LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The family of Bryan Stow filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers and owner Frank McCourt Tuesday in L.A. Superior Court, citing poor security contributed to the attack.

Stow, 42, was left with traumatic brain injury after he was brutally beaten in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium on March 31. He was flown to San Francisco General Hospital last week after more than a month of treatment at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. His sister said Sunday he has stopped having seizures but has not regained consciousness, even though he is no longer in a coma.

Stow still is listed in critical condition.

Attorney Thomas V. Girardi is representing the Stow family in the suit filed Tuesday afternoon. The lawsuit tests the Dodgers’ liability for the attack, stating that it took 15 minutes for stadium personnel to respond when they were notified of the beating.

Lawsuit Filed Against LA Dodgers Alleges Lack Of Security, Among Other Factors

The Stow family is not suing the Dodgers for a specified amount of money, however, the suit states that it would take $45 to $50 million in medical benefits to give Bryan Stow a good quality of life.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not been named in the case.

The Dodgers declined to comment on all pending legal matters.

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  1. Utazdevl says:

    Good for them. I am not a fan of everyone and their brother suing everyone else, but the Dodgers have clearly ignored the blatant safety risk taking place at their games for years, placing fans at risk. Any fan who has attended a game in the last 5 years can tell you that.

    1. Tina says:

      Been going to games for 30 yrs and have never felt unsafe in the stadium or parking lot. If you mind your own business you have no problems.

      1. vicla says:

        Tina – I agree. this BS about security is BS. you go in, you watch the game, you eat peanuts, a team wins, one loses and you go to your car and drive home. simple stuff.

      2. TYRON says:


      3. DianeC says:

        Tina….. Bryon Stow was minding his own business. He was attacked from behind by Latino gang bangers.
        Had we put up a big fence decades ago these cruddy people would not
        have gotten in to have their cruddy babies that continue to destroy our country.

      4. Jeff says:

        Tina: Bryon Stow was only wearing a Giants shirt, because he was a Giants fan. That should not of caused a problem.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    They should based their lawsuit on lack of surveillance camera, lack of security, & lack of staffers on their lots..

  3. Boyle Heights Citizen says:

    There wasn’t enough security to secure the stadium, otherwise Bryan Stow would not have been beaten so severely. Truth be told sometimes even the security guards act like bafoons with drink in hand and preferential treatment for those who offer a bribe. It’s true, KCAL9 should do one of those undercover stories to expose the corruption at LA DODGER’S STADIUM.

    1. DianeC says:

      I have lived in my native country all my life. Before all these illegal aliens
      SNEAKED INTO this once nice country no American ever had to feel unsafe in our ballparks. With or without security!
      TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME was an American song that reflected our
      wonderful American country where Americans could safely enjoy our games.
      The U.S. kicked these troublemakers out in the 1800’s and now here they are back again causing trouble all over again!

      Illegal aliens are destroying this country. If there is another amnesty you can kiss
      the United States totally GOODBY!

  4. California will be part of Mexico by 2025 says:

    Stow’s aggressors were Early Parolees. And the Supreme Court wants CA to release 30,000+ such Felons..

    Good Luck Tax Payers!!

    1. Someone needs to shake up our Government says:

      They want us to sacrifice ourselves for work and life but they have so much hidden up their sleeves and down their pockets. Let’s start with Villaraigosa, AUDIT LA GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tammy says:

    Good it is about time that Frank and Jamie McCourt be held liable for the beating of Bryan Stowe…..they have ignored the welfare of the fans for too long….They have the money to compensate the Stow family……

  6. mike says:

    They can try too sue all they want. Read the back of your ticket, “attend at your own risk.” They should get something, but they won’t.


      I think they meant it like ” At your own risk because you might get hit by a ball or a falling drink” not ” you might get beaten into a coma and suffer brain damage because we want your money but we wont give you even a FALSE sense of security. Let’s get rid of the DODGERs, THEY SUCK ANYWAY.

    2. Leo says:

      I agree. There are disclaimers on tickets and parking stubs that say the Dodgers are not liable while you are on their property. I notice the family did not file suit against the guy who did the beating (probably because they know he has no money?). I feel bad for Stow but this makes me see his family in a different light now by them hiring an ambulance chaser to score millions. And this after thousands of Dodger fans help raise money for their sons care. I hope Mr. Stow continues to get better. And I hope the Dodgers can at least pay for his medical bills.

      1. Diane says:

        By no means do I see the Stow family in a different light.. If you were in their shoes you would probably do the same thing. By no means did “thousands of Dodger fans” raise $45-50 million. No one knows how long Bryan Stow will live. They are trying to plan for whatever future he has left, be it 1 year or 25 years. What about his kids’ futures too?

      2. Carroll says:

        From what I have read and seen on the news, it almost sounds like Brian Stow would be better off dead than living the life of a vegetable. And yes, I think the Dodger organization needs to step up to the plate. Money has been coming in from all around, but I’m sure it won’t be enough.

        God Bless the Stow Family

    3. quito says:

      I agree with you! I do think they need more lighting in the parking lots.

  7. California is Already 70% Mexico says:

    LA Dodgers = Old LA Raiders!!

    You NEVER ever attend their games without wearing Helmets & going in a large male group, it looks Gay going with a group of men but it can save your life!!

    1. Can the STOW FAMILY turn the other cheek? says:

      Let them who hear hear. I hear you.

    2. Ralph says:

      Maybe you’re just gay.

  8. Fight On! says:

    Props to USC for Banning ALL Alcohol sales at the Coliseum 5 years ago!!

    1. Two Pints Of BOOze says:

      It seems like one has to get drunk as hell to even enjoy a dodger game these days. I think maybe the beating of Bryan Stow was the highlight of the opening game for some.

    2. Daniel LaRusso says:

      But they allowed alcohols sales at Raves where teens attended and even had custom tent areas for VIP to sell Vodka and other spirits and they did not have PROPER licensing for that inside the Coliseum.

      Coliseum Commission is just as stupid and liable as The Dodgers.
      Hey for a fact I know everbodys get’s drunk in the Parking lot at USC football game! Fight on!

  9. Efrain says:

    They should also pursue a lawsuit to his two friends that ran! But the Dodgers do need to pay up due to not enough security around the thug infested Chavez Revine…

  10. Jessica Regardo says:

    I have not gone to Dodger Stadium since this happened, however every time that i did I would get apprehended for drinking a can of beer in my car…and I’m no thug, I’m a non-violent liberal pacifist. That being said, what these gangster guys was incomprehensible and also something that could have never been prevented, unless of course these guys were of a different mindset. They hit this poor man from behind the head…he never saw it coming and fell to the ground, causing unrecoverable injury. These jerks are non-human in my eyes. How the Dodgers are responsible is beyond me, the security they are responsible for providing could have never prevented this from happening, ever. Its a sad state of the world that we live in.

    1. Love and Tazers is all we need. says:

      One thing LAPD has taught the cattle is that Tazers work best. ZZZZZTTT, down you go. Give em’ Tazers.

  11. KeithS says:

    Probably because we have such an unpopular owner who has admitted he cut back on security to save money, the Dodgers will have to pay. Question: I am sure there have been crimes committed in college parking lots and at concert venues. Does anyone know if there is a precedent where the venue was found liable? As someone who used to coordinate security for a social organization and part of my job was hiring guards for the parking lot, the train of thought was always to patrol during the event when the bad element might be lurking or looking to break into cars. The last thing that entered most people’s mind was something would happen AFTER the event when, in my case, 300-400 people were going to their cars at once. I mean true, I kept the guards for some time after the event but the idea this could happen in a parking lot with thousands is scarier than any amount of money.

    1. Let's love one another, RIGHT NOW. says:

      It’s called common sense of cowardice.

  12. Andrew says:

    The Stow family is starting to get greedy.

    1. Andrew is a buffoon says:

      GREEDY??? The man can no longer support his family and medical bills (and other bills) are piling up I’m sure. This could have been prevented. Greedy my assss.

      1. matthew says:

        he should have kept his mouth shut towards drunk dodgers fans..giants fans come to dodgers games and are just straight arrogant and loud mouthed! hes the typical hateful giants fans…giants fans keep your mouth shut when your in our stadium

      2. keniee says:

        No worries for me. Since I have lived in this smoggy gangsterland I have seen several games at Dodger Stadium but that will never happen again. Your team sucks and so does the attendance.

    2. John Q. says:

      Andrew are you clueless or do you type before you think things thru…Should the Stow family be overwhelmed with millions of dollars of future medical care because of this…

    3. TT says:

      How exactly do you think they are gonna pay all the medical expenses? Money doesnt grow on tree’s ! Who do you think is gonna pay for the plane ride home? The Dr’s to care for him, The nurses , possible home care ? Have you ever gotten sick and had to have someone care for you ? (God forbid I hope not) But those bills arent cheap… If you live normally – its hard to live on 70k a year – without those bills – for a normal family….. Think about what your saying and put it in perspective.

      1. TT says:

        oh i almost forgot -isnt it like 500 to 1000 A DAY for the hospital ????? Plus medication ?

    4. LISA says:


      1. keniee says:

        It appears you are in a small minority in your view of the Stow family. I would suspect you are either ignorant, you hate the Giants, bias against justice, simply prejudiced against white people, had a bad childhood, or all of the above.

  13. Russ Brooks says:

    A lawsuit needs to be filed against the perpetrators so that their finances will be tied-up for years to come. In a public place and in a public forum and setting it is obvious that the police or security cannot be everywhere at once. That is just common sense.

    1. An eye for an eye. says:

      Lets publicly beat them (the perps ) into brain damage. Let’s get drunk before we do it though.

      1. RIRI says:

        Totally agree. They should string up the guy they caught for the beating and let every giants fan take a swing at him with a baseball bat

    2. John Q. says:

      The perps are ex cons and parolees…I think the chances of them landing a good to high paying job are slim to none. I think your common sense is lacking.

  14. ozzy says:

    Go ahead and file a law suit for 40/50 million, Frank is broke and MLB will cease the team from Frank McCourt in 7 to 8 days, because he can’t make pay roll. F McCourt’s X wife Jaime is taking him to court in order to gain half the share of the selling of the Dodgers. Good luck Stow’s and trying to sue a Franchise in turmoil.

    I mean, I hope the Stow’s get their money for the expensive medical bills, not that Brian will ever be the same? Dodgers are a big mess, not only sinking to the bottom of division, add Low dipping attendance, no real Owner and now being sued. To what was once a proud & respected franchise is now a laughing stock around MLB and sports world.

    1. Have a Cigar says:

      Your really riding the gravy train now FRANKIE Boy. Magic Johnson should jump on this one. Get rid of the dodger’s and use the stadium for a football team. OUT OF DARKNESS THERE MUST COME OUT A LIGHT.

  15. Diana Mora says:

    Good, now Franks wife, will get less when the Dodgers sell!

  16. ozzy says:

    Russ Brooks – A lawsuit needs to be filed against the perpetrators ??? thats going to take a century, what kind of job or moeny do you earn in Jail ? $1.00 a day ? I don’t know, forget about those two thugs paying restitution, just lock them up for life. The dogers organization will have to come up with millions in order for Brian to have some kind of decent life

  17. john says:

    While the dodgers are not responsible for bats and balls going in the stands, they are responsible for the security of the fans on their property. I think they should cover all the medical bills, for those of you that say they are getting greedy, try stepping in that families shoes for a week. However, the Dodgers can’t make payroll, I don’t think the Stow Family will be paid anytime soon.

    1. Concerned says:

      maybe if we stopped caring for people with no legal right to be in this country we wouldn’t have this financial situation

  18. Marco says:

    To all the unaware people posting its not a point of being greedy. This man’s medical bills will go into the millions.

    I am in agreement a lawsuit should be filed because the security at dodgers stadium does not exist.

    And this won’t come out of the McCourt’s pocket. I’m sure they have insurance to cover such lawsuits.

    If anything their insurance premium will go up, or they will be cancelled. But their insurance will be the one who pays if a judge rules in the Stowe’s favor.

    People should get educated about things before the go spouting off about greed and what the Stowes are doing to ensure the continued medical treatment of their loved one.

    1. TT says:

      im curious about one thing though – watching the news I have heard that the parking is owned sepately from the stadium – kinda curious about how that is going to factor into this ……

      1. TT says:

        sorry meant separately –

  19. Ralph says:

    so when they win the lawsuit, are all the people who gave money to help out with his bills going to get their money back? Did the family wait until they squeezed every last dime from donors to announce this? they should have said it from the beginning.

    1. TYRON says:


  20. rich says:

    if all of you think that security at the place is lacking and you fear for you safety all these years then i would say that going to the game is for sure at your own risk most of you admitted to knowing the dangers of the place so if you get your self hurt its your own fault for haveing been there. i was always taught the best defence against danger is not to be there. if you know something is dangerious and you get near it anyhow you no longer have a right to sue the person who you precieve to be the cause of the danger and besides did this man (stow) not have a good job?? thus he has health insureance?? in which case his insureance is paying the bill so the family really has no worrys there

    1. kalina kitty says:

      Rich, do you take showers? Do you go out of your house, say like driving your car somewhere? Are those things potentially dangerous? So, try not to take showers or leave your house. Of course, if you don’t take showers the rest of us are better off if you DON’T go anywhere.

      1. rich says:

        kalina get real LEAVEING your house for work and other NEEDED things can be dangerious yes but WE HAVE TO do them we HAVE TO shower but no one HAS TO go to a ball game when you can watch the same game on your TV in your own home drinking your won beer that did not cost you an arm and a leg eating your own hot dogs or what ever you desire again that did not cost you and arm and a leg and you dont have to worry about morons beating you up. my point is if you know something is dangerious and its not something you NEED TO DO to survive in this life then partakeing of that activity is AT YOUR OWN RISK and you should not sue when it bites you in the butt

  21. j says:

    I don’t think the organization should be held responsible. Attacks on fans and fights are common in most stadiums. Remember the usc/ucla fight at the rose bowl? I think that the media has put so much attention on this case its right to want to point fingers, but the organization shouldn’t be held responsible for 40000 adults or two imbeciles.

  22. Marco says:

    Insurance company’s have maximum amounts that they pay.

    I’m surprized the backlash over a lawsuit. If you gave money wasn’t it from the heart?

    If it wasn’t if I was the Stowe family I would that money back cause it isn’t attached to the right spirit.

    People are so trifiling.

    1. TT says:

      @ marco —i have a feeling the people commenting on it werent the ones who gave it – and your absolutely right about the limits – it could very well run out b4 that man is well again ….

    2. Lisa says:

      Marco, I agree 100%. A couple of years ago my boyfriend was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He was in the hospital 2 weeks and racked up $250 g’s with no insurance. I’m sure Stow’s insurance will run out before he even gets out of the hospital. I think he should get Dodger money. God bless him.

  23. geeM says:

    I have to agree with about 75% of the above. There is a chance that the stadium security could be found to have a pattern of negligence. And while were talking about negligence of law enforcement, let’s throw in Tony Villar.

  24. matthew says:

    visiting team fans that do not respond to dodgers fans heckling and s%&* talking to them get left alone…he was like most of the arrogant giants fans i see everytime i go to these series…he respoded to these dodgers fans and got messed up…hope he learned a lesson

  25. Dodger Girl says:

    Isn’t there something on the back of the ticket that holds the Dodgers and the parking lot company harmless?

    1. TT says:

      wondered about all that …

    2. Johnny Mona says:

      What sup Dodgers girl,


    3. keniee says:

      And here I was thinking you had class, at least I was for the “lildodgergirl” blogging on ESPN.

      The disclaimer you are referring to pertains to MLB teams not responsible if perhaps you get hit by a ball or broken bat flying from the batter’s box incurring injuries. It does relieve the MLB team from supplying adequate security from people like Ramirez. But you as a Dodger fan I can understand how myopic your vision and scope is.

  26. BA says:

    I would of beat those two punks/thugs by myself…they’re suing the Dodgers because they’re son was a wimp who couldn’t take on a couple of punks and got his ass kicked…If I had been there they would be in comas and Mr. Stow would be my witness…if you show fear you will be victimized…sorry they did that to you Mr. Stow…

  27. TT says:

    @matthew – you must be about 18 and at “that age” ….. The first thing you need to learn about baseball – is that ITS A GAME, Entertainment,…like going to the movies….. the next thing you need to learn is that you dont TOUCH other people, you learned that in elementary school… – regardless of what they say to you – thats illegal. Those 2 basic principals alone – should be applied to everyday life and if they are -you wouldnt say what you just said.

    1. matthew says:

      im 35 you dork..and its the world we live in today…learn that

      1. TT says:

        no – that just means your old enough to know better – grow up !

  28. Beach Cowboy says:

    BA – that was one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Beach Cowboy says:


    1. matthew says:

      he was (stow) the idiot to pay the drunk attackers any attention..ignore them and walk away and he would be fine today..typical giants fan…your post was the 1st dumbest im guessing

  30. amc says:

    When did the immigration status of the perp become known! You’re just being a ignorant ass for “assuming” that they’re illegal. Does that mean that every time you see a hispanic looking person you assume they’re here illegally? What a racist moron. I am very sorry and disgusted for what happened to Mr Stow. I have too been present at Dodger games, were fans from the visiting teams just start the bs talking and then can’t handle it. By no means though is what happened to Mr Stow excusable in any way shape or form. One would think that with the Dodgers charging $15 for parking they’d be able to afford more security.

  31. Johnny Mona says:


  32. Guest2011 says:

    Gee what a difference 24 hours makes. Just yesterday they said during a press conference that they didn’t blame the Dodgers or Dodgers Stadium for what happened.

  33. brian says:

    thousand extra patrolling officers would not have prevented this crime from happening…

    does anyone think it’s weird the victim’s own friends did not help him? they actually ran. also, was there any prior incidences that led up to this attack.

    as lowly class as these guys were, it’s just hard to imagine a random guy was spotted out socked, and jumped. just saying…

    also, please explain how all these quasi-racists come of the wood works when stuff like this happens. i’m talking about guys like ‘ca will be mexico in 2025’…

    can you explain your comment to me? I’m American, but FOR SURE you will think I’m Mexican first….I guess that’s what you mean by “CA is going to be Mexico”?

    1. wt says:

      You sound like a Brazilian.

      1. wt says:

        This happened many times before.Just a year or two ago a young hispanic just hit an old guy walking down the street with a baseball bat at the back of the head.Total strangers.Killed the guy.It’s on video.

      2. wt says:

        They went after Mike Tyson too.
        It’s also on video.

      3. wt says:

        The moderator erased part of it too.Which was true and reality.
        This sort is all we got left in CA.

      4. wt says:

        How this website is moderated is retarrted.CA is just a cesspool now.

    2. wt says:

      The car of course just sits there and does not hit back as cars do.
      This happened many times and all the time now.And I remember what life was like before the hispanics are around.

      1. wt says:

        This had to be posted in pieces because the website moderater has no respect for truth and reality.

      2. wt says:

        Three of them came after me too.I got the better of them.They then call the police.Completely without shame.

      3. wt says:

        The police couldn’t do anything because it was three on one.Even if they lied their teeth off.later they went after my car.
        This happened many times before.

  34. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I think so many lawsuits are absolutely ridiculous; however, in this case, I applaud the Stow family for suing the Dodgers. Bryan will need a lot of care and it is my opinion that the Dodgers owner should pay for it. I have never been to a Dodger game or a baseball game for that matter; however, after listening to KFI AM 640, and after reading so much about the security at the Dodger Stadium, it does appear that there was not enough security to keep the public safe. This was a senseless crime and I am so grateful that the guy has been caught – my hope is that the other two will be caught as well. There are two people who will suffer tremendously from this crime: 1. Bryan Stow 2. The little girl who will be left motherless when her mother is sent to prison. May justice be served and may Bryan fully recover, and may the little girl find peace for her life.

  35. Mary Elizabeth says:

    P.s. – it doesn’t matter if you’re Black or White – every race commits crimes. I am a white female, and I have all white relatives and most of them are in prison, rightfully so, for the horrendous crimes they have committed. You are either a good person, or you are a bad person. As for me, I choose to be a good citizen, contributing well to society. I don’t speak to half of my cousins because of who they are. White, Black or Mexican – it’s all about how you were raised.

    1. wt says:

      Think what it would be like if 95% of the people in the world are like your relations.Then you have the hispanics .

  36. Daryl says:

    I hate Dogers , Lakers , and Raiders fans, all thugs. Thats why they burn down the city when their teams win, no other city in America acts like these idiots. Well soon the rest of them will be getting out of prison thanks to the new thing that just passed, you’ll be getting about 38,000 more fans coming out to party,,,,, ENJOY !

    1. Abigail says:

      excuse me? Not ALL dodgers fans are thugs. You should not make such idiotic generalized statements like that. There are many many people who are fans of LA teams and are not thugs. Oh and saying things like “I hate Dodgers fans…” only creates more hate. You certainly aren’t adding anything positive to the situation

  37. Tanya says:

    Why am I not surprised that the conversation on here turned to Hispanics being illegal and thugs? Last I checked, in a crowd of 40,000 you’re bound to get troublemakers. That would be why they hire security, to protect the non-troublemakers. The Stowe family will not profit off of this lawsuit. They will be lucky to get Bryan’s medical expense’s covered.

    1. te says:

      Hi “Tanya”
      Don’t try too hard with big words “Tanya”. It might make your little CHIMP brain explode.
      Proud of something like a PhD from “Northwestern”.Ha Ha haaaaa

  38. .. says:

    Maybe amongs you brain limited primatees.

    Sad little affirmative actions retarrdd brownn monkkeeys.

    1. . says:

      Majored in American History ? Ha Ha Ha.
      Monnkeeyy Brain can’t handle high level physics and mathematics right?

  39. .... says:

    Please don’t make anymore little monnkkeeyys too Tany-a .

  40. ........ says:

    It take a lot of LAPD time to shoot all them little sppiicc monnkeeys.


      HA HA, Remember were in yer homes, businesses, schools, hospitals. Everywhere you are, we are. THIS IS CALIFORNIA, A SPANISH NAME FOR A SPANISH COLONIAL INVASION OF SETTLED NATIVES, THAT INCLUDES MEXICANS. Like ISRAEL TO PALESTINE, “GET OUT OF OUR LAND:”

      1. i says:

        Yeah hang around and get looked at and treated like shiiit and verrmin by everyone.

      2. i says:

        I’m sure you experience that on a daily bases Tanya.

      3. i says:

        Your mother ever tell you to succkk blonde coc_ks but stay away from the brown ones.

      4. i says:

        Whites,Asians,Blacks,Indians,Russians,Paki,Persians.Everyone hates the spiiics.

      5. i says:

        What? You don’t like being “Tanya” anymore?

      6. i says:

        Heck Even HISPANICS hates Hispanics.

      7. i says:

        Like all the good hispanic mothers tells their daughters.

  41. ................. says:

    hD in American History.Ha NO ONE WANTS YOU in America.People are MARCHING in the streets to get you out of their neighborhood and state.How laughable.

  42. . says:

    Please don’t move into my neighborhood by the way.Thank you very much.

  43. . says:

    Another MONNKEEYY with PhD.Forgets to look in the mirror everyday

  44. .... says:

    and see the JUNGLE MONNKEEYY.

  45. .... says:

    F A K You too forum moderators.

    Don’t like the truth do you ?

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    F A K You too forrum modderatorrs.

    Don’t like the truth do you ?

  47. Not K Available says:

    No they have an issue with the perpetrator and no one else. Suing the Dodgers is just pure greed and that is a fact not my opinion. How do we know Mr Stow did not do something to provoke this attack. This is no different then the guy who used his Toyota to kill his wife and kids and commit and the estate had the gall to sue Toyota for $10,000.00 . Not sure why Susan Smith did not sue Mazda when she used her Mazxda to drown her kids by pushing into a lake.
    Greed repeat after me greed.

    1. Scott says:

      I don’t agree with making money off this situation, but I also don’t think it is fair the Stow family should have to loose everything they have to cover the doctor’s bills and future care that will likely be required. If not the Dodgers orginaztion, then who should pay the bills?

  48. Klasson says:

    I’ve been a Dodger season ticket holder for 30 years. Maybe there are gang members that come to the games just like they do at Laker, Angel and Clipper games. What can management do about it? NOTHING. Do you want the airport treatment at every sporting event? I think NOT. There isn’t enough security to cover the entire parking lot and stadium. Face it , there are THUGS eveywhere. Its the chance you take going anywhere in this town. Its not fair that all Dodger fans are lumped in with the “A”holes that come to a game or two a year and cause trouble. We all know where these jerks are from so blame it on US Imimigration.

  49. Vic LA says:

    DISAPPOINTED. I ‘get’ he was hurt, it’s a horrible, horrible thing. but lawsuit? Everyone’s go-to solution. Make someone pay. Sad. Stay home forever.

    1. TT says:

      @ vic well you could look at it this way – if the organization responsible doesnt pay – than we all will – when he needs medi-cal, social security, insurance, welfare if it comes down to that – God forbid – Not to mention the wife growing old without her husband or the kids growing up with their dad not well…..so ya – somebody will pay either way its either the Mc Courts or all of us….. Sad to say I feel really bad for these people…but absolutely true…..

  50. Raymond Barcelos says:

    I have been a Dodger fan since 1958 and I do not believe that the vast majority of fans are like the idiots who attacked Bryan Stow. I do feel that the Dodgers security for many years has been very poor and I think they should be liable in this case. I pray that Mr. Stow will get better. We need to hope that Frank McCourt sells his team to someone who can make Dodger Stadium more family friendly.

  51. A says:

    Dodgers absolutely liable for some part of the lack of security at the stadium,. And the owners are also thieves and have stolen millions of dollars from their own company to live a life of greed and selfishness only at the expense of the fans!!
    they belong in jail both of them!!!!!

    1. Gregg Yost says:

      I think we need to seperate the “Dodgers” from stadium management. It was stadium management that failed the Mr. Stow. Whether Mr. Stow instigated the attack (which I doubt, based on the accused activities following the attack) or not, it is unacceptable for 15 minutes to lapse before security arrived on the scene. This attack should not reflect on the Dodger players/team. For this, the management should be held accoutable. Let us remember that Mr. Stow’s life will never be the same.

  52. BIG SLIM says:


    1. keniee says:

      I was offered free tickets to the Dodger Gang Stadium tonight. I could watch the sucky Dodgers lose to Florida, but the Dodgers never get a dime from again. And it looks like by their attendance many others agree with me.

  53. Daisy says:

    After reading some of these posts, they sound like they are the criminals’ supporters. Bryan Stowe just should have kept his mouth shut? Really?? That is just the kind of comment one would expect from thug mentality. As for Mr. Stowe’s medical expenses, unfortunately the State of California will most likely cover them with Medi-Cal. Any $$ should go straight into a trust for his kids.

  54. It\\\’s important to know about people if you are planning to hire them as employees or contractors, or anyone else with access to things that are important to you.

    You can\\\’t tell by looking at someone if they are trustworthy. The best thing to do is to do a criminal background check. You can do them online in minutes and then feel secure that you did your homework. You can never be too careful.

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