LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police in Southern California are gearing up for summer’s unofficial Memorial Day start after one of the city’s top tourist destinations, Venice Beach, became the scene of a recent shooting and a stabbing.

Fearing crime could spiral, the authorities have started cracking down on the unruliness that typifies the boardwalk — a 1.5-mile ribbon of asphalt that can draw 150,000 people on a summer weekend.

Patrol reinforcements are being summoned from other divisions, more undercover operatives are being assigned to infiltrate crowds, and detectives are gathering intelligence via social media.

The LAPD plans to increase patrols in the Venice Beach area this Memorial Day weekend and has plans to establish a stronger presence there for the coming summer months.

Dozens of people have been arrested for smoking pot and drinking in public, minor transgressions but ones that set the tone of public order on the beach.

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  1. Julie Nani says:

    Hi there, my eighteen son Maxilmillian Amador; has been missing now for just about seventeen days; and the skateboarder in this video; skating behind the newscaster looks alot like him. We have had a few unreliable sources come forward recently who have come forward and say that they have possibly seen him on Venice Boardwalk. I was wondering if you could tell me how to request a copy of this segment asap; or if I can come down to the station and view it at cbs……I really appreciate your help here and pray to God that it is indeed him….
    Sincerely, Julie Nani

  2. Julie Nani says:

    Hi there, my eighteen year old son has been missing now for about seventeen days; and the kid on the skateboard; skating behind the blonde newscaster looks alot like him in the vidoe above; I was wondering how to go about viewing this further at your studio; or possibly requesting a copy of it please……he is reported missing with the Downtown-LAPD; and I would greatly appreciate your help here with this……I need to know my son is alive and safe….and I am almost sure this is him……Sincerely, Julie Nani (310) 890-2085 or kjredman@gmail.com

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