leaders.

    1. debra jones says:

      ******Looks like a LAXPD employee writing the above comment. He/She is fearing for their job after a LAPD takeover. I wonder if you even qualify to work for other agencies? ++++++”Rio Hondo Police Academy Suspended Amid Testing Scandal”++++ (see link: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-rio-hondo-academy-cheat,0,1646837.story ) *****

    2. Someone stole my camera from my baggage says:

      If the Airport Police are as good as the LAPD, why is LAX having so many problems?

  21. Lonely at the Top abd Bottom says:

    I am a LAXPD Officer, I know that George is a good guy because he came to our roll call and wanted us to forgive for his failure to be our chief. I felt so sad for him because he is lonely at the top. He knows that noone likes him but he is afraid of his own shadow. This is why I stay as a LAXPD officer because I too am afraid of my own shadow.

    1. Feed Up says:

      you and George should resign since you guys are afraid of your shadow.

    2. lonely at the bottom? flush the toilet! says:

      you are an absolute IDIOT !!!………….

  22. waiting says:

    Waiting in the wings to take over the PD. BW

    1. Crossing My Finger says:

      LAXPD Officers are not qualify. Hopefully the person waiting at the wings (whatever that means) is not a LAXPD Officer! The CORE of their agency is bad so management replacement from within is always results in FAILURE.. Clean House and get rid of all of them. ***** http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-rio-hondo-academy-cheat,0,1646837.story ****

      1. Ofcr. Chavez says:


  23. Taxpayers deserve better says:

    Thank God KNX 1070 and McClain have the courage to tell the truth.

  24. Concerned says:


    Debra Jones, as a matter of fact I am an LAXPD officer, and yes, I am one on those people with many years of experience at another department. I will not however be like you and many of the other bloggers. I will not bad mouth either LAPD or LAXPD officers because most of them are really good people. As with any department, there are bad apples, but mostly good. The bad apples unfortunately account for the majority of any departments bad publicity. LAPD is just much larger, so the chances of their department having more bad apples is higher. Just like there are LAXPD officers who want to leave to do more conventional police work, there are LAPD officers who move on to other departments to get away from the micromanagement LAPD has perfected. If officers of both departments were allowed to do the jobs they were trained for and not micromanaged by their own superiors….and bashed by simpletons, the public would be better served.

  25. tmac the truth says:

    If you have been there many years, why did one LAPD officer from Central Division come and clean up the LAX Airport single-handed. Why did he solve four- thirty year problems you and your so called LAXPD Detectives could not solve?
    (1) Solicitors- this officer found a way to eliminate them, and now he has his name in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, when you had thirty years to do this.

    (2) Recycle theft, now saving the airport one Million Dollars a year.

    (3) Trespassers-baggage theft

    (4) Baggage theft.

    This officer has more arrest than any of you officers that have been there long.
    He has more arrests than the whole Crime Unit put together.

    Guess where he was trained at? YES LAPD, what a coincidence!

    If this one officer that came from LAPD accomplished this, then imagine what 100 LAPD officer will do.

    That is the difference from LAXPD to LAPD. This LAPD is now teaching other officers.

    LAPD needs tko take over before something drastic happens! LAPD officers are smart and productive, and this one officer is the perfect example.

    This guy made everyone else in LAXPD look bad, even the ones who were previous sheriffs.

    1. difference between LAPD and LAXPD says:

      Let’s take a guess at where that LAPD Central division officer is now… That’s right, Admin Leave. Yes, LAPD trained. through and through.

    2. laxnowportcop says:

      that “former LAPD”, now LAXPD officer had his own agenda( making bogus arrests at end of watch to dbl up his salary in overtime compensation!)- his so called “cleaning up” of LAX has resulted in possible 118 PC issues, potential dismissal of arrests, and an internal affairs investigation- “guess he learned that at LAPD, hmmmm?”

      as for the 4- 30 yr problem? it was veiled under the 1st amendment- something even the mighty LAPD stationed at LAX couldn’t do anything about-

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