El MONTE (CBS) — Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man after he reportedly led them to human remains buried in a backyard Friday.

Earlier in the day the man called the Alhambra Police Department saying he knew where there was a body buried in El Monte, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

el monte body buried Man Leads El Monte Police To Body Buried In Backyard

(credit: CBS)

The remains were found around 3 p.m. in the 9400 block of Cortada Street, Deputy Guillermina Saldana said.

Deputies then placed the man under arrest on suspicion of murder.

Whitmore said the suspect’s name will not be released until the victim is identified and their family is notified.

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Comments (8)
  1. Timothy McGarry says:

    But it was there when I moved in!

    1. Bobby McGee says:

      His guilt did him in. “More volunteers please’ There will be no forgiveness be given out any time soon. ‘Suckerrr!

  2. Vommy Vo says:

    OH wow, should be interesting to see how that pans out.


  3. neighbor says:

    when i saw the news cast outside the gates yesterday i was shocked. grew up with the guy since childhood and went to high school with him. we play basketball and ride bikes everyday. at times the kid, would be cooped up at home for a few days, i would go check on him and see if he want to go outside to shoot some hoops or ride bike. but him pointing out the dead body buried back there just makes me feel shocked and after much sadness. i remember us having super soaker water fights with the whole neighborhood block and that was his idea. so for 3 years straight in 1995-1998 the whole neighborhood would wait until summer comes around and more than 30 kids are out in that very same area having the best water war with the biggest super soakers and water balloons. one time (this was when we were 13 years old) he invited me over to play some video games and i was there for a couple hours and met his mom for the first time. i wouldn’t say the lady is nice because she told me that he doesn’t need friends. but in good manner it’s still polite to introduce myself. after some time of visiting him in the couple years down the road i notices there were alot of different meds his mother was taking. i don’t want to sound crazy but his mother seems like a person that was crazy. and sadly she probably drove him crazy because after some time i started noticing him talking to himself for a while, when im sitting right next to him playing video games. i never talked to him about that. then at times he would invite me over and kick me out like 10 minutes later. he did that only twice to me and the first time he said to me: my mom said i don’t need you as my friend. so i started staying away from him more and more as months go by. maybe just calling him and drop by to say hi every once in a while. im almost turning 30 years old, and i sort of realized throughout all the fun activities we had spent time together maybe he just wants to be outside and live like any other healthy kids would grow, but at times he would be cooped up in his home and his mom would yell at him for 5 to 6 hours sometimes 10 hours each day and it would go on for 4 days straight, and being his neighbor for a good number of years. she wouldn’t yell too loud, but i could hear her. he would take it and stay quiet and listen to all the gibberish because she’ll mumble a whole lot. that kind of thing will drive a person nuts to take all that in. i would talk to him and ask him if he wants to talk about what’s going on. but he just kept it all in. i don’t know what else to say… even though people will judge him, and forgiveness won’t be given, because they really don’t know them personally, i thought i did and i don’t know how to see a sense of forgiveness in that either, but remember GOD always forgives when us people ask for forgiveness. P.S. Jackie Johnson you’re so hot, you make all your clothes look good on you, especially when you’re in a black skirt and red shirt. (drool!)

    1. tenderoni says:

      you should talk to the authorities …..

    2. greeniidgrlinca says:

      sorry but what was your point??

  4. The Dago Stud says:

    Your ass is big!

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