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Update: Sadly, Jessie lost her battle with cancer on Thursday, January 5, 2012. Jessie’s memory and spirit will continue to live on through the thousands of people she touched and the foundation she inspired. » More

By Lisa Sigell

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A loving couple, three beautiful kids and a faith as strong as any family can have — that, in words, describes the Rees family.

Erik Rees, a pastor at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, could not feel more blessed. He has also never been clearer on his role in life.

“I’m not a pastor right now, I’m just dad… This is different than going and sitting with a family as a pastor, because I’m just dad. My daughter doesn’t need a pastor, she needs her daddy,” Erik said while fighting back tears.

His youngest daughter, 12-year-old Jessie, has cancer. The first symptom was double vision and from there she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

It has been two months since the diagnosis. Jessie has endured 30 rounds of radiation, too many visits to the hospital to count and chemotherapy — a tough battle for anyone, let alone a 12-year old.

“There were points when you would cry, when you would have those days. And there were points when you were good,” Jessie said.

“It just breaks… because it’s your baby and you want to do everything you can to protect them and make sure it’s OK and sometimes it’s just out of your hands,” said Jessie’s mom, Stacey.

“It’s never easy being a dad. No it’s not. Daddies are supposed to make boo boos go away. You know, when she use to fall and skin a knee, I could help. Stacey could help. This one is out of our control,” Erik said.

Still, Jessie is surrounded by love. Her home is filled with cards and posters from her friends and church members. Her Facebook page started with a few thousand likes  but since our stories aired has grown to more than 404,000 likes from all over the world.

These words and prayers lift her spirits up. But more than that is what she is doing for others, during a time when most of us would be busy worrying about ourselves.

”That’s not what it’s about,” she said while crying.

Jessie is going through a tough time, but it does not define her. She is all about joy and has even inspired a foundation called NEGU (Never Ever Give Up).

“Never ever give up. Is that how you feel?” I asked.

“Yes, stay strong and you can get through it,” she said.

With her foundation and special JoyJars, she wants to help other kids — especially the ones who cannot go home from the hospital during treatment, like she was able to do.

“I just wanted to make them happier, because I know they are going through a lot too,” Jessie said.

She fills the jars with things kids will enjoy and then brings them to Children’s Hospital of Orange County where she has been treated. She also sells JoyJars online — each one sold pays for one that she gives away.

They are for anyone, who needs a little joy in their life, maybe to give as a birthday present or even a baby gift.

“You know when people get hit with this kind of news, they kind of have one or two choices — be bitter or be better — and Jessie has clearly chosen to be better,” Erik said.

“It’s just inspiring others to keep going and to not give up. And you know, even when it gets tough, that you can get through it, and I think that is what she is touching others with,” Stacey said.

“We are fighting with Jessie,” Erik said.

“And she’s doing amazing,” Stacey added.

“Yes, she is… We’re so proud of her. I’m proud to be her dad.”

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Comments (171)
  1. Marko jankovic says:

    Jessie, you inspire me more than anyone I know. You’re such a wonderful girl and I will pray for you and your family. Love. Mj.

  2. Emma says:

    hi my name is Emma you are great person that was so nice what u did and u r 12 i am 13 and i can never do that i am to shy to do anything

  3. Richard Clark says:

    Hi Jessie,

    I’m 57 years old and I can only wish to have the courage that you have. You inspire me. Keep god with you and that buetiful smile.


  4. Doris says:


    i saw you on television and i want you to know that it is my belief that these terrible things that happen to us are sometime vehicles for God to bring a major blessing to us and others through us. What you are doing is amazing and you are inspiring and blessing others with your beautiful gifts, your tremendous courage, and your ongoing battle. You are in my prayers and if there is anything I can contribute to assist you in blessing others please let me know. Befriend me on facebook.

  5. camille parra says:

    Hello Jessi… The story of your battle and the relationship you have with Jackson was brought to us just yesterday in our Tuesday morning Bible Study group. We meet at Coast Hills Church in Aliso Viejo… and we are praying for you and Jackson. Now, today, I was blessed to see and hear you on CBS News!

    It was the Lord’s will that your face and voice be broadcast across Southern California – and the “never ever give up” story of your faith and love for Him is now traveling through cyberspace for the world to see on the CBS website. I’ve sent the link to all our praying ladies… and I know they are passing it on! Hold fast to your faith and your crown, sweet angel! In Jesus we pray – Camille

    1. Lisa says:

      So glad we could share Jessie’s story with you. She is such an inspiration and bringing joy to so many. Her strength will continue to grow. She is doing well and all our good thoughts and prayers only help. Lisa

      1. Ross Nash says:

        Great Job Lisa:-)

      2. Marilyn says:

        Thank you, Lisa, for bringing Jessie’s story to light. Keep up the excellent work.
        Sincerely, Marilyn Henley (Jessie’s Tanta)

  6. Leon Skeie says:

    You inspire nana and me every day, Jessie!!! Love, Papa

    1. Sandra Crouch says:

      Jessie, I don’t know you personally, but I know a lot of your friends, and knew your Grandpa Leon 20 years ago. From them I know you are a wonderful, genuine young woman whose compassionate heart reaches out to those hurting around you. May the Lord continue to bless you, and to bless others through you, and may He work mightily through your doctors and treatments to heal you completely.

      NEGU <3

  7. Duane says:

    What a courageous young lady you are! I believe in you and wish for the very best in your struggles and journey’s. You are an inspiration to many folks whether they be younger or much much older like me. I’m 65! You have touched my heart young lady. God Bless…

  8. Jessie, you are an amazing young person who has inspired thousands of people. It has been a pleasure to meet you on facebook and to see you and your wonderful parents on TV. I am very impressed with your kindness and sensitivity toward children who are in need. You are a true treasure. God bless you always.

  9. Susan Arlidge-Lopez says:

    Dear Jessie,

    What a strong and amazing young lady you are. May you forever keep the faith and strength you have right now. Our Dear Heavenly Father will be watching over you with his love and grace. I will keep you in my prayers. For with his love all is possible.
    Thank you for sharing your story and blessing others with your love.
    Susan P.S. I love your smile!!!!!!!

  10. pmoore says:

    I love you Jessie. Never had a daughter but if I did I would cherish you forever…

  11. KAREN says:

    God gave you gift to spread the world of what you are doing. Grace to you always/


  12. cyntac says:

    Jessie, you are an inspiration for the world. What you are doing is so remarkable! God and his angels are watching you and will help you in your path.
    I love NEGU! I think everyone watching will send you prayer and all the positive energy possible. You are an amazing person and don’t ever forget that. Keep up the wonderful work you are sharing with the other children. Thank you for all you are doing!

  13. Jacquie Olsen says:

    What an incredible brave little girl and an amazing family….. You are such an inspriration!!! Stay Strong and NEGU! Sending a big hug your way! oxoxo

  14. Ronnie Paul Jr. says:

    Jessie, I watched you on Channel 2 last night. I wish you the very best,and hope for a fast recovery to you. You have wonderful parents. Keep you spirts up. Yoy gifts are just the greatest thing. Ronnie in Fresno, Ca.

    1. Ronnie Paul Jr. says:

      PS Your smile is like sunshine. My prayers and thoughts go to you.

  15. Bianca Ricca says:

    Jessie you are such an amazing girl! And your family loves you SO much! You are such a blessing, not only to them, but to everyone you inspire. Never ever give up Jessie, and i know you wont. God has wonderful things in store for you and your family. You are a TRUE inspiration!!!! Thank you for sharing your faith with us each and every day. You continue to be in my prayers! <3

  16. carlo says:

    jesse your jars are wonderful. keep your head up my dear, jesus is watching over you. keep ing you in my thoughts and prayers. carlo

  17. oliver lopez says:

    contigo la palabra amor se conjuga muy facil!! jesse!! que dios te bendiga

  18. Sydney Marie says:

    Jessie, I hope you get well. May God hear my prayers that your courage and unselfish giving – inspires others. May he give you; your parents; family and friends the strength to get through this difficult time. I typically have heavy heart with what’s’ going on in the world today, but you touched my heart. Thank you! You are not alone and we all love you. -Sydney Marie.

  19. Ana Maria Lopez says:

    Dear Jessie,
    Just saw you on the news today. You are truly an ANGEL from God. Sometimes we are on this earth as instruments for others. You have proven that to be with your business that you have created. What a terrific idea!!!!! I’ll Pray that you get well. Keep the faith!!!! Remember…that although the doctors have the healing power. GOD HAS THE ULTIMATE POWER…. May God Bless you and you loving family always..

  20. Ange says:

    Praying for you, Jessie, Erik and Stacy. Thanks for sharing your story..

  21. Lisa Tigert says:

    Jessie – I watched your segment this morning. You did such a great job! I would have been so incredibly nervous! Thank you for being SO brave by sharing your story and your unending FAITH! You are shining God’s light beyond your imagination! Can’t wait to get more Joy Jars!

  22. Lisa says:

    I am here hoping and praying for you … you truly are an inspiration.
    Thank you for showing us adults and children, how to stay positive.

    All my love 🙂

  23. Lil says:

    What a wonderful story about a brave little girl… What an inspiration she is! We are all praying for you, Jessie! Never ever give up! Love you, sweetie!

  24. Matt says:

    you are an inspiration to us all, you’re amazing. NEGU!

  25. Pam J. Kirby says:

    Jessie, When you get threw all of your operations/treatments, WHAT A TESTIMONY YOU WILL HAVE TO SHARE. We are here to serve God & tell the good news of him & his return. God Bless you & your family. Stay strong in God .

  26. Julee Ellison says:

    Jessie, we are all here for you!! Keep the faith and stay strong! <3

  27. Sue says:

    Wow, Jen. Harsh much? This is about a 12 year old little girl. And they ARE listening to the doctor and she’s going through radiation and chemo. And stop yelling. All caps is just rude. Learn some compassion. Learn from Jessie how to treat others. Whether you believe in a God or not. Believe in human compassion and stop being so dang critical.

  28. Sue says:

    Jessie, thank you for sharing your story with so many. You are a true inspiration! God bless you and your wonderful family!

  29. Samantha Suzuki says:

    You are an inspiration to me everyday. Thank you for sharing your story and your joy!

  30. Lori Boyd says:

    You’re beautiful Jessie, just beautiful. I cried watching you, because you have such a beautiful heart and are so thoughtful. You are one very special girl.

  31. Sam Bobtail says:

    I LOVE YOU JESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEGU sweetheart, God is watching over you! Big hugs to you and to Mum and Dad too, bless you all!

  32. Gail Hartmark Cipiti says:

    Dear Jessie,,
    Thank you for demonstrating ruthless trust by how you live your life! You are a gift to all of us from God!
    Sending you lots of love and lots of hugs! XO

  33. Andrea Jones says:

    I pray for Jessica everyday, ever since I heard her story. I always look forward to checking in on her and giving her incouragment on tough days although I think most of us are more inspired but her faith and bravery. She truly is an inspiration to me and I always look forward to her postings of what would you rather. NEGU Thanks,

  34. katie mcardle says:

    you continue to smile when everything is against you i lie down and cry . whose the grown up?

  35. Mary anne says:

    NEGU Jessie!!

  36. Gina Lanman says:

    Hi Jessie, I am one of your facebook fans! Your sweetness and desire to help others touches me so deeply. It inspires me to do a better job of that myself. You are beautiful and are full of grace. Your parents must be beyond proud of who you are! HUGS to YOU… Full of Love and thanks for sharing your life and story with me. I love the JOY JARS… I just donated!

  37. Dina Purvis Merritt says:

    I am from Douglas, GA. I have been following Jessies’ story for a little while now. I saw on her facebook page that she was going to be on the CBS news. I got up this am and serched on the internet until I finally found it. She is such an inspiration to the worlk. We need to hear more stories about great people.She is wonderful and did a great job on the video………..LOVE AND HUGS FROM GEORGIA

  38. Heather McTaggart says:

    Jessie, you continue to spread Joy and Sunshine…you are an absolute encouragement to SO many!! Prayers for you and you courgeous family going up constantly! Thank you for sharing your story and strength!

  39. Deena says:

    Jessie – You are truly an inspiration – sending prayers your way! 🙂

  40. Natalie says:

    Jessie is one of the most inspiring people I have ever seen!!! She is so beautiful and special and I pray for her every day that God would take away the tumor in her brain. I have next tuesday marked on my calendar as the day she will find out how the chemotherapy went — she truly lives up to her name “Joy” — she is the epitome of the word.

  41. Caleb says:

    We’re with you Jessica!

  42. Elette says:

    Jessie, I live in Oklahoma and am following along your journey every day. My life has been touched by you and your family! I cannot adequately tell you how you have inspired and blessed me. You and your family are absolutely amazing! My prayers are with you every day!

  43. mary c. says:

    you are an inspiration!!!

  44. Meredith Barr says:

    Thank you for the beautiful example you are of trust in God and joy in the journey. I am praying for your complete recovery!

  45. melinda says:

    Jessie, you are a beautiful , strong girl, and you are in my prayers daily, your faith is amazing and you are a true servant for the Lord.

  46. Karla says:

    Jessie is an inspiration to us all! NEGU!!!

  47. Dennis Swanson says:

    A great story, and kudo’s to CBS for running it. Jessie is an example of those whose world does not revolve around them and thereby slowly gets smaller, it revolves around God and others and thereby rapidly gets bigger.

  48. Carol McNeely says:

    Jessie inspires me to be more positive, She is an awesome,strong girl. I am sure her parents are so proud of her. I pray for her daily. Keep up the good work Jessie. Someday you will realize just how many you have helped. Love and prayers for you always Princess.

  49. SandraOlivas says:

    Hi Jesse,I just seen you on kcal 9 . And you surely made an impact on my heart.You are a great gift form God. Even though you are going thru some heavy things yourself, your heart goes out to others, Now If only alot more people could think & love like you,the world would be better for all of us. One thing I know for sure is that your blessed with GODs LOVE.You keep up the FAITH & you WILL see GOD heal you, your blood sugar has gone down ,and there is more to come,just keep doing what your doing God loves you just as much aas he loves me. We will be praying for you at my church as well. I attend THE WAY WORLD OUTREACH CHURCH here in SanBernardinoCa.I love your spirit.

  50. Marco (Italy) says:

    Sometimes a 12 y/o can help you to put on perspective all your life, all your purposes, all your meaning in this world. Thank you Jessie for helping a 49 y/o like me to readjust his life on the purposes of God!!!

  51. Kathy Downey says:

    Jessie remember the story of Joseph sold into slavery in Egypt, it was for a reason and saved thousands, if not millions of people? Everything happens for a reason and all of this you are going through will not be in vain, it is for a reason. If I had a a daughter I would want her to be just like you, smart, beautiful and brave. I pray for you every day.

  52. Jan says:

    Jessie, YOU are the walking, talking, breathing, moving, definition of grace! What a blessing and inspiration you are to all of us! From here in suburban Boston…you are in our prayers. Be strong, NEGU, and thank you!

  53. Cari burnett says:

    NEGU Jessie! Praise God for your joy and your faith!

  54. Pauline West says:

    Jesse, you are a blessing to all. My family is praying for you.

  55. Edie Cochetti says:

    Hi Jessie! love you so much sweet girl. i got to see your story thru one of your kind fb prayer warriors who taped it with their camera. i am so proud of you honey. your smile is like a ray of sunshine. thank you for helping so many other people including me with your inspiration. God Bless you and your beautiful loving family! Love Edie

  56. Cara says:

    Great story Jessie! You and your family are precious! I was in tears. You are a beautiful person! I love your heart. It is wonderful seeing God using your gifts!

  57. Robert says:

    Dear Jessie, my wife and I know a little of what you and your family are going through. We lost four beautiful children to a terminal illness. It was hard for us to wake up every morning, feeling hopeless and fearing the worst. We received bad reports after bad reports from the doctors about the condition of our children. The most difficult and life changing thing we had to do was to hold our children in our hands while they past. Now, Jessie, we thank God for your perseverance in your sufferings, you are bringing glory to God. Always remember child, The Lord is sovereign and He is molding you for His glory. Know also that, God will never leave you by yourself. Jessie trust in God and remain in Him. You have faith in God and hold on to Him. Jessie, God picked you for this, don’t you see, to glorify Him in your sufferings. Your acts of kindness toward others blows our minds, God’s grace is working through you. We are praying for your recovery. With God ALL THINGS are possible..

    1. Vicki F. says:

      Robert, your story just ripped out my heart. My condolences to you and your wife. You could have never survived something like this without faith!
      God bless you!

  58. June Trieb says:

    We have been, and will continue to pray for you, Jessie. You are a brave, beautiful child of God; and, an inspiration and blessing to many! We are believing with you for your healing! 1Peter 2:24

  59. Mike says:

    What a wonderful example you’re setting, Jessie. God’s Grace to you and your family

  60. Sandy Weston says:

    Much love and prayers are being sent to you and your lovely family everyday. Jessie, you put all the JOY in the JARS! NEGU!

  61. Diane Shubin says:

    The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be. May your world always be as bright as your beautiful smile Jessie!! You are an amazing girl!

  62. Mindy says:

    Jessie, I can see Christ’s love shining through you.
    NEGU~girlfriend. We are praying here in Texas!

  63. Laura says:

    Go Jessie, Never Ever Give Up! You are such an inspiration and I love your Joy Jar idea, you will bring so much happiness to children!

  64. Kristy says:

    You are amazing Jessie and you inspire me everyday. It’s incredible what yu are doing with your life! You are making a difference in the world!

  65. Sue says:

    Jessie, Jessie, Jessie…. the world is praying for you today and always. Stay strong, we believe and know you do too.

  66. Beverly says:

    Sweetheart, you are such an inspiration. You make me want to be a better person. So beautiful and kind. I will continue to pray for you, honey.

  67. Alisa Okeefe says:

    You are so brave. I am sending all my love, prayers and support to you wishing and praying for a speedy recovery.

  68. Suzanne B says:

    Emily and I stayed up to watch you on the news last night! I never let her saty up that late but she promised me she would wake up for school on time and she did! You are so brave and we are so proud of you! You are a shining light of God and the whole world is seeing your beatiful spirit! Never Ever Give Up Jessie! YOu have the whole world rooting for you now! Never Ever Give Up on prayer!

  69. Freddy Schanz says:

    Inspiring many, thank you sweetie

  70. RD Murphy says:

    Outstanding. You inspire me every day.

  71. Greg Gregg says:

    You already know I’m praying for you. I hope the love you spread every day will inspire others to do the same. You’re our brave little angel. Keep that stiff upper lip and remember we’re all here to back you up!

  72. Robin Davis says:

    I really enjoyed the story on Jessica Joy Reese. What a remarkable young girl with amazing faith in God and knowing how much He loves her. Thank you for airing this story. I was very blessed by your reporting of Jessie’s choice to NEGU and to try and help others with her Joy Jars. Thank you for some uplifting” news”

  73. Wendy says:

    What an amazing young lady! May God bless your efforts to spread joy to those not as fortunate as yourself.

  74. Tiah Estabrook says:

    Jessie…you are awe inspiring and a huge inspiration to many! Your constant love for others and willingness to help is amazing and it’s unfortunate that more people aren’t like you! Your parents have obviously done an AMAZING job raising you and deserve a huge round of applause for teaching you so well. I am proud to have you as a friend on my facebook, and I appreciate your daily posts that are so inspiring…so THANK YOU!!! 🙂 Happy day to you and your family.

  75. Brenda / San Clemente says:

    What an awesome girl you are! Sharing your love with other children .Your Joy Jars will inspire many to help spread Joy too! Prayers for you and your family. And remember, NEGU! Love to you and your family. My son in law is also a pastor at Saddleback, which is how I heard about you and your family. His name is Randy Craft and he works at Saddleback San Clemente. We will all be praying for you, Jessie.

  76. Sharon Bosser says:

    Your story was what I so needed today and you are in my prayers…our 43 yr. old son was just diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor yesterday..you have given uos hope!!

  77. Larry Cloud says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing it.

  78. Heather Johnson-Austin says:

    Ty Jessie for sharing your story!! God is going to continue to use you mightily!!! Keep on NEGUing!! and I will keep on praying for healing and for His will to be done:) You are such an example to myself and many others of true faith in God and fully relying on Him. AND what it means to put others ahead of yourself!!

  79. Mary Zappulla says:

    You are an amazing girl. We are praying for your healing. God Bless you 🙂

  80. Marina Amoroso Levato says:

    Sending up prayers for you Jessie, I love what you are doing! Your acts of kindness will reach people around the GLOBE and cause a tide of prayer and goodwill to all mankind! God is good and he is with you every step of the way!
    Love & kisses

  81. Alex Lubowe says:

    Loved your story Jessie, miss you. xoxoxox Carly

  82. Tina says:

    Keep telling your story, Jessie! You are an inspiration to so many people!!

  83. Tanta says:

    Hi Jessie,
    You are truly one of the most inspirational people in my life. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your love of wanting to help other children. You were wonderful in the CBS segment. I love you with all my heart. Tanta

  84. Casey A says:

    Jessie I have been praying for you everyday! You never cease to to leave me in amazement… You are one of the strongest people I have ever met! Keep it up and I am cheering for you everyday 🙂 Oh by the way, I love your would you rather questions!

  85. Katy says:

    Jessie, what a loving and beautiful heart you have! Your JoyJars are exactly what the world needs! I pray for you and your family every day. NEGU!!!

  86. Darlene Brotherton says:

    What a great story on Jessie and her family….They are so loving and caring even though they are experiencing trials of their own. CBS did a great job on the story. NEGU Jessie

  87. marissa says:

    Hi Jessie!!!

    Youre such an amazing girl and I’m blessed to have met you at the Edge!!! The idea about JOY JARS was totally amazing!!!

    Youre in my prayers

  88. Maureen Marquardt says:

    Jessie I am so happy you posted a link to the interview. I am in Chicago and new it would not be seen here and I so wanted to see the Interview. You and your family are an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for NEGU. Looking forward to your posts. Also will share the video on my page.

  89. The Roby Family says:

    Hi Jessie,

    What a blessing to read how you are ministering to others..pure grace. You are in our daily prayers and remember Philippians 4:13. May the joy of the Lord continue to be your strength. NEGU! Give your Mom and Dad a big hug today!

  90. Lance Robinson says:

    That was awesome. You go Jessie 🙂
    P.S. NEGU!

  91. laura says:

    The world needs more people like you!!! What an inspiration you are! You sure let Jesus shine. NEGU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Laura Dobbs says:

    What a nicely done story…such a beautiful family that has made an incredible choice in the face of such difficulties. You are all an amazing example and inspiration for so many…thank you for sharing joy and your story with all of us…NEGU!!

  93. Jo-Ann says:

    We love you and miss you at Melinda Heights. You are an amazing kid, and a fabulous role model.

  94. The McCain Family says:

    Jessie, what a precious child of God you are. Your story is beautiful and very inspiring. What grace you have shown during some very tough times and your generosity and love for others is such a sweet message for all of us to hear. NEGU! and know that you are loved.

  95. Darla Ringling says:

    What an inspiration she is. Awesome young lady. The world needs more Jesica’s. I’m praying for a total healing.

  96. Jane Hall says:

    Go Jessie Go! she is an inspiration to so many people. The world is a BETTER place with Jessie Rees.

  97. Gloria says:

    You are an inspiration to us all. NEGU as you are a true example of JOY!

  98. Scott N. says:

    God bless you Jessie. You are an absolute ray of sunshine. You’re making such a positive impact on the hearts and minds of everyone you come in contact with and everyone who hears your story. Thank you for being an inspiration to both adults and children. We’re praying for you every day. NEGU!

  99. Pam Smith says:

    Way to go Jesse! You did a great job talking with the reporter. NEGU!! Prayers for you and your family.

  100. art herrera says:

    youre,quite astrong young woman i,a47 year old man trying to recover from a brain tumor quite often i have pity parties uuntil christ and the holy spirit leads me to your light then i feel so d embrassed and foolishbecause you coul be such a warrior soo just fight onand remember the angels from above are with at all time si suffer from siezures on occasionswhich could beat the wind out of my sails b
    ut see others like you and you giv e me strengthfight on young ladywith a kind hearti see itss poossible by seeing you story.

  101. Vicki McKeown says:

    Jessie, you are a real life HERO! You really SHINE! You give me so much encouragement. Our family, like yours, is fighting cancer. And like your family, we are in pastoral ministry. We are trying our best to use this cancer megaphone God has allowed us. You keep going, girl! We bought 2 Joy Jars! Keep up your great work! We are so proud of you!!

  102. dennis says:

    God CAN do miracles! never evr give up jessie – you are amazing

  103. Tricia Stenzel says:

    Jessie, I cannot begin to tell you how amazing you are to all of us. You and your family are very special. I cried when I saw your story because I feel so bad for your suffering and what you are going through but I smiled also because you bring such joy and hope to all of us suffering from chronic illness, diseases or cancer. I am one of those people. You give me such hope and am blessed you have gotten to know you on facebook. Stay strong and I am praying for you and your family. God Bless. Love you. NEGU

  104. Susi Carrier Winby says:

    I’m so sad that I couldn’t get to see your story on TV, but I live on the Central Coast, Carmel Valley! I do know of your situation because we’re fb friends. I love the fact that you are sharing your family and story so others may be able to support you and your “Joy Jars” You certainly have enlighten and inspired so many and I’m throughly impressed by your determination and courage. You are such a fighter and your NEGU attitude is just a reminder of what an angelic spirit you are! I’m sure that God is using you for many things and knows that people will respond because of your sincerity and contagious love! You reach out to others and that just touches my heart so much! You continue to be in my prayers as well as your family! I’m here for you in any capacity, just let me know! Maybe CBS, could broadcast and target a larger audience! People today need someone to shake up their reality and realize what blessings God gives us each and every day! You are that inspiration! Love you Jessica!!!

    1. lisa says:

      Just click on the link above with her picture you can see it on computer:) and then click share to facebook or email to others.

  105. janet Anderson says:

    WOW Jessie you have reached out to so many people and have taught all of us a lesson of life. NEGU is the best advice. It’s a hard road I know but you keep on trucking baby girl. We are right behind you and praying for you and your family for strength. And it looks like prayers are being answered. Thank you for coming into our lives.

  106. Shawn says:

    You are in our prayers and thoughts Jess. I hope you feel better soon. 😉 God Bless

  107. Julie Alexandrovich says:

    Much love Jessie, keep the faith… You are inspiring a NATION!

  108. Shawn says:

    Sue who is Jen? And Jen whoever you are, if you do not have anything nice to say the don’t saying anything at all. Leave Jess alone she needs positive people, not negative ones.

  109. Claire McGirr says:

    Watched you news piece. You are an inspiration to all. God Bless YOU!

  110. Vicki F. says:

    Jessie, I’m praying for you every day! You are so brave and have so much faith in God, you keep me strong!!! Hang in there girlie! NEGU!!! Love you!

  111. Andrew Reimann says:

    Hi Jessie. We miss you and wish you could come to school. Hope you get better soon. Glad you can have sugar! Also, I’ve just moved to Colorado so I can’t see you any more. Also, I made a video of camp. Ask Ms. Rizzo or Ms. Maguire for it when you get back to school. NEGU 🙂 😉

  112. Shannon Palmer says:

    God bless you, Jessie. You are amazing and so strong. Keep fighting! We are praying for you and your family.

  113. Joan Henning says:


    Thank you for sharing your story!! I continue to pray everyday for you!! You are amazing!! Stay strong!! NEGU!! xo

  114. susan selby says:

    You are the kindest, sweetest girl, Jessie. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. NEGU. I’m praying for you each day.

  115. Altobelli Family says:

    Better? Jessie is THE BEST!! We love and support all she is doing for all of us! What an inspiration and an amazing little girl. We love you and your family! NEGU! We Do!

  116. Jolene Mason says:

    I am amazed byJessie and follow her on facebook daily. As I read her
    posts I pray for her and am uplifted by the joy she is spreading to all of us everyday.

  117. Julie says:

    I have been deeply touched by this story. My brother had testicular cancer when he was in college, my mom has had brain and colon cancer, and my aunt had breast cancer, and my cousin had brain cancer too,,,,and then several people I went to high school with had cancer too…….Cancer has been so close to me and now that I am a teacher I really appreciate children and their spirits and love for life. You, Jessica, are a shining star that is going to change a lot of people on how they act and believe. I believe in God, I have faith in God, I love my church, Saddleback and I am praying for you little angel…….

  118. Julie says:

    I love you Jessie. You inspire me to be a better person. NEGU, girl!! <33

  119. Gary & DeAnn Swenson says:

    WOW!! You are such an amazing brave little girl! What an inspiration you and your family are!! We are your Great Uncle and Aunt from West Des Moines, Iowa. We are praying every day for your healing and strength for you and those who love you so much!! All our love and best to you!! Thank you CBS2 for doing such a beautiful story!!

    1. Leon Skeie says:

      Thank you DeAnn and Gary!!!

  120. Susana Anderson says:

    You’re such an inspiration Jessie. We continue to pray for your healing! NEGU and stay stong you beautiful girl!!!

  121. Gordon Richardson says:

    Jessica, you are da bomb kiddo….you truly reflect a loving God. I am so glad that He has chosen you to spill out His love on others and I shall continue to pray that His blessing of healing overflows in you.

  122. Kelly says:

    You are inspiration Jesse, God bless you!

  123. jax says:

    Jessie you are doing sooo well!!!! I am so proud of you!!! Keep on smiling and Never Ever Give Up!!!

  124. Katie Stevenson Denser says:

    My 5 year old daughter and I just watched your CBS clip. Jessie, you are such an amazing girl! NEGU!! We pray for you every night and will continue to!

  125. Sandy Stone says:

    You’ve used your struggle to bless others. Your daddy’s right . . . we each have the choice to be bitter or to be better. Your choice is glorifying God, and sharing your faith with so many.
    NEGU, Jessie!

    1. Julia S says:

      i agree with your dad too! you have chosen the right waay of life and God is Proud!! keep spreading joy. i love you and am prayiung for you!1
      love, Julia xoxo
      hope to see you soon!!

  126. Kris Cutting says:

    Jessie: I am so glad that your Grandpa Skeie told me your story. He is so very proud of you, and I must say, that you inspire me every day with your wonderful smile. Keep up the great work, keep smiling, and keep sharing your story, as it brings inspiration to many others throughout the world.

    Keeping you in my prayers…

    1. Leon Skeie says:

      Thank you, Kris!!!

  127. christina says:

    Great story, my son goes to school with this wonderful young lady, she is truly inspirational.

  128. Andrea P says:

    Jessie – I’m so proud of you.You are so brave. I love your sweet, compassionate heart – you’re beautiful. I’m praying for you every day, sweet girl.

  129. Jaime Cooke Walter says:

    You are an amazing young lady. Such an inspiration with so much faith. NEGU! Keep strong! We are parying for you!


  130. Jennalyn says:

    YAY Jessie your NEGU attitude is an inspiration every day!! 🙂

  131. Rocio says:

    Jessie, you are an amazing girl. You are choosing to be a better person through your trials instead of bitter (like your daddy said). That brings a smile to Gods face:) Continue to rely on Him for strength, He loves you, He is always with you. You have a great smile!

  132. Erik Rees says:

    Jessie, i’m so proud of you and love you with ALL of my heart. xoxo, daddy!

  133. Jessie Stevens says:

    Jessie, you are an inspiration and an example of strength and courage to adults and children!!! NEGU, know you have the love and support of many unknown friends and we will continue to pray for you and your family!!!
    Xoxo Jessie, Denver, CO

  134. Lori M Reich says:

    Thank you Jessie for being such an inspiration. You have a great heart and have helped so many others. NEGU !!!!

    1. Leon Skeie says:

      Thank you, Lori!!!


  135. Lisa Panzarello says:

    Jessie and Family,

    You are the picture of grace! Thank you for bringing light into this world. I know what you are going through, and just know that telling your story here will help bring awareness for everyone in this battle. You and Jackson shouldn’t have to be in this situation right now. Period. I applaud CBS for telling this story. It will lift the nation up! Fight on my friend! NEGO, as you say!!!

  136. Julie Bee Lippo says:

    I found your link on the karen kingsbury wall, we are all praying for you!! this brought tears to my eyes you are such an amazing young lady. What you are doing for others is outstanding.. I am going to share this as well so we can all donate so that others can help you fill those jars ! May god bless you and your family. You are in great hands the hands of our lord. 🙂

  137. Yvonne Maclean says:

    Hi Jessie,I was unable to see the programme here in Haddington,Scotland but saw you write on FB I have been with you since the beginning and to think you only wanted 10,000 followers and look at you now..You are an insperation ,and a Joy to all who know you , you are a ray of sunshine,keep up the good work,You give us all hope.Love and hugs as always.Yvonne xxxx Joined Jacksons FB too…..

  138. Kim says:

    Love you so, so much sweetie! You are my hero! xoxo, kimmy

  139. Susan Fischman says:

    Her dad summed it up perfectly: Jessie chose to be better instead of bitter. Perfect words to describe her amazing Never Ever Give Up attitude, and huge giving and loving heart. She has provided so many others with hope, love and joy. Thanks for being such a great role model and inspiration to so many!

  140. shelley says:

    This story is one I’ve followed from the beginning and what an inspiration Jessie and her family are to all of us – whether we are going through battles with disease, struggling to find a job, divorce, or simply having a rough day – whatever it might be I have found that reading Jessie’s blog everyday has kept me uplifted in so many ways – go get em Jessie…I know you will win this battle!

  141. Fatima says:

    I’m so proud of you Jessie!!! You are just amazing and I pray for you each and every day. NEGU……..

  142. Jan C. says:

    The world is a better place because of you and your family! I thank God for all of you….

  143. LJ says:

    Jessie – you are inspiring people all over the world with your courage and compassion. I am so very proud of you….and pray for you every day!

  144. Ron says:

    Hey Jessie, I’m a 74 year old Geezer. Never used much praying so maybe I’ll get a little more attention than most when I send one up for you. Keep your chin up.

  145. Cindy says:

    Jessie, I’m so inspired by you and your story. You are making a very positive impact on the world and God has bigger and better plans for you. I plan on purchasing several of your Joy Jars (a fantastic idea). NEGU is a motto we should all live by, every day. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your sister in Christ, Cindy.

  146. Robert Specht says:

    What a amazing girl Jessie is, she has a lot of people praying for her here at Saddleback, God bless her and her family… NEGU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Perry Cain says:

    What an inspiration. You are obviously your father’s child, but more importantly you are your Father’s child!

  148. Lisa Sallee says:

    Jessie and Family,
    The love of God is pouring through your family and spilling out into the world. God is using your family in amazing ways.
    I am so sorry you are all having to endure this trial.
    Thank you for opening up your life and sharing your struggle with people. It is a truly selfless act.
    Much love and prayers,

  149. Yvette says:

    Hi Jessie,

    You are an amazing and courageous young lady. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Thank you for being the shining star God intended you to be. You have inspired me greatly with your ability to want to help others. You are brave and you have a family that loves you deeply, a compassionate and loving God and a lot of people praying for you. God bless you Jessie

  150. Vincent Graves says:

    Jessie hang in there i am praying for you. Your courage inspires me & lots of people god bless you.