HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — After hours spent at a standoff outside a Huntington Beach home, a SWAT team knocked down the door to find two bodies inside Wednesday.

Police called the SWAT team to the home after they received multiple calls of shots fired Wednesday

CBS2’s Michele Gile that neighbors reported hearing shouting around 8:30 a.m. at a home on the 8600 block of Bridgeway Lane.

“We’re not sure what happened inside the house. We had multiple people call us saying that there were shots fired and what sounded like an argument going on inside,” Lt. Russ Reinhart of the Huntington Beach Police Department earlier Wednesday.

Neighbors then reported hearing the phrase, “Oh my god,” followed by what sounded like a final gunshot.

Police said a couple in their 50s live at the home, however they were not able to make contact with anyone inside the residence as of 2 p.m. Wednesday. Officials were unsure of who was inside the home when emergency calls were made. Authorities were using a robot belonging to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for surveillance of the property.

Huntington Beach police evacuated about six surrounding homes as the SWAT team investigated.

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  1. D Williams says:

    Noon KCAL news reporter said police ask them not to record the police entering the house and channel 9 agreed. This is exactly what the press is for, KCAL. The station can use it’s own discretion on what to air, but does not have to get permission to record a public event on a public street.

  2. catano says:

    Its for the officer safety. they’ve had incidents where the swat team was going to enter a house but the news channel was recording it so the person inside the building knew exactly where the swat team was coming in from.

  3. BD says:

    D Williams if that is true that is despicable, just completely disgusting and an embarrassment to what the “press” used to be in this country.

  4. dan says:

    They can still capture it and air it later, BD. Please use the noggin on this.

  5. Auggy33 says:

    @ BD, catano is absolutely 100% correct on this one. No name calling necessary. I have worked numerous barricaded suspects and the media knows not to film the officers prior to the entry or the resolution of the incident. We rely on suprise when dealing with armed barricaded suspects. The constitution plays no role in this situation. this is purely a common sense decision on the media’s part. Im trying to understand the upside to showing the SWAT officers on TV other than to fulfill your morbid curiousity. How about instead, we give the men and women, who have already put themselves into a dangerous situation by even being there, the best chance possible at completing the job without sustaining any injury.

  6. Pitcher says:

    They can at least update the situation. SWAT went in 2 hrs ago. What happened? I am very curious because I live two blocks over.

  7. KD says:

    have tried to make contact with someone inside the home for four hours now, but have been unsuccessful.–.html

  8. Pitcher says:

    Why don’t law enforcement move in faster? What if there are wounded people in the house? What if there is a wounded child? They have not heard no response, nor confirmed who is in there, why not move in? It should not take that long to set up a tactical plan to move in. Is somebody not doing their job efficient enough? Or does the law enforcement of HB only worried about a paycheck, and not the lives of innocent people when it puts their lives in danger?

    1. copmom says:

      Ignorance, Pitcher! You have no clue what these officers face on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy for you all to “arm chair quarterback” these situations. Go out there and endure the danger and the stress that these officers do and ungergo the rigorous training that they constantly engage in. Then you might just have a small, small basis to speak.

  9. Rylee says:

    Well Pitcher, I can tell you that my father, one of the officers in the video, is not only worried about a paycheck. Of course he is worried for those inside, and those surrounded near the house as well (bystanders, neighbors, etc). The officers have kids at home too – you know – and often put themsleves in danger to save others, so don’t be so heartless. They have protocol and rules to follow – they take orders from higher ups and execute. If you think you could have done it better – you should have become an officer. You ask way too many questions.

  10. Pitcher says:

    Now I know I would bleed to death if I was shot and held hostage. Cops go on a lunch break? Maybe we need more military personal working in police departments. At least they know what they were getting them selves in to before they enlisted.

  11. Pitcher says:


    If they are worried about your family, FIND ANOTHER JOB!!

    No disrespect to your pops

  12. Pitcher says:

    I am sorry if I miss communicated. I am talking about the SWAT. I think cops do their job fine. But when it comes to infiltrating a building, SWAT should be more active. Its has been how long? 4 hours, 5?

  13. Rylee says:

    I’d like to know what you do for a living – push papers? You are ovbiously ignorant and didn’t read my comment. They risk their lives to save people like you! This is the reason they become policer officers. They have families at home & follow protocol to be smart in these types of situations – they don’t want to be another victim. You seem hard to please – the military would disappoint you somehow as well.

  14. Able says:

    Hey Pitcher,
    Seems you have an axe to grind. Common sense dicates that one does not rush into a potentially DEADLY situation without taking NECESSARY precautions. These men/women want to go home to their families at the end of the day! Please stop thinking of yourself for a day and consider the safety of these brave individuals. When was the last time you thanked one for putting his/her life on the line for YOUR safety? They have to make tough situations each day that involve their safety and the safety of others, decisions most people won’t ever be faced with. It seems you can’t put yourself in their shoes so maybe you should take this oppurtunity to think twice before spewing yourcomments over a static blog on the world wide web.

  15. Rylee says:

    @ Able AMEN. I couldn’t have said it any better. Call me selfish but I want to see, hug & love my Dad at the end of the day..

  16. D Williams says:

    To Catano —My bad…. Thanks for clearing up my incorrect info. I saw the news again after my original post and the reported said they were indeed video recording — just were not going to air it live at request of police. Makes good sense. Glad to see KCAL is using doing a good job but using common sense to avoid making a bad situation worse.

    I’m less than 1/2 mile from the house and they still had Garfield blocked at 3:45pm but copters are gone. Nice folks on that street. Hoping for the best.

    >Its for the officer safety. they’ve had incidents where the swat team was going to enter a house but the news channel was recording it so the person inside the building knew exactly where the swat team was coming in from.

  17. D Williams says:

    Rylee, I’m glad you took the time to post some comments. Very best to your dad.

    I’m a regular visitor to Main Street, and know first hand that HB has the finest police force around. This is such a big story because HB is always in the top of the safest cities list — amazing to me for a beach town.

  18. Pitcher says:


    I am ex army ranger, I know that it does not take 5 to 6 hours to figure out how to breach a small house. I thank you dad for being brave and all, but he is on the sidelines. I don’t know why you think I keep talking down about regular cops. Sure, some cops are signed up for SWAT when they need to be called in. I am not heartless. Infiltrating a house is infiltrating a house. You can ask your pops, They would have the same tactical plan within the first hour after clearing the area as they would when they eventually move in. Whenever that might be. How long has it been now?

    Again, I have nothing against cops.

  19. Pitcher says:

    I am just going to stop speaking my mind, obviously you are too emotionally evolved. Sorry if I up-setted any person. I just hope its not too late.

  20. wow says:

    Rylee needs attention

  21. Able says:

    “wow” – Stop trolling and hiding behind a “catch phrase” nickname to add to an already intellectually-challenged point of view. Nuff said.

    Don’t discount Rylee for speaking her mind. She laid out some articulate points and has a unique vantage point of being one of the officer’s daughters – if none other to illustrate the fact that police officers have families who love them and want them to come home safely at the end of their shifts.

    Also, you compare apples and oranges when it comes to US Military and Local Law Enforcement. The Military has a wide array of “tools” at their disposal and are very clear on their objective before carrying out their plan of action. Law Enforcement, on the contrary, have to coordinate with muliple agencies/resources depending on any given scenario which may occur and any time, on any day.

    And to add to that, I’ve done some research and the very SWAT team you speak of ARE HB police officers, many (if not, all) of which were likely not on-duty at the time and had to respond from home, vacation, etc. Hence the reason the op was not completed on YOUR time frame.

    Please take more consideration when it comes to posting here. After all, as you attempt to portray the image you are so concerned with others’ well-being, you would be the first to condone the officer’s on their safety-first approach.

  22. Big D says:

    either way it is sad… I have been thru a divorce… costs tens of thousands I didnt have… cant stand my ex wife…… as bad as it was/is I cant imagine a situation were killing someone in a domestic relationship makes sense….

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