LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An estimated 40,000 local school teachers began voting on Thursday to decide whether to accept a pay cut that will halt thousands of layoffs.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports if approved, the vote — which lasts through Friday — would immediately rescind layoff notices sent to some 3,400 teachers, nurses, librarians and counselors.

Under the terms of the proposed deal, the teachers would have to agree to four furlough days — the equivalent of a pay cut.

Union president A.J. Duffy, however, hopes that ultimately the furloughs will be totally eliminated if state funding is increased.

“If the economic picture holds up, there will be no furlough days,” said Duffy.

The Los Angeles Unified school district is struggling to close a $408 million deficit in its $5 billion budget, but state funding could prove to be higher than initally projected.

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  1. madtaxpayer says:

    get rid of the union so that younger and more productive teachers can
    stay which means less layoffs and less furloughs.

    you dummies never though this day was never going to come??!!!

  2. Christopher Luna says:

    I really hope that they vote to have furloughs… Because my partner is one of those teacher that received a riff notice and I too have lost my job and if my partner looses his teaching position. We will be forced to give up our home and cars….

    1. madtaxpayer says:

      sorry to hear this, but you should condemn the union for years of abuse to public education system. we are all victimized by socialist union movement of this country~

  3. ART says:

    I use to think that unions were cool and important until I became educated and found out that they loot tax payer money. Then when union workers starting complaining about their total compensation I realized that they are all greedy.

    Union workers have a nerve to protest cuts. They are very sick people.

    1. Ron says:

      BUST ALL UNIONS !!!! It will improve productivity, quality of education and NO MORE STRIKES or sick outs. It will reduce cost of everything that unions are currently involved in.

      Buy only from NON-UNION stores. If it has a union label, don’t buy or use it.

      You have a choice.

  4. ruitajohnette says:

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