LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lindsay Lohan has obtained a restraining order against a man she says has shown up at her house and sent her numerous bizarre text messages.

The temporary order issued Thursday bars David Cocordan from attempting to contact or meet the actress.

Lohan wrote in a sworn declaration that she is frightened of the 38-year-old man.

Text messages attached to Lohan’s petition state the sender believes he and Lohan are engaged, and has left her a box of chocolates and other items.

He claimed in one message that he was in the courtroom last month when the 24-year-old actress was sentenced to 120 days in jail.

Lohan’s publicist, Steve Honig, said he would not comment on Lohan’s security matters.

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Comments (8)
  1. duh says:

    Not mentioned is the fact that Cocordan has a fetish for ducks. Especially duck beaks.


    1. Saber 1 says:

      I would toss her salad for an hour. Then munch on her carpet and finally I would give it to her fast and hard.

  2. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Oh no poor ol Charle is gonna be bummed

  3. Lisa says:

    omg! she looks so scary!! that hard living is taking a toll on her!! she needs to give up those lip injections!!!

  4. SNMFX says:

    I guess all of the press should be named in this restraining order as well since they were in the courtroom too!!!

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