LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The parents of a five-week-old baby girl are in desperate need. If their little bundle of joy doesn’t get a lung transplant, and soon, she will die.

As CBS2’s Rachel Kim reported, the parents are asking everyone and anyone to help them in this time of need.

Katelyn Policastro came into the world five weeks ago and her parents couldn’t stop beaming. They thought their little family unit was complete…and now they are literally fighting to keep their family together.

Says mom Leslie Policastro, “We need help.  Katelyn needs a lung. Just please help us.”

Kim reports that the little girl was born with an extremely rare lung condition called alveolar capillary dysplasia and it is as awful as it sounds.

The disease, better known as ACD, is typically fatal. In ACD patients, Kim explains, the lung’s air sacs remain too far from the blood supply which means enough oxygen does not get into the blood.

Katelyn’s dad, Marc, is feeling inadequate to say the least. “This is probably one of the first times I have felt completely helpless,” he says, “I can’t help my daughter at all. And that feeling is empty.”

Dr. Phillipe Friedlich, Katelyn’s physician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, is hopeful. “With a little bit of luck, we’ll be able to find a suitable donor for Katelyn.”

But he stresses, time is not on the little girl’s side.

She is already in critical condition in the hospital’s Niccu.

If there is one thing Marc Policastro already knows about his little girl it’s that she isn’t one to give up easily. “She’s a fighter,” he says, proudly.

To potential donors, he also has a poignant message from his family. “We thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts for your time and your consideration.”

Comments (13)
  1. Shannon Hubbard says:

    You’re right, Outraged. You do sound completely uncaring, mean-spirited, but I’d add another…absolutely brainless. So, if this was your child, you’d say, “This sucks. But I guess we should just ‘put her to sleep’.” This is not a dog. It’s a human being, and if there is a medical procedure which can save her, they will try for it and should by all means.

    Who are you to make the distinction on who deserves life based on age? I wonder if you’d feel differently if you, (assuming you are a man, because I cannot imagine a woman with any shred of maternal instinct could put forth such a deranged and heartless argument) would feel the same if it were your wife watching her precious baby slip away.

    If this means my monthly health insurance fees go up, so be it. There are much greater issues at play when it comes to rising medical coverage costs than a baby in the NICU. Educate yourself.

  2. marry says:

    Outraged that is a horriable thing to say! You probley don’t have any kids yourself to say such a. Mean thing I hope you go to hell! That little baby is a living human bean. You killer!

    1. Sad but that's life says:

      Btw I assume you mean human BEING not bean and it’s probably, try spell chech because you just come off as a moron with your snappy retort.

      1. Josh Butts says:

        Bean is spelled right, it is just not used the right way in this sentence, therefore spell won’t catch that. I do think spell check will catch “chech” like it did when I just typed it out here.

    2. Josh Butts says:

      Bean? oh, you mean being.

  3. Reason says:

    I read outrages post before it disappeared and I do see where he was coming from. If more people shared his views, our entire healthcare system would be more efficient, but alas, peoples emotions trump all. That said, I am not advocating and kind of euthenasia for this child. I hope she gets a transplant, but lets be real…. another similarly aged child will have to die and their parents would have to approve the donation. Thats a tall order for a short period of time. I think outraged just needs to use more tact in relating his ideas.

  4. Vanessa says:

    It’s terrible but praying for one isn’t great either as you’re basically praying for another baby to die. I am a mother btw and I would be beside myself if it were my kids but I think you should also think of where those lungs are coming from as for a lung transplant they have to be the right size I.e. Adult lungs will not fit into a new born. Hopefully they will get a miracle but they should also remember what exactly they are wishing for. Maybe she was meant to be someone else’s donor…

  5. Tina says:

    My prayers go out to this baby girl and her family.

  6. bob hsieh says:

    The people who comment on this website are full of personal attacks. While I did not have the ability to read outraged’s comment, im not about to accuse him OR HER of being brainless. To take the time to formulate an opinion and post it on here shows that he or she is not brainless. Personal attacks such as calling someone names shows that you do not agree with their point of view and are unwilling to take in their viewpoint and come up with an original thought of your own. Further, to base an opinion on someone’s gender due to a perceived desired response is disgusting. Every day I read these boards I get more and more disgusted with the insults and personal attacks that are lobbed back and forth. So many claim to be christian. If you are, remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you. Therefore, keep the insults and personal attacks to yourself unless you’re willing to be attacked yourself.

  7. outraged says:

    @shannon hubbard – HOW DARE YOU? To call me brainless is frustrating and angering. For you to question MY thought process based on my gender is even more angering.
    I am a woman. Born and raised a woman. Have female genitalia. Go me. I have had one son who died at two years of age due to a heart defect that a VERY EXPENSIVE surgery four months post birth was supposed to fix. He was in and out of the hospital for the two years he was alive. He suffered much of that time. The HUMANE thing would have been to look past my own selfish motives and to allow him to die when he underwent the surgery. I would have saved HIM pain and suffering over two years. I would have saved myself a lot of pain, anguish and sleepless nights over him. Sure, using the insurance / monetary argument is not the best route to go, but it is a heck of a lot less painful for me to debate. Had blue shield of california rejected the claim and not allowed the surgery, I would be mad at blue shield for being heartless, not living with guilt for putting my son through the pain and suffering that I selfishly did.
    I thoroughly dislike having to explain myself like this, but if this is what it takes to clear my name and support my debate, then I feel like I have no place trying to post anything on this website. Thank you, Shannon, for your closed-mindedness. You have silenced me from this website.
    Margaret Jorgenson

  8. outraged says:

    And by the way, whomever thought that my initial response deserved to be reported, what was it about the comment that was SO offensive that it needed to be reported, and yet Shannon and get repeated personal attacks on me, including her decision to assign me a gender out of HER convenience didn’t deserve to be reported? I’m ready to report many comments on this board, but I prefer an open dialogue, preferably without prejudice and personal attacks. I let most comments slide out of respect for the first amendment, however the pure hate speech I do report.
    Margaret Jorgenson

  9. Concerned says:

    It is absurd to say that this family is praying for a child to die inorder for theirs to survive. Children of all ages pass away every day. I’m sure that the prayers being made are intended to give strength to parents with sick or dying children and encourage them to find the kindness in their hearts to pursue the option of donating a lost ones organs. The gift of life can be made in more than one way. I pray that the complete unselfishness of someones lung donation finds this little girl and heals her.

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