LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Once again, the host of the CBS reality show, “The Amazing Race,” is embarking on an adventure.

Phil Keoghan is gearing up to race cross country with six professional women cyclists and a host of others to raise awareness and money for multiple sclerosis (MS).

His No Opportunity Wasted (NOW) campaign has partnered with the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation for the summer race.

For more information on MS and the race, visit the No Opportunity Wasted and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Web site.

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  1. Julia Schopick says:

    It is great that Phil Keoghan has been raising awareness For Multiple Sclerosis. I have seen him on several talk shows, discussing MS.

    But what has not been included in these media conversation is information about some of the more innovative (non-pharmaceutically based) treatments for this horrific disease.

    My recently published book, “HONEST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life Threatening Diseases,” sheds light on one innovative treatment for this disease; a treatment that has been around for over 25 years, and that has been getting a great deal of “buzz” over the past few years, with thousands of people taking it for MS.

    The treatment to which I refer is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), a very low-dose, off-label use of the drug naltrexone, which passed all tests by the FDA for safety over 25 years ago at a much higher dose. (It was approved for safety by the FDA in the mid-1980s at 50 mg for drug and alcohol addiction; MS–and other autoimmune disease–patients take it at 1.5 to 4.5 mg. Many have had excellent results.)

    I can lead you to several small studies, as well as many websites and blogs that contain excellent information about LDN. If fact, one website, LDNScience.org has been created by scientists for doctors and other medical professionals.

    I hope that more people will learn about Low Dose Naltrexone through my book (“HONEST MEDICINE” is an Amazon.com best seller!), and through these excellent websites.

    Thanks so much for listening.
    Julia Schopick

  2. George Adams says:

    Julia Schopick is absolutely correct as Low Dose Naltrexone has shown to stop even the worst type of MS, PRMS. FDA approved 89% effective for Chrone’s, effective for many cancers and up to 40 other auto immune diseases. Pancreatic cancer patien now nearing nine years!
    Low cost with nearly no side effects this drug causes your immune system to fight disease.
    Currently LDN is going through many patient funded trials and soon it will become mainstream medicine. Learn more by visiting lowdosenaltrexone.org.

  3. Amy Perrin says:

    I was diagnosed with MS, RRMS, in December 2009, and I did not want to take any of the conventional CRAB drugs. I read about LDN on the message boards, and I was very interested in trying it. I did a lot of research, and talked with a lot of people on Facebook that had tried LDN with a lot of success. In fact one of my dearest friends had the most amazing success. She has SPMS and Transverse Myelitis, and had to use a Hoveround power chair prior to trying LDN, and in a short period of time, she went from that to walking on her own. She has been on LDN for 6 years and she has not had one relapse since starting LDN, plus it took away almost all of her symptoms. I, myself, have only been on LDN for 6 weeks but I do notice a difference in my energy and my mobility. I feel hopeful for the future now, and know that I am doing something good for me and my disease. My wish would be that more physicians be open minded to prescribing LDN to their patients.
    Thanks for reading my story.

  4. Cam Phythian says:

    I Have been on LDN for 2 years with great success. I was DX with ms in 2007 and was put on rebif. That was the worst decision in my life. I was getting worse and had horrible side effects and numerous relapses while on rebif. I was told about LDN from a freind of the family who also has ms. She had been on LDN for almost a year with great success and she shared the information about LDN with me. I went from being a sick person to being a healthy person in a short amount of time. Now I am 98% symptom free and 100% relapse free. Being on LDN 4.5mg I have had zero side effects. LDN has proven to be a wonder drug for me and others I know who are on it. I will be on LDN for life because the benifts are to great to ignore. I am enjoying being living proof that LDN works and works well. My wish is that more physicians hopefully will be more open minded and not so programed by big pharma. LDN helps and is helping a lot of people.
    Thank you

  5. Crystal Nason says:

    I was diagnosed November 20, 2004 with Secondary Progressive MS and Transverse Myelitis and at the time didn’t know much about MS and nothing about Transverse Myelitis so I started on Betaseron injections and in 8 months I went from using a walker,wheel chair to a power chair then I got a bad Cellulitis infection in my right upper thigh which put me in bed for 3 months. I stopped the injections and started researching online because I knew there had to be something better and I kept coming across LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) so I researched it for 2 months then went to my Neurologist armed with all information and knowledge about LDN. He researched it for 2 days then called me and said lets give it a try as there is no bad side effects so within 2 months of taking LDN I was walking on my own as Amy said above and have been for 6 yrs. It took away 98% of my symptoms and 100% of relapses. It Boosts the Immune System and Endorphins which is what we need rather then bring down the immune system.
    After seeing what a miracle LDN is and what it did for me I became an LDN Advocate to help others with Autoimmune Diseases and Cancers and started my own website at http://www.Crystalsmstmldn.org, an online Yahoo Support Group called LDN_Users and I also keep an LDN Dr List for all over the world and Dr’s that do Phone Consults of Wonderful Open minded Dr’s that prescribe LDN Off Label and not afraid of the Big Pharma Companies. If you need a Dr list for your area email me at angelindisguiseldn@yahoo.com with where you live and I will email you a list for your area.
    I started on 3mg 6 yrs ago with no side effects then waited 5 months and went up to 4.5mg and the first 2 weeks I had vivid dreams and insomnia but that went away after 2 weeks. I know with dealing with SO many people that it has helped and saved SO many peoples lives with Autoimmune Diseases and Cancers and its NOT Fish Oil like some Dr’s try to say it is. I just recently had an experience with a Neurologist I went to and he tried to tell me there was NO test to prove people had MS and that I didn’t have MS because of the fact I have been on LDN for 6 yrs doing so good but he didn’t want to believe it was because of the LDN and said I was misdiagnosed and would not prescribe my LDN or any other meds I was on so I fired him and have an appt with another Neurologist. Your Dr Works for you as you or your insurance pays them to work for you so if they don’t or won’t do what you want then fire them and find one that will.
    Also go to the LDN Website at http://www.ldninfo.org and the LDN Database that patients put their testimonies in that take LDN for all Autoimmune Diseases and Cancers at http://www.ldndatabase.com/ also check out my YouTube page to watch LDN Video’s from past LDN Conferences
    I among many others are success stories of being on LDN and it working miracles!! Its cheap and no bad side effects like all the Big Pharma Drugs that make you worse. That main purpose of LDN is to Stop and/or Slow the progression but a lot get the extra benefits of it taking away their symptoms or most of them and some don’t or don’t as much. At one point on LDN I had 10 lesions on my brain and after being on LDN for about 2 yrs they were ALL GONE!!

    As my friend Carol says “Until There Is A Cure – There Is LDN!!! 🙂

  6. Bev Kean says:

    My husband has been on LDN for over 6 years for his MS. It`s stopped the progression of the disease and he is able to continue his life. One pill at bedtime and it`s affordable and non toxic. He will never take any of the MS disease modifying drugs as they are expensive and have a very low rate of stopping the progression. LDN is not a cure but if it only hold the progression at bay it`s worth it.

  7. Renee Foster says:

    I ran across Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) looking for help with my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome since Doctors at HMO’s have been useless over the years. I read on one site that LDN can help my illnesses happily with the more research I did I found LDN was used for many other things as well like MS and many autoimmune illnesses, EVEN CANCER!! The effects of LDN tricking your body into making more endorphins (who can say no to endorphins without exercise)? it needs to heal itself to balance the immune system.

    There is so much more to it like the Opiate growth factor (OGF) http://www.ldnscience.org/questions-and-answers/opioid-growth-factor-ogf for healthy cells. LDN discovered quite by accident 20 plus years ago while using the full Rx dose of Naltrexone, its a MUST read on line or in a book like Julia’s Honest Medicine. Its a great discovery of our time and is passed along one person at time since this is a generic drug, no money to be made by Big Pharm its been swept under the rug year after year with the help of BIG Pharm so they can keep PUSHING their horrible drugs that have huge side effects… THANK GOD for LDN. Research it you will be as amazed as I was if you read up on it GOD BLESS and Yes, Crystal, TILL THERE IS A CURE, THERE IS LDN!!!!

  8. David Nixon says:

    I’m smiling as I imagine the people connected with this CBS show wonder how their comment section got hi-jacked by a bunch of people who sing the praises of a drug they’ve never heard of that must be used “off-label” when treating MS. I am pleased to say that I have gotten to know most of the people who have commented so far. I’ve met them on message boards online where they have shared their experience, strength and hope in a way that requires courage and an honest desire to help others. I, too, take low dose naltrexone but for ulcerative colitis, very successfully, I might add. This show is about MS so I’ll be brief.
    I just want to add a comment about the economics of this drug that will help you understand why the big drug companies oppose it so vigorously. Many of the drugs used to modify the symptoms of MS not only have horrific side effects, they are expensive. I take the same dose of LDN as most people with MS take. It costs me slightly less than $7.00 per month with no side effects. MS drugs can easily cost $1,800.00 to $2,000.00 per month. If you were a drug company, which treatment do you suppose you’d prefer? Well, the drug companies aren’t saints either.

    1. Jayne Thomas says:

      I, too, am on LDN and have beenn since feb/09…I was diagnosed with R&R MS in 2000. It was invisable until 2004 where upon a house my children and Imoved into had hidden black mould.This attacked my already sensitive autoimmune system and everythng after that was down hill..I didn’t discover LDN until feb/09 unfortunately due to the lack of support from the pharms co’s. It saved me from a downward spiral and I have not had one relapse since. The cost is minimal and NOT toxic. I’m a lifer with LDN and highly recommend it to anyone with an autoimmune diseace. I beleive in it so much I started 2 Facebook groups dedicated to LDN…over 2,000 and growing strong because they believe in low dose naltrexone!

  9. Marygrace says:

    Wow, how nice to see these comments. I started on LDN after many years of pain and suffering. I have Fibro and Chronic Fatigue, and other auto-immune conditions. It has been a life saver!!!!! It is not a cure and I have made other life changes, but it has meant better health for me. I have incorporated the Iodine Protocol too. Both have helped improve my health. I still have a ways to go though. And, the LDN helped my medications work better to the point that I no longer have to take them. And now it is helping my supplements work better too. I will take it for life, if for no other reason than it helps me feel so much better or until all the pain is gone.

  10. George Adams says:

    Low Dose Naltrexone may not be the silver bullet, but until they come up with the perfect cure for many disease and cancers its worth trying first. I know first hand that Chemo is the biggest disaster to hit patients this century and someday soon we will look back and say” why did we poison millions of innocent patients to their deaths when we could have saved over 50% with a drug costing as little as $2 a month?
    I fight the cause everyday to educate dying patients to help themselves to what is available with not benefit to me, but to just help one person to beat some disease which has taken over their life does keep me going.
    Although LDN is not mentioned in Susanne Somers book Knockout, I encourage all to read it so you understand how the “system” is set up to rob you and your insurance company when Cancer enters you life. Chemo only works on three cancers, maybe and if they say otherwise, they are lying to you. Do something else first… you have time, trust me they just want to make o ton of money on you and will tell you that you are doing good until you die… been there, done that. Fact is that alternative medical doctors are having 50 to 70 % success in curing cancer and it does not come back. Are you a gambler, 2% compared to 70% you be the judge, its your life! Not to scare anyone, but who is in charge here… who is paying the bill? Don’t fall into the “system” like a Lemming, do the right thing and save yourself. Go to You Tube, Lowdosenaltrexone and listen to actual patients and doctors results, all true I’ve done the research.

    1. Renee Foster says:

      George, if you can reach Susanne Somers in anyway, please have her research LDN, she can bring more light to it so LDN can help others we cant reach!! WE are still trying daily to spread the word!!! THANK YOU!

  11. Marygrace Coneff says:

    Have you heard of Low Dose Naltrexone or LDN? When used in low does (2-4 mg per day) it has wonderful, life changing effects with illnesses such as Crohn’s Disease, prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis, along with other immune system disorders.
    It seems to be very popular in the natural treatments yahoo groups I’m a part of. One lady reported treating her Crohn’s disease with LDN. She claims to the LDN has helped reduce her symptoms significantly. One of the guys on the list has both MS and prostate cancer and he swears by this med. I’ve heard people with MS talk about leaving canes, braces, and even wheelchairs by the wayside after starting treatment with Low Dose Naltrexone.
    Supposedly it’s cheap, easy to take (it’s a compounded pill or you can dissolve a 50 mg pill in 50 ml of distilled water and take what you need each nite, letting you work up to the best dose for you) and effective against all sorts of auto immune disorders. If I understand correctly, it works by encouraging the body to release more of the hormones that our auto immune issues seem to lack. It’s taken once a day, before bed.
    Amazingly, it helps 85% of people with MS stop the progression of their disease. You still have some who aren’t helped, but just think of all the people who wouldn’t have to take those life shortening MS drugs who could have a better life!

  12. Multiple sclerosis gait says:

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