EL MONTE (CBS) — Five men trying to break into an illicit indoor marijuana grow house were arrested in El Monte Saturday, leading police to a plantation of 3,000 pot plants with a street value of about $1 million.

The suspects “all had gloves and clippers,” said El Monte police detective Ralph Batres. “Who breaks into a business wearing gloves and clippers?” he asked with a laugh.

“They also had a U-Haul truck. They were there to rip it off.”

Sometime earlier today, authorities received a tip about some men who were reportedly trying to break into a warehouse at 2520 Continental Ave. That location borders the city of El Monte, which has its own police department, and South El Monte, which is patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies arrived first, and called in the El Monte Police Department.

The suspects were arrested about 11:30 a.m.

“One of the guys (suspects) said there was a marijuana operations inside,” Batres said.

El Monte police detectives were eventually able to get a search warrant for the Continental Avenue business. Batres said police were still rounding up the names of the suspects and finding out how they knew about the marijuana operation.

The identity of the plantation farmers was also very likely to be a matter of police curiosity, Batres said.

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  1. jimmy says:

    The DEA fabricate evidence and steal from suspects. They will string a suspect on for 20 years stealing from him/her.
    In the San Francisco bay area you can see many of these corrupt DEA (State and Federal versions) driving $70,000+ cars, wearing expensive watches and wearing high end clothing. They boost their income by stealing from suspects. Some of the items stolen are sold other items are kept. Who best to know other than law enforcement what could be tracked back to them
    They then use murder to close these bad cases.

    1. Bubbles81 says:

      I agree Jimmy. My friend got busted for having 5lbs. of weed in his trunk, then went to his house where he had $20,000 in cash and the crooked cops only reported $3,000 in cash and 2lbs of weed. But he isn;t gonna do much time thats the good thing about it.

  2. pat says:

    Good job for the police…There will be a little less stupidity in our streets

  3. WotZoo says:

    they are clearly not the smartest bulbs in the pack lol.


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