EL MONTE (AP) — Investigators say a woman snatched her infant granddaughter from her son’s Northern California home and took a cab 350 miles to her home in Los Angeles County, where she claimed the baby was hers.

Contra Costa sheriff’s Capt. Steve Warne says 58-year-old Ericka Gallego was arrested Monday at her El Monte home and charged with felony kidnapping.

Her 4-month-old granddaughter has been returned to her son’s family in Knightsen, a rural community about 55 miles from San Francisco.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Gallego sneaked into her son’s home and took the sleeping baby out of her bassinet early Sunday, then took a taxi home.

Ivan Jimenez, whose father owns the home where Gallego lives, says Gallego told friends she was pregnant.

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  2. Tony Banta says:

    What taxi driver would drive from San Francisco to LA? Wouldn’t that be a sign of something gone wrong?

  3. Moe says:

    wow with what she paid for that taxi ride, she could’ve afforded to buy a baby on the black market. lol, i know that’s evil.

  4. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    Damn! That lady is nuts. They should bury her up to her neck in sand and have the local children throw stones at her. First one to hit her wins a prize.

    1. guest2011 says:

      She needs HELP, not being mistreated. Idiot!

  5. jc says:

    seen the dad? what a loser, fat, hat on backwards (raiders hat), tattoos all over his body…prime loser…poor kid. bet the wife is even worse

    1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

      @ jc

      The “dad” you are describing is actually the mom!

  6. Relaist58 says:

    Sometimes Grandmothers need to just back off and let parents be parents regardless of whether they think they are doing a good job or not.

    Grandma needs to get a life instead of meddling into her grandchild’s life.

  7. Robin says:

    There are some manipulative and desperate people that exist. Watch out for those types of people,. This Grandma sounds delusional. I have heard that empty nest syndrome can cause people to do such a crazy crime. She should see a shrink while in jail if possible.

  8. Guest2011 says:

    58 years old and claiming to be pregnant. No woman in their RIGHT mind wants to be pregnant at 58 years of age. Obviously, she’s DEFINITELY got some mental issues!

  9. john says:

    she sick and need help….my mom and sister had the baby shower for her ..and when it was time to have the baby she was gone and no one knew were she went…then she said that the baby was in the hosiptal sick.. well now we know…sick sick person

    1. Judy says:

      Really? If so, we’d like to talk with your mom and/or sister for a followup newspaper story. Please call us at 925-779-7178

  10. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Mental Illness is tough to live with – I hope she gets the treatment she needs. 😦

  11. tt says:

    Another Wacko Stuupid.

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