LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new woman has stepped forward claiming Arnold Schwarzenegger had a longtime affair with her that began when she was 16 years old, according to news reports Wednesday.

Gigi Jeffers, also known as Gigi Goyette, has hired high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her against the Hollywood star and former California governor, Star Magazine reported.

Allred released this statement Wednesday evening:

“I can confirm that I do represent Gigi Goyette. We have no comment at this time and we will also have no comment tomorrow.”

Jeffers told Star Magazine that she met Schwarzenegger in 1975 while she was an actress on “Little House On The Prairie.” She allegedly was just 16 years old when he had sex with her in a hotel room while his wife Maria was in another room on the same floor.

The pair allegedly didn’t meet again until 1989.

This report comes days after Schwarzenegger announced he had an affair with his maid, Mildred Patricia Baena, and fathered a child with her 14 years ago.

Schwarzenegger’s estranged wife, Maria Shriver, issued a statement Tuesday in response to the revelation:

“This is a painful and heartbreaking time,” she said. “As a mother, my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal. I will have no further comment.”

Comments (92)
  1. Really says:

    He was like this when he was Mr. Universe….he’s the same way now. He never changed who he was. But, Maria Shriver was stupid for marrying him because she had to know his lifestyle. He was pretty open with it back in the day.

    1. Kali says:

      This is absolutely true. No one should worry about it now. He is who he is. Maria married him the way he was, and she knew it. No woman can change patterns like this. Arnold, like so many millions of men is a serial cheater, always was. Doesn’t mean he didn’t love this woman or that woman, he has no self love. Oh well. All of them…Arnie, Maria, the maid, the kids should hold hands and love one another…nobody was duped.

      1. Joey Coco says:

        I agree…Arnold is who he was when Marie met him. And she was probably fully aware of his sexual promiscuity when she met him….probably what attracted her to him 🙂

      2. joshua says:

        Ii dont know why people make a big deal about men that have extra marital affairs. We should understand the reality about biological make up of a mens body, testosterone is real and we have to deal with the reality that men will always cheat, does it make it right, no. I can also see double standard here where all the blame are always on the men and forgot that the woman who he cheated on is as guilty as he is. Am sick and tired about the biased society that we live in where when this issue comes up men always take the blame and the woman is always the victim.

      3. Joyce Miller says:

        I agree suck it up and keep it moving, knowone is glued to each other, sorry it’s life as we live, those people that think it cant happen to them better watch out,

    2. sunset blvd says:

      So Maria should be a psychic? No one can perdict what Arnold did, not even Arnold! The only thing “stupid” is your comment!

    3. Marey Drake says:

      Arnold wasn’t even married to Maria in 1975, so what is this ‘alleged’ affair with Gigi all about? The fact that she was 16 (stupid girl) or the fact that he was SINGLE?

      1. Joyce Miller says:

        Agree stupied little girl,where was her Mother.

      2. kriste says:

        i caught that too! they married during the latter part of the ’80s so he wasn’t an adulterer, just a perv!

    4. LynRae McClintock says:

      CHARACTER COUNTS…. and people don’t change. This is a hard lesson to learn at the young age of pre-marriage. Fifty percent of the “happy ever after'” ends in this hell created with a spouse’s lying and cheating. A part of their BAD CHARACTER and impossible to change.

      Parents, go teach your children what GOOD CHARACTER is and how to look for it in their friends and future spouses or RUN. Bad character is a flaw and nothing you can change. It is a brain set.

      GO MARIA! YOU are NOT TO BLAME but are a victim who tried way to many years through faith and love of family to make this marriage work. I am so sorry.

      1. Lyn Mcclintock says:

        LR is comment #80
        GO MARIA!!! And God’s Blessings and Love on You and Your Children.

  2. Thomas Forcade says:

    Looks like Arnold is not going to be snoring anymore.Ain’t payback great arnie?

  3. jose says:

    We all make mistakes, I’ve made some myself. At least he takes responsibility for his actions. That takes a real man to do. I wish him and Maria the best.

    1. GregR says:

      yeah, we all make mistakes, but having sexual relations with a housekeeper seems like a deliberate act to me. I like how people say, “I take full responsibility” as if that means something. Saying he takes responsibility doesn’t make him a “real man”. How about not doing it in the first place? A real man wouldn’t betray his wife and he would be a role model for his children and set an excellent example.

      1. joshua says:

        who cares

      2. sierra64 says:

        Exactly, WHO CARES! There is nothing any of us can do about it. It is there lives and it does not affect me.

    2. Tina says:

      responsibility? Really? He didn’t even acknowledge the kid for 14 years and then only because the mistress was ready to go to the tabloids. What a joke. He had a good life and a wife who loved him. Can you imagine being one of his kids right now? He isn’t responsible by any stretch of the imagination. What kind of idiot has affairs and illicit sex and doesn’t even put on a condom? Brilliant.

      1. joshua says:

        women do this all the time, i dont see you condeming the lady, she perfectly knew arnold has a family. What a double standard. I guess one will say that she raped her lol. She knows what she was doing perferctly when she slept with arnold so spare that guilt trip on arnold himself both are guilty. The same thing with tiger woods all these women knew this guy is married and they still slept with him and as soon as one person came out you see all this money hungry once coming out trying to make money. Am sick and tired of all these leechers who will want my sympathy after their motive is well known. America should know better

    3. Fred Head says:

      @ jose, you are a moron!

    4. Paul says:

      The ONLY reason he ” took responsibility for his actions ” was because it was all about to come out in the media. If not for the impending story, there’s little doubt he would have continued to keep the whole thing hush-hush.

      1. joshua says:

        All the men in here who are piling it up on arnold remember dont throw stones at a glass house because some of you are hypocrites, just like when gingrich was condeming president clinton on monica lewisnky case, he was doing the same thing. what a moron and a hypocrite, I know that men never support each other, we like to pile it up on ourselves knowing that we are also guilty ourselves

    5. Kim Greene says:

      How did he take responsibility?? Oh by holding a press conference? Sorry, but taking responsibility for your mistake means changing your life. It means doing a million mea culpas. Sorry but when you sc*ew a woman in your own home — have two kids by two different women within a week of each other, that is just disgusting on a whole other level. Just mouthing the words isn’t enough. A real man doesn’t drive by in his rolls while the press asks him for a comment. Heck – I’ve made mistakes but I bust my hump to make amends. This guy is a piece of work. Oh and by the way, I would never make a mistake on this level.

  4. blake says:

    should put his ass behind bars. maybe you can get your body halfway back while in the pent eh arnie? no steroids this time tho ; )

  5. voilavoila says:

    American passion: Getting in the private lives of others, making noise on common immoral actions (cheating), suing the rich and putting down celebrities to shadow personal insecurities. Leave people alone for God’s sake!!! Gold diggers!

    1. Kim Greene says:

      Get over yourself, the moron held a press conference to announce his indiscretion. He’s an idiot of historic magnitude and deserves all the negative karma he’s generated!

  6. john well says:

    I was beginning to worry about a bet I had with a friend about when Gloria Alred was going to be involved in all of this. Thanks for winning me a $100 Gloria !!!

    1. Kim Greene says:

      ME TOO!!!

    2. joshua says:

      yes your right what a moron gloria allred is. These are two concenting adults.

  7. California will be part of Mexico by 2025 says:

    So the Sexual Harassment & groping charges are true but yall fools still voted for him.

    For a man worth $1 Billion by Forbes, he obviously picked some ugly chicks.

  8. Love you long time says:

    Hey!! Wait, I had sex with Arnold too!!! Signed, 51-year-old black male!!!

    1. Rick says:

      So was Arnie at bat or in the Catcher position?

  9. crazy legs says:

    THE SPERMANATOR GOT PLENTY OF HOs, i just hope they didnt give the kid one of those long names like juan sanchez gonzalez garcia pepe schwarzenegger.

    1. michelle says:

      now that was funny

  10. Sperminator says:

    if Sperminator was joe blow, i’m sure they’ld file charges for Sexual Harassment & rape charges.

  11. ILLEGALS says:


    Fat gurls need loving too..!

  12. sean says:

    I am LAUGHING at all the pre-Tea Party protesters who fell for Arnolds obvious lies and voted for him. Remember the angry “draft arnold” rallys and the Leno appearance? Tea party= anger management cases looking for easy answers…

    1. Mike K. says:

      You do realize the he was elected governor YEARS before there was such a thing as the Tea Party? Right?

  13. Yucaipadave says:

    Bailiff, whack his pee pee!

  14. Joe says:

    Arnold has been doing allot of work with un-wed mothers.

    Just helping them get there start.


  15. james says:

    I guess all you people are so holy and righteous. Take some time and look at yourself, you will see the devil and devious one in YOU people

    1. Kim Greene says:

      I’m not holy nor righteous but I do know right from wrong. I take time and look at myself every morning and I make choices with a clear head and a clear heart. I think you need to give advice to Arnold. He’s got the devil deep down, the hypocrite.

  16. Robert says:

    One part of this situation that really disturbs me is how all of the attention is going to this story but not the other horrific thing Schwarzenegger did recently. The one where he used his Governor’s power to pardon a murderer before leaving office. That story was building steam locally here in Los Angeles, about how he pardoned the son of a political friend, and let this guy go after he murdered a kid in cold blood. That murderer and son of Ah-nold’s high powered friend killed somebody in cold blood mostly because of his being kicked out of a party. Leaving the murdered kids family with a feeling that justice was not served. Because their son’s murder was not sufficiently punished. How horrible it is for them? What’s worse is how sad a commentary this is on our society. When we care less about justice being served for the murdered kids family, because they are not famous or rich enough. Nevertheless, the media picks up on the pain and betrayal of Maria Shriver and her kids largely because of the soap opera and juicy gossip of this situation. Yet, nobody cares about the murdered kid’s family because their pain is not celebrity driven, glamorous or the type of news topics we gravitate to as a society. A better newsworthy topic of discussion is how we should perhaps begin thinking about ways to ammend a departing Governor’s abuse of power. But that discussion would require us to use our brians. That is too much for a society and media empire that has sunk to such low level that a sleazy tabloid story is more newsworthy. Over something about a justice system that affects us all in some way.

    1. Cornfused says:

      I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with you Robert. In reality his personal life isn’t anything truly out of the ordinary but pardoning that murdered was something that completely turned me off to the guy and any shred of integrity he might of had left.

    2. Ungoverned says:

      Finally someone with decent perspective of the whole situation, my hat off to you Robert.

    3. Big John says:

      he was involved but he did not kill that other young man. when people are partying & groups start trouble with each other sometimes bad things happen. & yes the person who took a life should be held responsible but if you start trying to charge everybody who was there then you must also charge the friends of the person who got killed because they were just as much at fault as any one else

      1. Woo says:

        A dead Dodger’s fan.
        So what if Arni pardoned the guy.

      2. kriste says:

        that’s got to be one of the silliest things i’ve ever heard. those cowards went out looking for a fight, the one’s attacked did NOTHING but get in their way at wrong time. those guys then made up story, destroyed evidence and laughed about how his daddy would get them off on self-defense.
        it’s called felony murder. and all four of them should have been tried for murder instead of letting two testify but at least that i get.
        how the hell could anyone with even a tiny bit of sense find the victim’s who were stabbed in the back even slightly responsible?

  17. Rod says:

    Is 1976 the correct timeline – didn’t Arnold only meet Shriver in 1977 at a tennis match – and wasn’t married at the time – not until 1986?

  18. Cornfused says:

    I’m just curious…does this mean we’ll see Arnold on the golf course with Tiger any time soon?

  19. Ron says:

    One is found out and all that think they can get some money out of him will say the same thing. He probably did the lawyer for Gigi Jeffers just so she would not feel left out. Anyone can say anything but prove it.
    Arnold needs to stay asleep for awhile while he can still sleep.

  20. Pat Pounds says:

    Ho-hum, another high profile unfaithful male. Why is this even news?


    I have much compassion for maria this being in the media is not a happy day,my first husband had a child from his first 1yr marriage,because of this I didnt want to get together with him …but he grew on me and made ne laugh,I know exactly how she feels.time will help her get on with everything and karma will deal in arnolds life ,whatever we do in this life we will face the consequences no matter how we try to hide the truth. I am sorry that this had to happen to both of them,this mildred should have sAID NO ..i BLAME HER AND HIM.

    1. derp says:

      i’m sorry, but how does your situation at all compare? he had child during marriage, that’s nothing like your husband having a child from a previous marriage in terms of pain for the woman involved…

  22. FTBroadnax says:

    If these accusations can be proven true, will California seek to imprison him for statutory rape with the same fervor they sought to imprison Polanski? High profile people should know infidelity can come back to haunt them when they least expect it… Men in power should know by now to keep it in their pants.

  23. Gloria Allred says:

    Show me the money Arnold.

  24. Send Him Back To His Country! says:

    I have a picture of him at Venice Beach in 1971 laying with all those girlfriends of his. He was a dog then and he’s a dog now. I have seen him coming out of back doors in buildings on Sunset Blvd. that lead down a alleyway to the parking garage. Most of the time the paparazzi is there but they never think to go to the front of the building as I do to see who walks out without being noticed. I have!

  25. Dennis says:

    Mel Gibson is beginning to look good hahaha

  26. concha says:

    it takes 2 to tango

  27. merryjoe says:

    The people of California are the stupid ones — for electing this loser twice! All this womanizing was out in plain site during the recall election that put Arnie in the governor’s chair, and during some insane incomprehensible rage, the people of California chose to ignore it all and vote the man into the highest office in the State. never mind that he had no experience either, Arnold was your Savior! And now look at you.

  28. Arnold Schwarzenneger says:

    Guess I von’t be bahck. Bummer.

  29. goober says:

    Wow? an adulterer and had sex with an under aged teen not to mention was a lousy governor and actor too. Dam stupid shriver thats what she gets for marrying a nazi!

  30. PJ53 says:

    Will all mistresses step forward now so we can get back to “Charlie Sheen”!!!

  31. kidonhayca says:

    What Arnold did WRONG in every way – no exceptions. However, Maria ask for privacy and then goes on Oprah! You can not have it both ways Maria. If you want privacy, STAY OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT!

    1. notakid says:

      hey kido yes you are a kid and a moron … you are retared at best

  32. NFN says:

    Arnold met Maria in August of 1977. How can his wife Maria have been on the same floor in 1975 while he was having sex with her?

    I call BS.

    This actress is trying extort money and Gloria needs to be disbarred.

  33. SpamMan says:

    This ladie’s claims is totally bogus. How could she claim that she had sex with him in 1975 while is wife was on the same floor. He didn’t even know Maria Shriver in 1975. Not to mention her name does not appear in any of the credits for any episode. Check on http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071007/fullcredits.

    Another “gold digger”. Alred should be disbarred in California. Another frivolous lawsuit wasting tax payer money.

  34. Agent P says:

    Somebody above said: “It takes 2 to Tango”…

    That about covers it.

    Lose the FAKE Sympathy…

  35. leana says:

    What his did is wrong but he is not the only one to blame. The women/men who sleep with a married person need to be blame just as much. Take your morals book out of your a** and put it someone where you can remember NOT TO SLEEP with a married person.

  36. Rick says:

    Arnold wanted to become the father of our country.

  37. take a moment... says:

    do you know over 4,000 soliders died from the wars we are presently in? some from combat some not. lets all pray for all them and their families and friends.

  38. sunsetflynn says:

    Arnold and Maria didn’t meet until 1977, so how could he have had sex with this woman when she was 16 “with his wife Maria in a different room on the same floor”? Something is not right about this statement…

  39. Ron says:

    This is really pathetic reporting. It says that Arnold had sex with this girl in 1975 while his wife (Maria Shriver) was in another room in the same hotel. Arnold and Maria didn’t get married until 1986.

  40. Tony Montana says:

    it still blows my mind that people actually care when a GUY is messing around, get over it ALL guys do it, it will never change its in our nature should be a reality to everyone and stop acting like its a big deal because it really isn’t, ALL MEN CHEAT

  41. schwarzenegger you need to settle every thing down but any way you still my idol……

  42. art says:

    Housekeeper did not have much choice, more than likely. If she wanted to keep her job, .Immigration status? The whole thing struck me as similar to the slave housekeepers who were routinely sexually used by their owners and bore their children. Also her boss was VERY VERY famous, she may have been flattered by the attention. And if she complained about him, what would happen to her? Just look at the poor maid in N.Y. who accused the IMF chief of assault. She can’t work at her job and is afraid to stay in her own home.

  43. Stacy Mike says:

    Get to da choppa!

  44. nek says:

    The real concern in this whole mess is will Arnold be charged with the criminal act of sex with a minor??? And will he have to register as a pedifile??? I can see the headlines now “Arnold the ex govenor and registered sex offender now says “I won’t be back after all”.

  45. Eastbay says:

    Oh, good. Gloria Allred is now involved. Who could have predicted that? That worman is a worse skank than the rest of the politicians and the women they sleep with….combined! How is it she gets to weigh-in on every scandal and is this shoulder to cry on for every woman that sleeps with a married man in this country? She’s an ambulance-chasing cynic that wreaks torture on any listener of her pablum. I’d love to see her taken down a notch or two for all the false bravado she puts out.

  46. BOB says:

    How did I know the female ambulance chaser would pop up?

  47. Thomas Wilkerson says:

    I think that the media and news agencies who are making this into a circus are disgusting. They dont give a damn how many people they hurt or how many lives they disrupt,(the kids involved I mean),as long as they get their juicy story.
    The media ignores real stories that NEED to be told. 10 years ago my 7 year old son was a victim of 2 felony crimes that caused his death and the CHP covered up his death and falsely blamed my 7 year old for,”causing his own death”.
    I have been trying for 7 years to get the media to look into my sons death and investigate the crude way his death was mishandled but because my son was not kidnapped and murdered it is not newsworthy. 10 years and I still have yet to get some sense of Justice. To read more about this disgusting miscarriage of Justice please visit. http://www.tylerjames.org click on the link, “read the book” and you will truly be shocked. Sincerely, Father seeking Justice

  48. Efti says:

    Maria, knew all about the Arnold’s personality back then. She wanted a famous and handsome man and she got it. However, he was Mr. Universe cashing in on his success on those days. I dont really see a big loss to any of the parties. I think at this juncture of their lives, their marriage is more of convenience than love. So, dont over react to it. Look at the Clintons.

  49. Barbarella says:

    The only people more stupid that Schwarzenegger and the women he knocks up are the voters who fall for the Republicans’ “family values” nonsense. A majority of California voters kicked out a governor who they blamed for the financial crisis, and voted IN this moron who led us into an even BIGGER financial crisis. And the sad part is, they’ll still see his movies and adore him.

  50. lee says:

    why do people even care, he did it ok big deal sorry for his wife and kids but he’s not the only one and he won’t be the last one move on get over it this is hollywood this is what go on here ,is rigth no but it is life

  51. dfontaine says:

    First: A 16 year old girl and people think that is okay. She was underage and that should never have happened or been tolerated.
    Second: What is this going to do emotionally to the child he didn’t acknowledge for 13 years. That poor kid.
    Yeah he can sleep with whomever he wants, but that should not include children and he should acknowledge and accept any children he fathers in the act.

  52. Alexander says:

    Very, very unfortunate and disappointing..

  53. Julie, San Jose says:

    16 may not have been underage then. Its relatively recently that fundamental America has decreed that you can’t have legal sex until you are 18 and you can’t drink until you are 21. Even though the majority of teenagers do.

    No other country in the world does that that I’m aware of.

  54. Bobo says:

    If it were not for Arnold being born in another country we could vote him in for President. He’d fit right in.

  55. Bobo says:


    You think he lead us into our finacial problems?

    Think again dear, it may have been those bankers and insurance companies that had a little to do with it. You blame Republicans and they Blame democrats and is it any wonder nothing gets done?

    Bush starts a war. Obama gives hundreds of billions away to the very people that put us in this horrible recession.

    Democrats & republicans laugh at us everyday.

    Think for yourself and not what the networks or the parties want you to.

  56. y luna says:

    to think that i wrote a letter to this pig!!!!!! thinking he was a family man. asking for help with my son (because my son was being tortured at the state facility he lived in). no wonder! I never heard anything, instead of helping innocent childr-en, he was more concerned getting his BALLS OFF!!!! what a sad clown.

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