LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jeff Conaway’s manager says the actor is in critical condition and facing a crucial period of survival.

The 60-year-old Conaway has been hospitalized since May 11, when he was found unconscious from what manager Phil Brock said was a drug overdose that may have involved pain pills.

Conaway, who starred in TV’s “Taxi” and the movie musical “Grease,” has pneumonia and sepsis, a potentially deadly blood poisoning caused by a bacterial infection, Brock said Monday.

The next 48 hours are considered crucial.

To aid his recovery, Conaway was in a medically induced coma at the Encino Tarzana Medical Center, Brock said.

In 2008, the actor aired his battle with addiction on TV’s “Celebrity Rehab.” Conaway has struggled with back pain and repeated operations, Brock said.

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  1. Lorie says:

    Please Dear Jesus,

    Please let Jeff overcome his demons cause we ALL love him….

  2. Comic_guy says:

    Kids, stay off drugs!

  3. Sage Advice says:

    Please Dear L. Ron Hubbard,

    Please let Jeff overcome his Body-Thetans cause we ALL brainwashed him….

    Proof Scientology is BS. Jeff once said it “cured” his addictions.

  4. Ya'll R Nuts says:

    cuckoo! cuckoo!

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