LOS ANGELES (AP) — The federal government is running a national advertising campaign to encourage more immigrants to become U.S. citizens.

Citizenship and Immigration Services said Wednesday the multilingual effort aims to reach roughly 7.9 million immigrants who are eligible to file applications to naturalize.

The campaign in print, radio and digital media will start May 30 and run through Labor Day.

Citizenship and Immigration Services spokeswoman Mariana Gitomer says it is the first time the agency has launched a paid advertising campaign for citizenship.

Immigration experts say many immigrants don’t apply for citizenship because they fear they don’t speak English well enough or because they haven’t felt a pressing need to do so.

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  1. El Chepo says:

    Listen up all you muslims. Time to become citizens so when you are caught in a sting operation buying chemicals for bomb making, the media could say they you are U.S. Citizens.

  2. dugudr says:

    U can be depoted for minor crime like DUI or didn’t pay enough tax.

  3. La Migra says:

    Could this be a trap? If you are in the U.S. illegally they should deport you. I hope they do.

  4. Phiilip says:

    Start the draft again. We will see real quick how important being a citizen really is. BTW..you mut be a permanent legal resident with 5-years residencey BEFORE you can become a citizen.

  5. Jon A says:

    “…they haven’t felt a pressing need to do so.” Well said. Why should they feel a need,to be citizens when as non-citizens they get all benefits and protections and none of the taxes?

  6. pippa says:

    is a good mney for the goverment applications for US citizens cost about $700.00

  7. brian says:

    the government needs and just wants your money, there are no real beneifits for becoming a US citizen…….

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