The Asking Price Was Only $1.1M

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — What housing slump!?

Someone just plunked down $1.3 million for a house that was uninhabitable.

It’s a very nice house, as houses go, but this foreclosure in Huntington Beach is gonna need a lot of work.

To describe it as “severely vandalized” would be an understatement.

The two-story house has more then 3300 square feet (3321 to be exact)…much of it trashed. Someone is buying a very expensive fixer.

The 4-bedroom house is in the very upscale neighborhood of Radcliffe Circle. 6581 Radcliffe Circle to be precise. Doesn’t that even sound ritzy!?

The Orange County Register says the house sold for $200,000 above asking. A steal?

Well, the house had no appliances, it had a severe mold problem and someone even poured cement and various chemicals down some of the drains. Some walls are even missing (never good in a mansion), one floor caved in, a Jacuzzi was left running for months…someone even made off with most of the toilets. Estimation: $250,000 in damage when all was said and done.

Either someone has a lot of imagination (not to mention cash) or HGTV is doing a new show on how to rescue a mansion.

Comments (2)
  1. icecream says:

    Maybe it was a magician !

  2. larrry says:

    who was the former owner? that would be my short list of who is responsible

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