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The scene: old computer on last legs: am looking for replacement. I go to typical Apple store: rows and tables of  laptops, all wired up. “Potential buyers” stand in front of  them all.

“There must be something to all this Apple buzz,” says I. but on closer inspection, I notice — no!– every single “potential buyer” is checking his/her  his Facebook account.  Every single one!

After a moment of standing behind one at a respectful distance, I start to move in.  I could ask the guy, or a salesperson, if he’d mind; but I prefer to play my little game. Does the guy pack up?  He does not. He keeps writing.  I start crowding, so clearly reading over his shoulder, I can’t believe he hasn’t told me to back off.  When that doesn’t work, I start making small exclamations at his entries. He messages a friend about going to a concert, I say ‘hmm.’ He tells a funny story, and I laugh. Still no movement. I’m thinking about correcting his spelling, but even I have my limits. He’s not aware I’m alive.

I left the store having learned a lot. Not about Apple computers… I learned nothing about Apple computers. But I did learn about rude customers.  Of course, somewhere, that other guy is probably saying the same thing. Or Tweeting it.

If you have a worse ‘rudest customer’ story, we’re all ears: put it in Comments, below.

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