LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is kicking off what will likely be Los Angeles’ first annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Heritage Month.

The mayor will present the Spirit, Dream and Hope of Los Angeles awards to three prominent members of the LGBT community, including comedian Wanda Sykes, during a special presentation at City Hall Friday.

About 200 young people from the Gay-Straight Alliance Network are expected to attend.

“For them the event is important because it shows there has been an LGBT history longer than the last five or ten years,” said Sam Borelli, communications director for the nonprofit LGBT advocacy group Christopher Street West.

Among the honorees is Rev. Troy Perry, who fought to obtain a permit for the first public gay pride event in Los Angeles in 1970, Borelli said. Perry also founded the gay-friendly Metropolitan Community Churches.

Villaraigosa will also honor Chad Griffin, the founder and president of American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is the lead sponsor in the legal case against voter-approved Proposition 8.

“The celebration is an opportunity to be loud and proud,” Borelli said. “And also to remember our history in this 30th anniversary year of HIV/AIDS, which devastated our community.”

Villaraigosa is expected to host a special private reception with LGBT leaders at Getty House, his official residence.

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Comments (21)
  1. Jimmy says:

    This is the sad state of our country. “And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.” Romans 1:28. The real issue is the heart of man is corrupt and man doesn’t want to admit it. Each individual is in need of a Savior for his own sin, that is the real issue. This type of event only tries to excuse sin and make people feel better about their sin.

    1. Ben says:

      Los Angeles is not West Hollywood or Frisco.

      1. Safe In Los Angeles (SILA) says:

        Just the idea of lgbt being sanctioned by the mayor sets the tone for more wasted time and money within the City governement of Los Angeles. I know, these poor people need someone to stand up for there ideals (not my ideals).

        What about miy ideals?
        I’d like to live in a crime free city (LA), and have safe streets and parks to use with out becoming another crime victume with in the City of LA. I’ll call it SILA (SAFE IN LOS ANGELES).

        The mayor is busy pandering to all of the gays and mexicans.
        What a joke of a mayor.
        He’s our’s LA, got to love his sense of direction.

    2. Sanityforus says:

      Jimmy are you GOD to make such judgements ? Are all those who will attend religious ? Lastly have you NO sin at all to be able to cast your voice about this ? Remember man that YOU are dust and unto DUST you shall return, I will ‘return’ for I do not judge. I follow the highest law which was to ‘love thy neighbor’. YOU it seems do NOT. YOU it seems THINK you are judge, jury and executioner of the US of A ! YOU eventually will be nothing but dust under my feet !

  2. Sanityforus says:

    So SILA we should PANDER to YOUR ideals and morals and damm all the rest ? I think NOT as well. So our mayor is a ‘joke’ ? He panders to the gays and mexicans ? What are YOU pray tell ? Someone who THINKS that they are ABOVE all the rest so that we MUST do as YOU say ? Again I think NOT. You are some selfserving individual who ONLY cares about them-self and NO one else. Go find another place to live for here in LA we are ALL equal under the mayor you seem to HATE !

    1. SILA! says:

      To funny,

      All I was trying to say was that our mayor has a narrow field of voters (non- hispanic/gays are in his pocket). What about the rest of the people of LA?

      Bite me!

  3. SickOfThisDepravedSociety says:

    @Sanityforus – A typical response from someone who hates. People bring a different opinion than yours and you have to judge them by YOUR standards, the very thing you accuse THEM of, but you proceed to tear them down to make your OPINION sound “mightier”. How is that different than what bullies do? Jimmy’s point is not only valid, but you prove it – we are all the same and come from a sinful nature. BTW, that’s not MY OPINION, that’s the Word of God. You quote “biblical” principals but apparently pick and choose which parts of God’s Word you believe. I pray you can learn to speak ALL of God’s Word.

  4. Wait, what? says:

    “Villaraigosa will also honor Chad Griffin, the founder and president of American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is the lead sponsor in the legal case against voter-approved Proposition 8.”

    This is my favorite part. The people of California speak out saying they agree that marriage is between a man and a women, and the guy who leads the defense against the measure gets honored.

    What has this world come to?

  5. mister s says:

    Typical arguments here. God this and god that. Bible thumpers bashing pro gay people saying they are haters. Those people telling the bible thumpers no its them doing the hating. Blah blah blah. Its funny cause the god jockeys complain all the time about gays shoving their lifestyle down peoples throats, all the while telling everyone around them about their own beliefs about god. If the religious folk can have their propaganda printed on money, then the gays (many of who also believe in god) can have their parades and heritage months.

    1. SickOfThisDepravedSociety says:

      Well Mister S, I guess it’s just a matter of perpesctive, isn’t it? I mean, you say “bible thumpers” complain about the gay agenda being shoved down people’s throats. I’ve talked to alot of “God-haters” who also don’t want the gay agenda shoved down their throats. So who is right? Am I right? Are you right? If it’s going to be left up to any people to decide then we are in DEEP trouble because we will NEVER agree. That’s why I choose to speak the Word of God as the definitive answer to all of our society’s problems. If anyone can get a handle on how we ought to live with one another it’s Him.

      Sorry if it sounds like I’m shoving God down your throat. But you did bring it up, right?

  6. tanya says:

    so those of you quoting the bible, claiming its the definitive word:
    1. Do you eat shellfish? If so, shut it, you’ve already violated the word of your “god” and have no leg to stand on.
    2. There is another group that lives under the law proposed by their religion – Muslims living under Shari’a (sp?) Law. For those too ignorant to know anything about Shari’a (sp?), women can be stoned to death (with rocks, not marijuana) for immodest attire – in Taliban controlled Afghanistan, that would mean no burkha = death.
    Before you try shoving religion down anyone’s throat claiming it is definitive, think of the people in Afghanistan and how we’re “saving” them from the Taliban. I would have thought after ten years at war over there the religious rhetoric would have died down by now, but it hasn’t. Learn from the Bush administration.

    1. Tanya's Dad says:

      Tanya, you’re a complete idiot. What does a person’s belief that marriage is for man and woman have in common with Sharia law? That’s a stretch. Now why don’t you s t f u and stop trying to come off as though you have one ounce of intelligence. Your comment made me laugh. Run a lap and take a nap, so we don’t have to hear your nonsense, moron.

    2. SickOfThisDepravedSociety says:

      Wow, Tanya. have a problem with religion, do we? That’s OK, but if you’re going to use religious issues as part of logical thought you should understand it first. For example, quote me the scripture about not eating shellfish. I could be wrong of course, but I’m betting you’ve never read it yourself. How can I make such a claim? Just experience. If you had read it for yourself then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve read other parts of the Bible as well. And if that’s the case you would understand how that one verse fits into the grand scheme of the entire Bible as whole. You would know that the shellfish verse and many other rules like it are part of the Law of Moses. You would know that Jesus died and became a curse as a substitute for the whole world so we can be free from the curse of that Law. So if you understood THAT much, well, you wouldn’t have made the comment at all, now would you?

      No, you most likely “heard” about the shelfish thing from someone else who didn’t know what they were talking about. If I’m wrong about you then my apologies. But my experience proves otherwise.

  7. tanya says:

    @tanya’s dad – if I am a complete idiot, why is it that I’m able to discuss a topic and find holes in people’s logic? If you take the time to read Jimmy’s comment, sickofthis…’s comments, you would see that they are advocating that the word of their “god” is law, or should be. Advocating that the treatment of the LGBT minority should be decided by the 2000 year old book is where one will see it’s NOT A STRETCH!
    That being said, LEARN TO READ AND CREATE ARGUMENTS WITHOUT PERSONAL ATTACKS. Personal attacks make your arguments, which could be valid, seem weak and lose value. Without using personal attacks, you force yourself to think more and come up with stronger points.

    1. Mike says:

      Enough of your idiotic comments tanya .You got something to prove go somewhere else.

      1. Mike says:

        And no I am not “Tanya’s Dad”

  8. bob hsieh says:

    @Tanya’s Dad: Wow. Really? At first glance, you’re right, she’s a bit of a stretch with the equation of sharia to one’s opinion of LGBT month. HOWEVER: you completely lost me with the personal attacks. Your personal attacks make you sounds completely uneducated and unwilling to open your mind to a point of view different than your own. The fact that you wouldn’t use your own name is an act of cowardice. Before you open your fingers and express your opinion, think of the number of people who’s opinion will be swayed based on your personal attacks.

    1. Mike says:

      She just keeps on being a complete idiot.

  9. I have struggled with many issues since I was 10 years old. Having lived in Mississippi was no picnic especially not only liking guys, but feeling like I should of been a woman. Today I live openly being a transgender woman. I face the public everyday not knowing what to expect. I can’t spend my whole life worried about what people think. If that was the case, I would never step out my front door.

  10. Tanya says:

    I have a smelly v a g i n a

  11. Jeff says:

    Gross. I hope you get you a s s kicked on the daily. You were born a male you moron. Just because you love the c o c k doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be a woman. Gotta laugh at people like you “i was supposed to be born a woman”. What does that even mean? You’re a male, start acting like one you salami smoker.

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